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  1. David Duke Swiatoslawsom Av Of Chernigov: Birth: Abt 1055 in Chernigov, Ukraine. Death: Abt Jan 1123 in ��G��Z�n���a�� ��3��c��2

  2. Oleg Mikha il Sviatoslavich Gorislavich B a n n G Z n a 3 c 2 n B 1: Birth: Abt 1058 in Chernihiv, Chernihivs'ka Oblast, Ukraine. Death: 1 Aug 1115 in Kiev, Ukriane

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Note:   From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Russia Rurikid (covering his birth family):,%20Rurik.htm#SviatoslavIaroslavichdied1076A IAROSLAV Vladimirovich, son of VLADIMIR I "Velikiy/the Great" Grand Prince of Kiev & his first wife Rognoda of Polotsk ([978]-Vyshgorod 20 Feb 1054, bur Kiev Church of St Sophia). Prince of Rostov 988-1010. Prince of Novgorod 1013-1015. He rebelled against his father and refused to pay tribute from Novgorod in 1014. Challenged by his cousin Sviatopolk I Grand Prince of Kiev, following the latter's accession in Kiev, he defeated Sviatopolk at Liubech [1016] and forced him to flee to Poland, succeeding as IAROSLAV I "Mudriy/the Wise" Grand Prince of Kiev. Sviatopolk returned in Jul 1018 with an army led by his father-in-law, Bolesaw I King of Poland, and defeated Iaroslav at the Western Bug and forced him to retire to Novgorod. Sviatopolk entered Kiev again 14 Aug 1018 and resumed his rule. After King Bolesaw returned to Poland, Iaroslav advanced once more on Kiev. Sviatopolk fled south to raise another force with the Pechenegs but was finally defeated by the river Alta in 1019, when Iaroslav resumed power in Kiev[140]. In 1024, his half-brother Mstislav Prince of Tmutorokan moved his headquarters north to Chernigov to challenge Iaroslav, whom he defeated at Listven. The half-brothers agreed a division of territories, Iaroslav taking the land on the western bank of the Dnieper including Kiev and Novgorod. While Iaroslav was absent in Novgorod, the Pechenegs laid siege to Kiev, but were defeated after Iaroslav returned with a formidable army to relieve the siege[141]. He succeeded in the territories of his half-brother Mstislav on the latter's death in 1036, becoming sole ruler or "Autocrat of the land of the Rus"[142]. His greatest project was the conquest of Constantinople but his armies were defeated in decisive battles in 1043[143]. He supervised the rapid expansion of the city of Kiev, modelled on Constantinople. His law code Rus'ka Pravda also contributed to the development and consolidation of his administration especially in the area around Kiev, although it appears to have had little impact in the north[144]. The Primary Chronicle records the death of Iaroslav 19 Feb 1054 at Vyshgorod aged 76 and his burial place[145]. He left a testament dividing his territories between his sons, the substance of which is recorded in the Primary Chronicle[146] although no original text has survived. [m firstly ---. The fact of Iaroslav� s first marriage is indicated by the chronology of his oldest son, although as noted below no primary source has yet been identified which refers to this oldest son. Nevertheless, Iaroslav� sbirth date, if accurate as shown above, does suggest that an earlier marriage is likely.] m [secondly] (1019) INGIGERD Olafsdottir of Sweden, daughter of OLOF "Skotkonung" King of Sweden & his wife Estrid of the Obotriten ([1000/03]-10 Feb 1050). Adam of Bremen names "filius Iacobus et filia Ingrad" as the children of "Olaph rex Sueonum" & his wife Estred, specifying that Ingrad married "rex sanctus Gerzlef de Ruzzia"[147]. Her birth date range is estimated based on the birth of her oldest child in 1020, and her youngest known child in [1036]. Morkinskinna names "Queen Ingiger�A'r the daughter of King �Ol�afr