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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Lillian Corcoran: Birth: 11 Sep 1871. Death: 13 May 1877

  2. Haley Hayden Corcoran: Birth: 5 Jul 1873. Death: 30 Dec 1931

  3. Timothy Lee Corcoran: Birth: Abt 1874.

  4. Katie Bell Corcoran: Birth: 6 Mar 1875. Death: 13 Nov 1899

  5. Emily Corcoran: Birth: Abt 1876.

  6. Mamie Corcoran: Birth: Abt 1877.

  7. Sallie Corcoran: Birth: Abt 1880.

  8. Ashby Eugene Irwin Corcoran: Birth: 22 Apr 1882. Death: 7 Nov 1941

  9. Cora Ann Corcoran: Birth: 16 Mar 1887. Death: 23 Aug 1887

1. Title:   Betty Tucker, at the Zachary, Louisiana City Archives: 09 07 2005
2. Title:   (The Pettypoole Tree GEDCOM file was submitted by J H Poole, Jr.; This is an internet Ged file of the compliled genealogical research of John h. Poole, Jr., started in 1986. It was gathered from many individual family informants: such Margaret Mills McGehee, Mabel McGehee Lillie, Marie Parent Poole, Theodora Poole Rogers, Margaret Ann McGehee Samuel, Rev. Pool, Virginia Lobdell Jennings, Margaret Brokaw, Hughrene McCrainie, Judith Williams Coates, Mr. & Mrs. Lamar "Ollie" Poole, Gilbert Mills, Mr. & Mrs. Keller McKowen, Dolph McKowen, Inez Hatley Hughes, Polly Poole Craig, Liz Poole Miesch and many other internet databases. To them all, I deeply owe them my thanks. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.