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Adelheid D' Ardenne: Birth: Abt 953 in Ardenne, France. Death: Deceased
Henri I D' Arlon: Birth: Abt 1059 in Lorraine, France. Death: 1119
Henri III D' Arlon: Birth: 1217 in Luxembourg. Death: 24 Nov 1281
Henri III D' Arlon: Birth: Abt 1140. Death: 21 Jun 1221
Valeran II D' Arlon: Birth: Abt 1035. Death: 1082
Valeran IV D' Arlon: Birth: Abt 1190. Death: 2 Jul 1226
Person Not Viewable
Ermengard D' Aujou: Birth: 1018. Death: 18 Mar 1075
Catherine D' Avesnes: Birth: 1320 in Hainaut, Belgium. Death: 1375 in Ghent, Hainault, Belgium
Ida D' Avesnes: Death: Aft 1111
Marie D' Avesnes: Birth: Abt 1219.
Petronille D' Avesnes: Birth: Abt 1120. Death: Deceased
Philippe D' Avesnes: Birth: 24 Jun 1311 in Mons, Hainaut, Belgium. Death: 14 Aug 1369 in Windsor, Berkshire, England; Windsor Castle
Phillipa D' Avesnes: Birth: 24 Jun 1311. Death: 14 Aug 1369
Wilderich II D' Avesnes: Birth: 996 in Au, Pas-DE-Calais, France. Death: Deceased
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Jacques D' Entremont: Birth: 1654.
Marie Madeleine D' Entremont: Birth: 1697. Death: 24 Aug 1760
Marquerite Muis D' Entremont: Birth: 1649. Death: 1691
Phillipe Muis D' Entremont: Birth: 14 Nov 1601 in Cherbourg, Normandie, France. Death: 1700 in Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Acadia
Isabel D' Estrade: Birth: Abt 1570 in France.
Person Not Viewable
Rainurde D' Eu: Birth: Abt 1060. Death: Aft 1115
William D' Eu: Birth: Bef 1051. Death: Aft 1076
Gautier D' Evereaux: Birth: Abt 1100 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Death: 1147 in England
Hawise D' Evereaux: Birth: Abt 1118 in France. Death: Abt 1152
Agnaes D' Evereux: Birth: Abt 1030 in Evreux, Normandy, France. Death: Deceased
Bertrade D' Evreux De Montford: Birth: Abt 1155. Death: 12 Jul 1189
Person Not Viewable
Charles D' Evreux: Birth: Abt 1360.
Person Not Viewable
Walter I D' Oisy: Birth: Abt 1110. Death: 1147
Robert D' Ufford: Birth: Abt 1345 in Horsford, Norfolk, England. Death: Bef 1393
Emeline D'abetot: Birth: 1076 in Worcestershire, England.
Jean D'acre De Brienne: Death: 1306
Louis D'acre De Brienne: Birth: Abt 1225. Death: Aft 1 Sep 1297
Person Not Viewable
Philippe Charles Fst Von Arenberg Duc D'aerschot: Birth: 28 Oct 1587. Death: 25 Sep 1640
Jacqueline Daughter Of Raoul D'ailly: Death: 1470
Agnes (Avice) D'albini: Birth: 1176 in Axholme, Lincolnshire.
Cicely D'albini: Birth: Abt 1192. Death: 18 Jun 1260
Isabel D'albini: Birth: Abt 1200 in Arundel, Sussex, England. Death: 1240
Matilda D'albini: Birth: Abt 1191. Death: 1215
Maud D'albini: Birth: Abt 1188. Death: 1243
Nichola D'albini: Birth: 1206 in Of Barrow On Soar, Leicestershire, England. Death: 1240 in Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, England
Maude Mathidle D'albon: Birth: Abt 1100 in France. Death: Aft Jan 1145 in Savoie, Champagne, France
Alain Sire D'albret: Birth: Abt 1440. Death: 1522
Arnaud Amanieu VIII (Vcte De Tartas) D'albret: Birth: 1338. Death: 1401
Bernard Aiz V Sire D'albret: Birth: 1295.