the Swede" as wife of "King Yaroslav [of] Russia"[148]. Snorre records the betrothal of "Ingegerd the king's daughter" and "King Jarisleif�from Russia"[149]. The Historia Norwegie records the marriage of "sororem Olaui Sueonensis�Margaretam" and "rex Iarezlafus de Ruscia" at her brother's instigation, after her betrothal to Olav of Norway was terminated[150]. It is more probable that she was the daughter rather than sister of King Olof if it is correct that she had ten children by her husband. She is referred to as IRINA in Russian sources[151]. The Primary Chronicle records the death of "the Princess wife of Yaroslav" 10 Feb [1048/50][152]. Grand Prince Iaroslav & his first wife had one child: 1. [ILIYA Iaroslavich (-1020). Prince of Novgorod 1015.] Grand Prince Iaroslav & his second wife had ten children: 2. VLADIMIR Iaroslavich (1020-Novgorod 1052, bur Novgorod Church of St Sophia). His father installed him in 1043 as Prince of Novgorod. He subjugated the Finnic tribe of Yam to secure Novgorod's control over the Gulf of Finland[156]. m --- ([1022]-1066). The name of Vladimir� s wife is not known. Baumgarten identifies the wife of Vladimir as Oda, daughter of Luitpold Graf von Stade & his wife Ida von Elstorf [Brunswick][159]. Vladimir & his wife had one child. 3. ANASTASIA Iaroslavna ([1023]-[1074/1096], bur Admont Abbey). After her husband's death in 1060, she and her sons took refuge at the court of Heinrich IV King of Germany but, leaving her elder son there, she and her younger son went to Austria[164]. Became a nun at Admont in 1074 as AGMUNDA. m ([1039]) as his second wife, ANDR�AS of Hungary, son of V�ASZOLY [Vaz�ul] Prince of Hungary Duke between March and Gran & --- of the Bulgarians ([1014]-Zirc autumn 1060, bur Tihany, Abbey of St Anian). He succeeded in 1047 as ANDR�AS I "the Catholic" King of Hungary. 4. IZIASLAV Iaroslavich (1024-killed in battle Nezhatinaia Niva 3 Oct 1078 bur Kiev). Succeeded in 1054 as IZIASLAV I Grand Prince of Kiev. 5. IELIZAVETA Iaroslavna (-after 25 Sep 1066) m (1044) HARALD Sigurdson, son of SIGURD Syr King of Ringeringe & his wife Asta Gudbrandsdatter (1015-killed in battle Stamfordbridge 25 Sep 1066). He succeeded in 1047 as HARALD III "Hardr�ade" King of Norway. --- 6. SVIATOSLAV Iaroslavich (1027-27 Dec 1076, bur Chernigov, Church of the Saviour). The Primary Chronicle records the birth of Svyatoslav "a third son" to Vladimir in 1027[170]. He succeeded in 1054 as Prince of Chernigov, and in 1073 as SVIATOSLAV II Grand Prince of Kiev. --- 7. VSEVOLOD Iaroslavich (1030-13 Apr 1093, bur Kiev St Sofia). Succeeded in 1054 as Prince of Pereyaslavl. Succeeded in 1076 as VSEVOLOD I Grand Prince of Kiev. 8. VIACHESLAV Iaroslavich ([1033/36]-Smolensk [1055/57]). Succeeded in 1054 as Prince of Smolensk. m ---. The name of Viacheslav� s wife is not known. Viacheslav & his wife had one child. 9. ANNA Iaroslavna (1036-5 Sep ([1075/78], bur Abbaye Villiers near La-Fert�e-Alais). Consecrated Queen Consort at Reims on her wedding day. Caused a scandal in France by her second marriage and was forced to leave the court, although she returned after his death in 1074[178]. m firstly (Reims 19 May 1051) as his second wife, HENRI I King of France, son of ROBERT II "le Pieux" King of France & his third wife Constance d'Arles [Provence] ([end 1009/May 1010]-Palais de Vitry-aux-Loges, for�et d'Orl�eans, Loiret 4 Aug 1060, bur �eglise de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis). m secondly ([1061]) as his third wife, RAOUL III "le Grand" Comte de Valois, son of RAOUL II Comte de Valois & his wife Ali�enor de Champagne (-P�eronne 23 Feb or 8 Sep 1074, bur Montdidier, later transferred to Cr�epy-en-Valois, �eglise coll�egiale Saint-Arnoul). 