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Frederick II One-Eyed Of Hohenstauffen, Duke Of Swabia: Birth: 1090. Death: 6 Apr 1147 in Alzey
Conrad III Of Hohenstauffen, Emperor, Duke Of Franc: Birth: 1093. Death: 15 Feb 1152 in Bamburg
Dieter III Of Hohenstein And Katzenelnbogen: Death: Aft 1214
Dietrich I Of Hohenstein: Death: 23 Jul 1249
Dietrich II Of Hohenstein: Death: Abt 28 May 1309
Dietrich III Of Hohenstein: Death: Abt 29 Sep 1329
Elger Of Hohenstein: Death: 16 Sep 1219
Heinrich II Of Hohenstein: Death: 24 Jan Abt 1286
Ulrich I Of Hohenstein: Death: Aft 11 Sep 1414
Atha Of Hohenwart: Death: Aft 975
Margaretha Of Hohenzollern: Birth: 1359. Death: Abt 1390
Margarethe Of Hohenzollern: Death: 19 Sep 1377
Heinrich X Of Hohnstein: Death: 16 Jun 1426
Henry V Of Hohnstein: Death: 1356
Henry VIII Of Hohnstein: Death: 1408
Person Not Viewable
Ernest II Of Hohnstein-Klettenberg: Death: 1454
Person Not Viewable
Iwanowna Of Holczanski: Death: Abt 3 May 1458
Person Not Viewable
Ivan Olgimontowicz Of Holczany: Birth: Abt 1350. Death: Abt 1401
Arnulf I Of Holland And Ghent: Birth: 951 in Gand, Flandre Oriental, Belgium. Death: 18 Sep 993
Ada Of Holland: Birth: Abt 1188. Death: Abt 1223
Adelaid Of Holland: Birth: 1225 in Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. Death: 9 Apr 1283 in Valenciennes, Nord, Nord-Pas-DE-Calais, France
Dirk (Dietrich) III Of Holland: Birth: Abt 981 in Ghent, Flanders Orientale. Death: 27 May 1039
Dirk Of Holland: Death: Abt 1312
Florence II Of Holland: Birth: Abt 1080. Death: 2 Mar 1121
Florence IV Of Holland: Birth: 24 Jun 1210 in Hague, Netherlands. Death: 19 Jul 1234 in Corbie, France
Florence V Of Holland: Birth: Jul 1254 in Leiden, Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Death: 27 Jun 1296 in Muiderberg, Muiden, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Florenz II "The Crusader" Of Holland: Birth: Abt 1139 in Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Death: 1 Aug 1190 in Antioch, Antakya, Turkey
Gerulf Of Holland: Death: Aft 889
Jacqueline Of Holland: Birth: 25 Jul 1401. Death: 8 Oct 1436 in Teilingen
John I Of Holland: Birth: 1284. Death: 10 Nov 1299 in Haarlem
Margaret Of Holland: Birth: Abt 1164 in Of 'S Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Death: 3 Nov 1203
Margaret Of Holland: Death: 22 Mar 1277
Mechtild Of Holland: Death: Aft 1256
Siegfried Of Holland: Birth: Abt 983 in Gand, Flandre Oriental, Belgium. Death: 6 Jun 1030 in Gand, Flandre Oriental, Belgium
Thierri III Of Holland: Birth: Abt 978. Death: 27 May 1039
Thierri IV Of Holland: Death: 13 Jan 1049
Thierri VI Of Holland: Death: 5 Aug 1157
Thierri VII Of Holland: Death: 4 Nov 1203
William I "The Crazy" (Count) Of Holland: Birth: 1170 in Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. Death: 4 Feb 1222 in Vlaardingen, Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
William II (Count) Of Holland: Birth: 1227 in S-Hertogenbosch, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. Death: 28 Jan 1256 in Hoogwoud, Opmeer, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Geso II Of Hollenden: Death: 1073
Elizabeth Of Holstein And Schauenburg: Death: Bef 28 May 1416
Gerhard III Of Holstein And Schauenburg: Death: Aft 20 Jan 1317
Ingeborg Of Holstein And Schauenburg: Birth: Abt 1314. Death: Aft 1343
Nikolaus Of Holstein And Schauenburg: Birth: Abt 1321. Death: 8 May 1397 in Osterhof
Adelheid Of Holstein: Death: Abt 1349
Adolf II Of Holstein: Death: 6 Jul 1164
Adolf III Of Holstein: Death: 3 Jan 1225
Adolf IV Of Holstein: Death: 8 Jul 1261 in Kiel
Agnes Of Holstein: Birth: Bef 1327. Death: 1386
Elisabeth Of Holstein: Death: Abt 10 Aug 1391
Elizabeth Of Holstein: Death: Bef 14 Aug 1284
Elizabeth Of Holstein: Death: Abt 1274
Ermengarde Of Holstein: Death: 27 Dec After 1329
Gerhard III Of Holstein: Birth: Abt 1293. Death: 1 Apr 1340 in Randers
Heinrich I Of Holstein: Death: 5 Aug 1304
Heinrich II Of Holstein: Birth: Abt 1316. Death: Abt 16 Oct 1384
Johann I Of Holstein: Death: 20 Apr 1264
Johann III Of Holstein: Death: 27 Sep 1359
Katherine Of Holstein: Death: Bef 23 May 1300
Luitgard Of Holstein: Birth: Abt 1251. Death: Aft 28 Feb 1289
Maud Of Holstein: Death: 22 Jul 1468
Mechtild Of Holstein: Death: Aft 6 Jan 1367
Mechtild Of Holstein: Death: Aft 1264
Mechtild Of Holstein: Birth: 1225. Death: 30 Aug 1288 in Kiel
Mirislava Of Holstein: Death: Abt 1376
Sophia Of Holstein: Death: Aft 1451
Gerhard V Of Holstein, Duke Of Schleswig: Birth: Abt 1367. Death: 5 Aug 1404
Adolf VI Of Holstein-Schauenburg: Death: 15 May 1315
Adolf VII Of Holstein-Schauenburg: Death: Abt 4 Dec 1352
Otto I Of Holstein-Schauenburg: Death: 16 Mar 1404
Person Not Viewable
Helwig Of Holte: Death: Aft 1256
Mechtilde Of Holte: Death: 1304
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Ida of Homburg: Birth: 1110 in Homburg, Pfalz Schwaben, Bayern, Germany.
Heinrich Of Hondeschote: Death: Abt 30 May 1251
Dietrich V Of Honstein And Heringen: Death: Bef 1379
Agnes Of Honstein: Birth: 1360. Death: 1 Sep 1404
Elisabeth Of Honstein: Death: Abt 1381
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Kono Of Horburg And Lechsgemund: Death: Aft 1103
William I Of Horn And Altena: Death: Abt 24 Oct 1264
William II Of Horn And Altena: Death: Abt 5 Dec 1300
William III Of Horn: Death: Abt 28 Jan 1301
Person Not Viewable
Lambert Of Hornbach: Birth: Abt 730 in Hornbach, S�udwestpfalz, Prussia, Germany. Death: Abt 783 in Spoleto, Perugia, Umbria, Italy
Beatrix Of Horstmar: Death: 24 Sep 1277
Otto Of Horstmar: Death: Aft 1247
Giselbert Of Hotingen: Death: Aft 1144
Person Not Viewable
Beatrix Of Houdain: Death: Aft 1212
Person Not Viewable
Catherine Of Hoya: Death: 1465

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