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Marriage: Children:
  1. Isabel De Castile: Birth: 1283 in Toro, Spain. Death: 24 Jul 1328

  2. Fernando "The Summoned" King Of Castile And Leon: Birth: 6 Dec 1285 in Seville, Andaluc�ia, Spain. Death: 7 Dec 1312 in Jaen

  3. Infant Of Castile Alfonso Of Castile: Birth: 1286 in Valladolid, Spain. Death: 1291 in Valladolid, Spain

  4. Enrique Castile: Birth: 1288 in Vitoria. Death: 1299

  5. Pedro De Castile: Birth: 1290 in Valladolid, Spain. Death: 25 Jun 1319 in Vega DE Granada

  6. Felipe Of Castile: Birth: 1292 in Seville, Andaluc�ia, Spain. Death: Jun 1327 in Madrid, Spain

  7. Beatrix Of Castile: Birth: 1293 in Toledo, New Castile, Spain. Death: 25 Oct 1359 in Lisbon, Portugal

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a. Note:   He was the the Fierce of Castile. He was the King of Castile and Leon from 1284 to 1295. King of Castile & Leon, Sancho IV, The Fierce RESEARCH NOTES: King of Castile [Ref: Watney WALLOP #211, ES III.1 #127] King of Castile and Leon [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p236] 1275: on the death of his elder brother, he claimed to be the new heir to the throne to his nephews' exclusion, on the basis that old Castilian custom allowed a king's sons to take precedence over grandsons. Alfonso X had, however, promulgated law codes based on Roman law that made direct descendants, including grandchldren in an elder line, senior heirs over younger children such as Sancho. As the Castilian nobility opposed Alfonso X's centralizing policies and saw his new law codes as part and parcel of those policies, Sancho quickly found much support among the aristocrats. After a bitter civil war, Alfonso X was compelled to exclude his de la Cerda grandsons from the succession in favor of Sancho in 1282. [Ref: John Carmi Parsons SGM 2/17/1999-091751] 1284: succeeded his father as Sancho IV of Castile [Ref: John Carmi Parsons SGM 2/17/1999-091751] 1284-1295: King of Castile and Leon [Ref: Tapsell Dynasties p236] 1284: King of Castile [Ref: ES III.1 #127] KNOWN AS "EL BRAVO" ("THE BRAVE"); KING OF CASTILLA & LEON 1284-1296
b. Note:   BI116812
c. Note:   DI116812
d. Note:   NF28692
Note:   Sources for this Information: date: [Ref: ES II #63] 1282 [Ref: Louda RoyalFamEurope #47] VII/VIII 1281 [Ref: ES III.1 #127], place: [Ref: ES II #63], names: [Ref: John Carmi Parsons SGM 2/17/1999-102918], child: [Ref: CMH p902, CP X p819, ES II #63, Louda RoyalFamEurope #47, Watney WALLOP #211] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.