10. IGOR Iaroslavich ([1036]-1060). Succeeded in 1054 as Prince of Volynia. Succeeded in 1057 as Prince of Smolensk. m ---. The name of Igor� s wife is not known. Igor & his wife had two children. References: [140] Franklin, S and Shepard, J. 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[159] Baumgarten (1927), p. 9, citing Baumgarten, N. de Oda de Stade et son fils Rostislaw, no page reference cited. [164] H�oman, Geschichte, p. 269, cited in Kerbl, R. (1979) Byzantinische Prinzessinnen in Ungarn zwischen 1050-1200 und ihr Einflu� auf das Arpadenk�onigreich (VWG�O, Vienna), p. 14. [170] Russian Primary Chronicle (1973), 1027, p. 136. [178] Kerrebrouck, P. Van (2000) Les Cap�etiens 987-1328 (Villeneuve d'Asq), p. 66. ----------------------------- From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Russia Rurikid (covering his married family):,%20Rurik.htm#SviatoslavIaroslavichdied1076B SVIATOSLAV Iaroslavich, son of IAROSLAV I "Mudriy/the Wise" Grand Prince of Kiev & his second wife Ingigerd Olafsdottir of Sweden (1027-27 Dec 1076, bur Chernigov, Church of the Redeemer). The Primary Chronicle records the birth of Svyatoslav "a third son" to Vladimir in 1027[231]. In accordance with the terms of his father's testament, he succeeded in 1054 as Prince of Chernigov, the territory including the land of the Viatichians and Radimichians and the Murom region[232]. He was appointed to succeed his brother Igor in 1060 as Prince of Smolensk. He was forced out of Smolensk to Chernigov by the Kuman [Cumans], but defeated the latter in 1068, capturing their leader[233]. He deposed his elder brother Iziaslav in Kiev in 1073, succeeding as SVIATOSLAV II Grand Prince of Kiev, whereupon he transferred Chernigov to his younger brother Vsevolod. The Primary Chronicle records the death of Svyatoslav son of Yaroslav 27 Dec 1076 "from the cutting of a sore" and his place of burial[234]. m [KILIKIA] von Dithmarschen, daughter of ETHELER von Dithmarschen & his wife Ida von Elsdorf [Braunschweig]. Baumgarten refers to the marriage of "[Kilikia] de Dithmarschen, fille du Comte Etheler" and Sviatoslav II Grand Prince of Kiev, adding that she was a different person from "Oda von Stade" who married Sviatoslav� s brother Vladimir (see above)[235]. This marriage is also discussed by Bloch[236]. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not yet been identified. Grand Prince Sviatoslav II & his wife had six children: 1. VIZESLAVA Sviatoslavna. Baumgarten names the wife of Bolesaw II and gives her origin, citing primary sources in support[237]. If this is correct, she must have been one of the older children in view of the date of birth of her son. m (before 1069) BOLESAW II "Szczodry/the Liberal" Prince of Poland, son of KAZIMIERZ I KAROL "Odnowiciel/the Renewer" Prince of Poland & his wife Dobronega Maria Vladimirovna of Kiev ([1039]-1081). King of Poland 1076. 2. GLEB Sviatoslavich (-killed in battle 30 May 1078[238], bur Chernigov, Church of the Saviour). The Primary Chronicle names Gleb, son of Sviatoslav, recording that he was expelled from Tmutorakan by Rostislav in 1064, restored by his father in 1065, before being expelled again by Rostislav[239]. Prince of Tmutorokan 1064-1065/69. His father installed him as Prince of Novgorod in 1068, in succession to Mstislav Iziaslavich who had been forced out by Vseslav Prince of Polotsk, while Mstislav's father Iziaslav Grand Prince of Kiev was in exile in Poland. He successfully defended Novgorod against a raid by the Kuman [Cumans] in Oct 1069, but was forced out in 1073, restored in 1077, but forced out again in 1078 and killed[240]. The Primary Chronicle records that Gleb, son of Sviatoslav, was killed in "Zavaloche"[241]. 