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  1. Bohemond Of Apulia: Birth: 1182. Death: 1182

Marriage: Children:
  1. Raymond VII Of Toulouse: Birth: Jul 1197 in Beaucaire. Death: 27 Sep 1249 in Milan

  2. Richard : Birth: 4 Sep 1199. Death: 4 Sep 1199

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a. Note:   Joan of England, Queen of Sicily From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia English Royalty House of Plantagenet Armorial of Plantagenet Henry II William, Count of Poitiers Henry, Count of Anjou Richard I the Lionheart Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany John Matilda, Duchess of Saxony Leonora, Queen of Castile Joan, Queen of Sicily Joan of England (October, 1165 � 4 September 1199) was the seventh chi ld of King Henry II of England and his Queen consort, Eleanor of Aquitaine . Joan was a younger maternal half-sister of Marie de Champagne and Al ix of France. She was a younger sister of William, Count of Poitiers, Hen ry the Young King, Matilda of England, Richard I of England, Geoffrey I I, Duke of Brittany and Leonora of Aquitaine. She was also an older sist er of John of England. Joan was born at Angers, in Anjou, and spent her youth at her mother's cou rts at Winchester and Poitiers. In 1176, King William II of Sicily sent am bassadors to the English court to ask for Joan's hand in marriage. The bet rothal was confirmed on May 20, and on August 27 Joan set sail for Sicil y, escorted by the bishop of Norwich and her uncle, Hamelin de Warenne, 5 th Earl of Surrey. In Saint Gilles, her entourage was met by representativ es of the Kingdom of Sicily: Alfano, Archbishop of Capua, and Richard Palm er, Bishop of Syracuse. After a hazardous voyage, Joan arrived safely, and on February 13, 1177, s he married William II of Sicily and was crowned Queen of Sicily at Paler mo Cathedral. They had one son, Bohemond, born in 1181 and who died in inf ancy. Following William's death in 1189, she was kept a prisoner by the n ew king, Tancred of Sicily. Finally, her brother Richard I of England arri ved in Italy in 1190, on the way to the Holy Land. He demanded her retur n, along with every penny of her dowry. When Tancred baulked at these dema nds, Richard seized a monastery and the castle of La Bagnara. He decid ed to spend the winter in Italy and attacked and subdued the city of Messi na. Finally, Tancred agreed to the terms and sent Joan's dowry. In March 1 191 Eleanor of Aquitaine arrived in Messina with Richard's bride, Berengar ia of Navarre. Eleanor returned to England, leaving Berengaria in Joan's care. Richard de cided to postpone his wedding, put his sister and bride on a ship, and s et sail. Two days later the fleet was hit by a fierce storm, destroying se veral ships and blew Joan and Berengaria's ship off course. Richard land ed safely in Crete, but they were stranded near Cyprus. The self-appoint ed despot of Cyprus, Isaac Comnenus was just about to capture them when Ri chard's fleet suddenly appeared. The princesses were saved, but the desp ot made off with Richard's treasure. Richard pursued and captured Isaac, t hrew him into a dungeon, and sent Joan and Berengaria on to Acre. Joan was Richard's favourite sister, but he was not above using her as a b argaining chip in his political schemes. He even suggested marrying h er to Saladin's brother, Al-Adil, and making them joint rulers of Jerusale m. This plan fell apart when Joan refused to marry a Muslim and Al-Adil re fused to marry a Christian. King Philip II of France also expressed some i nterest in marrying her, but this scheme, too, failed (possibly on groun ds of affinity, since Philip's father Louis VII had formerly been marri ed to her mother). Instead Joan was married in 1196 to Raymond VI of Toulo use, with Quercy and the Agenais as her dowry. She was the mother of his s uccessor Raymond VII of Toulouse (1197-1249). This new husband treated her none too gently, however, and Joan came to fe ar him and his knights. In 1199, while pregnant with a second child, Jo an was left to face alone a rebellion in which the lords of Saint-F�elix-de -Caraman were prominent. She laid siege to their castle at les Cass�es b ut was menaced by treachery. Escaping this threat, Joan travelled northwar ds, hoping for her brother's protection, but found him dead at Chalus.[ 1] She then fled to her mother Queen Eleanor's court at Rouen, where she w as offered refuge and care. Joan asked to be admitted to Fontevrault Abbe y, an unusual request for a married, pregnant woman, but this request w as granted. She died in childbirth and was veiled a nun on her deathbed. H er son lived just long enough to be baptised (he was named Richard). Jo an was thirty-three years old. She was buried at Fontevrault Abbey, and fi fty years later her son Raymond VII would be interred next to her. Notes ^ Guillaume de Puylaurens (Duvernoy 1976, pp. 44-47) [edit] Historical sources Robert of Torigni Roger of Hoveden Ralph of Diceto Duvernoy, Jean, editor (1976), Guillaume de Puylaurens, Chronique 1145-127 5: Chronica magistri Guillelmi de Podio Laurentii, Paris: CNRS, ISBN 29103 52064 [edit] References Payne, Robert. The Dream and the Tomb, 1984 Owen, D.D.R. Eleanor of Aquitaine: Queen and Legend Wheeler, Bonnie. Eleanor of Aquitaine: Lord and Lady, 2002 Retrieved from " icily" RESEARCH NOTES: had a son John delivered by caesarean section (who died almost immeately), whereupon Joan was veiled as a nun and herself died the same day [Ref: Peter Stewart SGM 10/18/2005-081144]
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