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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lyles: Birth: 1806/1810 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: DECEASED

  2. Lyles: Birth: 1806/1810 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: DECEASED

  3. Lyles: Birth: 1806/1810 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: DECEASED

  4. Lyles: Birth: 1810/1815 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: DECEASED

  5. Lyles: Birth: 1810/1815 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: DECEASED

  6. Thomas J. Lyles: Birth: 1816/1820 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: BEF 10 Jul 1850 in Crittenden Co.,AR

  7. Peter M. Lyles: Birth: 1816/1820 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: DECEASED

  8. Lyles: Birth: 1816/1820 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: DECEASED

  9. Joseph A. Lyles: Birth: 1818 in Rutherford Co.,NC. Death: 30 Oct 1859 in Crittenden Co.,AR

  10. Abner Lyles: Birth: ABT 1822 in Rutherford Co., NC. Death: 1854/1860 in Crittenden Co.,AR

  11. Jonas W. Lyles: Birth: 1823 in TN. Death: AFT Jun 1850

  12. Oliver "Perry" Lyles: Birth: 27 Nov 1827 in prob Obion Co., TN. Death: 17 Apr 1893 in Memphis,Shelby Co.,TN

  13. Mary "Susan" A. Lyles: Birth: 1832 in Obion Co.,TN. Death: 1868 in Mound City,Crittenden Co., AR

a. Note:   nd does so again in 1840. His earliest place of residence (1802) is Rutherford County, NC.
 The marriage data was taken from NC marriages on microfiche. They were married by Jesse Richardson.
  On the 1800 census of Rutherford County, NC, there are two men, David and Burges Liles, who had sons aged 16-26 which is the age group for Jonas. There is the possibility that one of these men was his father. Since David was named one of the executors to Jonas Bedford's will, he might be the better candidate, if indeed Jonas B.(Bedford?) Lyles was named for him. There was a grant of 150 A to David Liles on the N side of Second Broad River adjoining Swan on 27 Oct 1785.
 There are Revolutionary War Pension Claims for two David Liles who enlisted from Rutherford Co. They both left NC and went into different counties in TN. Neither went to Obion Co, but one did go into west TN.
  Jonas B. Lyles could have been named for Jonas Bedford. The families owned adjoining land in Rutherford County, NC and their names appear together in various records. In 1820, David Lyles and Thomas Lyles were named executors of the estate of Jonas Bedford. In 1823 when the will was proved, they refused to qualify and James L. Terrell was appointed administrator. John Liles was a witness to the will. [from Rutherford Co, NC Will Abstracts 1779-1910] From Abstracts of Rutherford Co Deeds, grant to Jones Bedford, 100 A on Ashworth Creek of Second Broad River, about 3/4 mile above Liles entry on 28 Oct 1782. On same date, grant to Jonas Bedford, 150 A on Ashworth Creek...about 1/2 mile below Liles entry. These families evidently lived quite near each other. The children of Jonas and Mercy Raymond Bedford were Jonas Bedford Jr., Unice Bedford m. David Lyles, Raymond Bedford, Rebecca Bedford m. William Hunt, Seth Bedford (d. abt 1817), Elizabeth Bedford m. William Byers, James Bedford and Stephen Bedford. [Bulletin of The Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County NC, Vol XXI, Number 4, November 1993, page 178]
  NORTH CAROLINA TAXPAYERS 1679-1790 VOLUME 2 by Clarence E. Ratcliff. page 121 Liles, Burgess Rutherford 1782
 page 121 Liles, David Rutherford 1782