3. ROMAN Sviatoslavich "the Red" (-killed 2 Aug 1079). Baumgarten names him and cites a primary source in support[242]. Prince of Murom. Prince of Tmutorokan 1069-1079. He was killed on the orders of his uncle Vsevolod Grand Prince of Kiev while advancing to take Pereyaslavl with a force of Kuman [Cumans][243]. 4. DAVID Sviatoslavich (-Jan 1123). The Primary Chronicle names David, son of Svyatoslav, recording that he left Novgorod for Smolensk "toward the close of the year" 1095[244]. Prince of Novgorod. He was installed as Prince of Smolensk 1094[245]. Under the family accord at Liubech 1097, he became Prince of Chernigov. m FEODOSIA, daughter of ---. Baumgarten records her marriage and cites a primary source in support[246]. David & his wife had five children. 5. OLEG MIKHAIL Sviatoslavich "Gorislavich" ([1058]-1 Aug 1115[258]). The Primary Chronicle names Oleg, son of Sviatoslav, recording that he and Vladimir, son of Vsevolod, fought the Czechs with the Poles in 1076[259]. Prince of Volynia [1073]. He claimed Chernigov in 1076 on the death of his father, but was expelled in Apr 1078 by his uncles Iziaslav and Vsevolod to Tmutorokan. He returned with support from the Kuman [Cumans] to take Chernigov by force and defeated his uncle Vsevolod on the river Sozh, east of Pereyaslavl, 25 Aug 1078[260]. Prince Vsevolod sought support from Prince Iziaslav. They defeated Oleg 3 Oct 1078 at Nezhatin Meadow near Chernigov, where Prince Iziaslav was killed. Oleg was kidnapped from Tmutorokan on the orders of his uncle Vsevolod Grand Prince of Kiev and taken to Constantinople (from where he went to Rhodos where he spent two years and married his first wife), being replaced by Vsevolod's agent Ratibor, who in turn was expelled by Oleg's cousins David Igorevich and Volodar Rostislavich, before returning himself to take control of Tmutorokan in [1083]. He captured Chernigov in 1094, after expelling Prince Vladimir "Monomakh". He was expelled in 1095 by Princes Vladimir and Sviatopolk, but waged continual war against them 1096/97[261]. He installed himself as Prince of Murom and Suzdal in 1096, but was obliged to withdraw by the armed forces of Mstislav Vladimirovich Prince of Novgorod (later Mstislav II Grand Prince of Kiev)[262]. Under the terms of the family accord at Liubech in 1097, he became Prince of Novgorod-Severskiy and Riazan. m firstly (Rhodos [1081/83]) THEOPHANO Musalonissa, from Rhodos. Baumgarten records this marriage, citing one secondary source in support[263]. m secondly --- Kuman princess, daughter of OSSOLUR Asaduk Khan of Kumans. Baumgarten records this marriage and cites a primary source in support[264]. Oleg & his first wife had three children. 6. IAROSLAV Sviatoslavich (-1130). The Primary Chronicle names Iaroslav brother of Oleg, recording that the latter sent him as an outpost while he was attempting to seize Novgorod[271]. Prince of Chernigov 1123/27. Prince of Riazan and Murom 1127/29. References: [231] Russian Primary Chronicle (1973), 1027, p. 136. [232] Chirovsky (1973), p. 77. 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[271] Russian Primary Chronicle (1973), 1095, p. 181. -------------------- From the Wikipedia page on Sviatoslav II of Kiev: Sviatoslav Iaroslavich (1027 � December 27, 1076, Kiev) was the Prince (Kniaz) of Chernihiv from 1054 to 1073 and Grand Prince (Veliki Kniaz) of Kiev from 1073 until his death. A son of Iaroslav I the Wise, he was a founder of the Chernihiv princely line and is sometimes referred to as Sviatoslav of Chernihiv. Upon his father's death in 1054, Sviatoslav joined his brothers Vsevolod and Iziaslav in forming a kind of a princely triumvirate that oversaw the affairs of Kievan Rus' until 1072. In 1067, they defeated