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  1. John QUIN: Birth: 14 Apr 1851 in Brighton, Victoria, Australia. Death: 24 Apr 1851 in Brighton, Victoria, Australia

  2. Mary Ann QUIN: Birth: Abt Oct 1853 in Merri Creek, Victoria, Australia. Death: 9 Apr 1855 in Sackville Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

  3. William Sydney QUIN: Birth: 16 Aug 1855 in Parish of Jika Jika, Victoria, Australia. Death: 17 Nov 1903 in Hindmarsh, South Australia, Australia

  4. Anna QUIN: Birth: 24 May 1858 in Thomastown, Victoria, Australia. Death: 29 Apr 1934 in Eighth Street, Mildura, Victoria, Australia

  5. Frederick James QUIN: Birth: 4 Mar 1861 in Church Street, Richmond, Victoria, Australia. Death: 1926 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia

  6. Alice QUIN: Birth: 25 Dec 1862 in Church Street, Richmond, Victoria, Australia. Death: 1867 in , Victoria, Australia

  7. Clare QUIN: Birth: Abt 1865 in , Victoria, Australia. Death: 11 Oct 1927 in 7 Edward Street, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia

  8. Grace QUIN: Birth: Abt Jan 1867 in Malvern, Victoria, Australia. Death: 30 Apr 1867 in Gardiner, Victoria, Australia

  9. Mabel QUIN: Birth: Abt 1869 in , Victoria, Australia. Death: 9 Jun 1939 in Mount Lawley, Western Australia, Australia

  10. Francis Arthur Parish QUIN: Birth: 20 May 1870 in Murchison, Victoria, Australia. Death: 6 Jul 1933 in Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia

  11. Martha "Mattie" QUIN: Birth: 25 Jun 1872 in Sandhurst (Bendigo), Victoria, Australia. Death: 12 May 1948 in Lucknow Hospital, Claremont, Western Australia, Australia

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