Charles I (Cte De Dreux) Sire D'albret: Death: 25 Oct 1415 in Battle Of Agincourt
Charles I (Cte De Dreux) Sire D'albret: Death: 25 Oct 1415 in Battle Of Agincourt
Charles II (Cte De Dreux) Sire D'albret: Birth: 1407. Death: 1471
Charles II (Cte De Dreux) Sire D'albret: Birth: 1407. Death: 1471
Jean (Vcte De Tartas) D'albret: Death: 3 Jan 1468
Jeanne D'albret: Birth: 1403. Death: 1435
Jeanne D'albret: Birth: 7 Jan 1528. Death: 9 Jun 1572 in Paris. Murdered
Jeanne D'albret: Birth: 1403. Death: 1435
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Fran oise D'albret-Orval: Birth: 1454. Death: 20 Mar 1521
William II Talvas D'alencon: Birth: 1000.
Godefroy D'allemania: Birth: Abt 660. Death: Bef 709
Nebi-Huoching Theubold D'allemania: Birth: Abt 685. Death: Abt 727
Petronella D'alsace: Birth: 1092 in Alsace-Lorraine, France.
Charles I D'amboise: Death: Abt 1481
Ingelger I D'amboise: Death: Bef 1373
Marie D'amboise: Death: 9 Jan 1519
Perrinelle D'amboise: Birth: Abt 1400. Death: 13 Jul 1441
Pierre II D'amboise: Death: 1426
Agnes D'ambroise: Birth: Abt 1102 in <Shenton, Market Bosworth, Leicester, England>. Death: Aft 1153
Person Not Viewable
Isabeau D'ancenis: Birth: 1357 in Loire Atlantique France.
Rotbaude II (Signeur) D'angelca: Death: 949
Adelaide D'angers: Birth: Abt 1113.
Marguerite D'angouleme: Birth: 11 Apr 1492 in Angoul�me. Death: 21 Dec 1549 in Chateau D'odos-En-Bigorre
Eleanore D'anjou (Of Naples): Birth: Aug 1289. Death: 1341
Ermangarde D'anjou: Birth: 1073 in Anjou, France. Death: 1 Jul 1146
Ermengard D'anjou: Birth: 1018. Death: 18 Mar 1076 in Murdered At Fleury-Sur-Ouche
Foulques D'anjou: Birth: 21 Jun 970 in Anjou, France. Death: 25 Jun 1040 in Metz, Lorraine, France
Gunnora D'anjou: Birth: 1010.
Louis III Duke D'anjou: Birth: 25 Sep 1403. Death: 12 Nov 1434
Mary D'anjou: Birth: 1404.
Phillipe D'anjou: Birth: 1218.
Sibilla D'anjou: Birth: 1105 in Anjou France.
Yolanda D'anjou: Birth: 2 Nov 1428. Death: Abt 23 Feb 1483
Person Not Viewable
Marie Anne De Martignon D'apprendisteguy: Birth: 1662 in Port Royal, Nova Scotia.
Martin De Martignon D'apprendisteguy: Birth: 1616 in Larochelle, France. Death: 1686 in Riviere St. Jean, Nova Scotia
Matilda\Maud D'apulia: Birth: 1059.
Alpais D'aquitaine: Birth: Abt 764. Death: Aft 852
Eleanor D'aquitaine: Birth: 1122 in Chateau DE Belin, Gironde, Aquitaine, France. Death: 1 Apr 1204 in Mirabell Castle, Fontevrault, Anjou, France
Plectrude D'aquitaine: Birth: Abt 652. Death: Apr 714
William X(Vii) "The Toulousan" D'aquitaine: Birth: 1099 in Toulouse, Aquitaine. Death: 9 Apr 1137 in Santiago DE Compostela, Galicia, Spain
Person Not Viewable
Mrs R. D'arbetot: Birth: Abt 1029 in Arbetot, Normandie, France>.
Robert I D'arbetot: Birth: Abt 1029 in <, , Normandie, France>. Death: in , , , England
Urso D'arbetot: Birth: Abt 1050 in , , Lincolnshire, England. Death: in <, Barley, Hertford, England>
Caroline D'arcy: Death: 15 Nov 1778
Robert (3Rd Earl Of Holderness) D'arcy: Birth: 24 Nov 1681. Death: 20 Jan 1721
Person Not Viewable

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