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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mathilde (Maud) Billung Von Saxony Von Sachsen: Birth: Abt 938 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany. Death: 25 May 1008 in St Peter, Gent

  2. Abbess Of Herford Imma: Birth: Abt 948 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany.

  3. Susanhildia Of Saxony: Death: 26 Nov 1014

  4. Liutger In Westfalengau: Death: 26 Feb 1001

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a. Note:   Hermann Billung was probably married twice, first to a woman named Oda (who died on 15 March in an unknown year), and second to Hildegarde of Westerbourg. He had five children: *1. Bernhard I (died 1011), Duke of Saxony *2. Liutger (died 26 February 1011) Count in Westfalengau, attested in 991, buried in St. Michaels in L´┐Żuneburg, married Emma (died 3 December 1038), buried in the Bremen Cathedral, daughter of Immed IV (Immedinger), sister of Bishop Meinwerk of Paderborn. *3. Suanhilde (born between 945 and 955, died 28 November 1014, buried in the monastery of Jena, reburied after 1028 in the Georgskirche of Naumburg in Saale, married 1st in 970 Thietmar I (died after 979) Margrave of Meissen, married (2) before 1000 Ekkehard I (murdered 30 April 1002 in P´┐Żohlde); in 992 Margrave of Meissen, buried in the monastery of Jena, reburied after 1028 in the Church of Georg Naumburg (Saale) *4. Mathilde (born between 935 and 945, died 25 May 1008 in Ghent St. Peter), married 1st in 961 to Balduin III, Count of Flanders (died 1 January 962), married second Gottfried der Gefangene (died on 3/4 April after 995) in 963/982, Count of Verdun (Wigeriche), buried in St. Peter's in Ghent *5. Imma, in 995 Abbess of Herford ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her name is given as Hildegard in numerous secondary sources, but the name of Mathilde's mother does not seem to appear in the primary sources. Given the uncertainty about Hermann's marriage(s), including the possibility that he was married more than once, the identity of Mathilde's mother must be regarded as uncertain.
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