 These were the only Liles/Lyles in Rutherford County. In other court records Jones (sic) Lyles was bondsman for the marriage of Bergis Lyles to Judy Morton Good (Judith Morton Goode) on 3 Feb 1802 in NC. According to Dan Rudder of Gaines, MI, Burgess Lyles had three sons: Raymond B. Lyles born 1804 who married Prudence M.; Hyram Lyles and Lorenzo Lyles. Burgess died in Christian Co., KY in 1809 and his wife Judith died in Jackson Co., TN before 1833. The children of Raymond B. Lyles and Prudence were 1) Mary A. Lyles born 1830 in KY; 2) William L. Lyles born 1836, married V., Josephine Jones 3) Nathan L. Lyles who was born 1838, died about 1895 in Tipton Co., TN, married Lucy Johnson and Sarah L.; 4) Peter T. Lyles born 1848; and 5) Cordelia T. Lyles born 1853, married Charles H. Welsh 24 Dec. 1868 in Tipton Co., TN. Most of this family stayed in Tipton Co., TN which is just across the MIssissippi River from Crittenden Co., AR which is where Jonas B. Lyles and family finally settled. Some of them went on into AR and OK. Obion Co., TN where Jonas first settled is due north of Tipton Co., TN. There is an R. B. Lyles found living next door to Jonas B. Lyles in the 1840 census of Mississippi Co., AR.
  !CENSUS-NC-RUTHERFORD-1810: page 114
 Jonas Liles
 1 male <10
 2 females < 10
 1 male 26 & <45
 1 female 26 & < 45
 1 slave
  Jonas was not in the 1820 NC census index, but the microfilm for Rutherford Co. was very light in several places and names could not be read. This entire county was read but Jonas was not found. Jonas B. Lyles bought and sold land in Rutherford Co. in 1826. By Jan. 1828 he shows up in court records in Obion County, TN.
  There are three records of Jonas Lyles buying land in Rutherford Co., NC. In Deed Record No 27-28, pages 79-80, Jonas bought land from David Lyles lying on the south side of Little Broad River for $500 on 18 Sep 1813. The deed was witnessed by James Lyles and Seth Lyles. On 1 Feb 1820 Jonas received a grant of land from the State of NC near David Lyles and Jonas Bedford (Deed Record No 32-33, page 167). In Deed Record 35, page 192, Jonas received another grant from the State of NC on 26 Apr 1826 on the main Broad River. There are two records of Jonas Liles selling land. The first time in 1803 (Deed Book 18-19, page 149) when he sold to Reubin McDaniel. Then in 1826 he sold land to Charles Simmons (Deed Book 35, page 199).
  !CENSUS-TN-OBION-1830: page 153
 Jonas B. Lyles
 1 male <5
 2 males 5-9
 3 males 10-14
 1 female 10-14
 2 females 15-19
 1 male 20-29
 1 female 30-39
 1 male 50-59
  !CENSUS-AR-MISSISSIPPI-1840: page 4, line 30
 Jonas B. Liles
 1 female 5-9
 1 male 10-14
 2 males 15-19
 2 females 20-29
 1 male 50-59
  From BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL MEMOIRS OF EASTERN ARKANSAS, published by The Goodspeed Publishing Co. 1890, page 392, Chapter XVIII, Crittenden County: "Some of the oldest settlers in this county were the Harklerodes, Burgetts, Foglemans, P. G. Pollock, E. Garrett, B. F. Allen and Maj. J. B. Lyles, who settled at Marion in 1841; at that time he bought and ran the old hotel which still stands in the village."
 Need to check the Commission Books for NC for county militia records. How did he get the title of Major?
  Crittenden County, AR Letters of Administration, Book 1, page 88 states that "Jonas B. Lyles died intestate on or about the 6th day of February AD 1843 having at the time of his death personal property in this state... we do hereby appoint Peter M. Lyles of the County of Crittenden administration of all and singal... done 14th day of June AD1843."
  In the Obion County, TN Court Minute Book 1824-1848, page 288, on 10 Jan. 1828 Jonas B. Lyles was one of the grand and petit jurors that was appointed. On 7 Apr 1828 (same book, page 302) Jonas B. Liles was appointed to help lay off a road from the Mills Point Road west of John Buckhanon's field, the nearest and best way to intersect the Dresden road at or near the North Fork of the Obion River. On page 309, dated 8 April 1828, in the State versus Francis Biggs in a case of assault and battery, Biggs was found guilty. Jonas Lyles offered himself security for the payment. On page 330, Jonas B. Lyles and James Lyles were among hands appointed to work on a road. In the Obion Co Circuit Court Minute Book 1st 1826-1832, page 158, James L. Lyles was appointed to serve on a jury 10 May 1831.