Vseslav of Polotsk, on the Nemiga River and took him prisoner. A year later, the brothers were defeated by the Polovtsi on the Alta River. After a while, Sviatoslav returned to defeat these steppe nomads with a smaller force at the town of Snov, thus enhancing his prestige among the populace. The second part of the first Russian legal code Russkaya Pravda is assigned to the brothers. Sviatoslav's first wife was named Kilikia (Cecilia), a lady of unknown origin, but possibly a princess from the Caucasus. Their sons were Oleg, Gleb, Roman, and Davyd. There are also some speculations of Kilikia (Cecilia) had a daughter Wyszesawa of Kiev, which could be erroneous due to Sviatoslav's principal stance towards his older brother Izyaslav I of Kiev. In 1072, Sviatoslav married Oda, daughter of a certain "Count Lippold", and the sister of Burkhard, provost of Trier. Oda's grand-uncles were Pope Leo IX and Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor. Not much is known about Sviatoslav's son Roman who also was nicknamed as the Red. Roman replaced Gleb after the last one being sent to Novgorod, then he united with his brother Oleg and cousin Boris (a son of one of younger sons of Yaroslav the Wise) in the fight against their uncles Grand Princes Vsevolod and Iziaslav after the death of his father in 1076. He took part at the battle of Nezhatina Niva, soon after which was killed somewhere in the Kipchak steppes (Desht-i Qipchaq) on August 2, 1079. In 1073, the triumvirate broke up, when Sviatoslav, supported by his younger brother Vsevolod, dethroned and replaced his older brother Iziaslav. Three years later, Russian scribes compiled the so-called Izbornik Sviatoslava at his request. One of the oldest relics of the Old East Slavic language, the book is a compilation of articles on grammar, logic, poetics, church matters, sermons, riddles, and parables. One of the miniatures represents Sviatoslav himself, standing with his second wife Oda and sons. Sviatoslav's son Oleg of Chernihiv had a posterity which continues in the male line to the present day. His son by Oda, Yaroslav, founded the great dynasty of Riazan, and the Seljuk Sultan Kilij Arslan II claimed to descend from one of Sviatoslav's daughters. --------------------------------- Unattributed Norwegian (?) basic information (no sources cited): Storfyrste Swiatoslaw II av Kiev. F�dt 1027. D�d 27.12.1076. Han var s�nn av Storfyrste Jaroslav I den Vise av Novgorod. F�dt omkring 988. D�d 20.02.1054 i Vyshorod, og Fyrstinne Ingegjerd Olavsdatter. D�d 10.02.1050 i Vy�shorod ved Kiev. Swiatoslaw hadde s�nnen, Fyrste David av Smolensk. D�d 1123. Swiatoslaw var Storfyrste av Kiev 1073 - 1076. Fyrste av Tszernigov. Muligens gift ca. 1052 med Oda Kilikia (?) av Ditmarksen. 1) 1). N. de Baumgarten: G�en�ealogie et Mariage occidenteaux des Rurikides Russes du Xe au XIII Si�ecle. Mogens Bugge: V�are forfedre, nr. 590. Bent og Vidar Billing Hansen: Rosensverdslektens forfedre, side 89. -------------------- Dave Buchroeder's research (no sources cited): -------------------- -------------------- '''Svyatoslav II Yaroslavich RURIK Great Prince of Kiev''' (1073-76) 1462 * Born: Abt 1027 * Married: 1070 1462 * Died: 27 Dec 1076 Marriage Information: Svyatoslav married '''Oda VON BABENBERG''' in 1070 1462. Spouses/Children: * Oda VON BABENBERG # Gleb Svyatoslavich RURIK Prince of Novgorod (1068-73)+(1077-78) # Roman Svyatoslavich "the Red" RURIK Prince of Murom & Tmutarakan (1069-79) # Oleg Svyatoslavich RURIK Prince of Volynsk (1076) & Chernigov (1076-78)+ # Davyd Svyatoslavich RURIK Pr of Novgorod & Smolensk (c.1087/1093-97) # Yaroslav Svyatoslavich RURIK Prince of Murom (1097-1129) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.