 In the case of James L. Lyles versus Joel S. Enloe (page 182) "directed to Willis Caldwell, Esquire, commanding him to bring up the papers in the suit tried before him, wherein William L. Harris & Co were plaintiffs and Jonas B. Lyles was defendant, and the court being satisfied, said papers were necessary to the trial of said cause directed said subpoenas to issue." (Need to find out about this suit.)
 The last date Jonas B. Lyles was mentioned in the court minutes of Obion County was 15 June 1839. Probably not long after this, he and his family moved across the Mississippi River into Mississippi County, AR. He is found on the census of that county in 1840.
 They moved from Mississippi County south a few miles into Crittenden County, AR in 1841. The only court record found on Jonas B. in Crittenden County is the above one citing his death on 6 Feb. 1843, except for those on his estate settlement.
  Probate Court Record C (Jan 1837-May 1846) page 111, Tuesday Marion Ark July the 11th AD 1843 "Peter M. Lyles Administrator of the Estate of Jonas B. Lyles Deceased, presented his Bond as Said Administrator for the approval of the court and Said Bond was not approved for want of Sufficient Security."
 Same book, pages 111-112 "Ordered by the Court, that a Subpeona be isued and directed to the Sheriff of Crittenden County Commanding him to Summon Peter R. Bedford to appear before this Court on the first day Said Court in October next. Then and there to answer Peter M. Lyles, Administrator of Jonas B. Lyles. Deceased--"
 Same book, page 172 Monday July 15th AD 1845 "This day Peter M. Lyles Admr. of the estate of Jonas B. Lyles deceased presented his account currant with sundre vouchers for a partial Settlement of said estate, which is ordered by the court to be filed and ly over until the next term of this court."
 Same book, page 195 Tuesday Oct 28th AD 1845 Oct Term "This day the Court proceeded to make a partial Settlement with Peter M. Lyles Admr. of the Estate of Jonas B. Lyles Deceased, and it appearing from the account currant of Said Admr filed at the last Term of this Court, that Said Admr. is charge with $24.97 1/2 and claims a credit of the following
 Vouchers (to wit) Culipher Receipt voucher No 1 $10.00 P.G. Pollocks Recipt voulcher No 2 2.00 $12.00 Ballance Due in the hands of Admr. $12.97 1/2 Probate Court Record B July 1846-April 1853 (unindexed) 12 Oct 1847 page 44 This day P. M. Lyles adm of the Estate of J. B. Lyles Deceased presented E. C. Frisbees Receipt for 17 50/100 dollars which was allowed to said Frisbee against the Estate of J. B. Lyles...
  Using all of the above census records, it can be ascertained that Jonas B. and Lavina Mullins Lyles likely had 13 children. When the 1810 census was taken Jonas and Livina had three children, one boy and two girls. The name of these children are not known. There is the possibility that the oldest son is the James L. Lyles. He and Jonas B. were among hands appointed to work on a road in 1828 in Obion Co., TN. James L. and Sarah Linsey were married there on 25 Nov 1837 by Seth Bedford, JP. The bond was signed by James L. Lyles and George Shuks. According to the 1840 Obion Co., TN census James L. Lyles was born 1800-1810. He and his wife had no children and his occupation was farmer. He was the only Lyles in Obion Co. in 1840. In Deed Book I, Sarah M. Lyles and James L. Lyles bought 66 acres of land on 14 Sep 1850 on Housers Creek from George H. Long. In Book K, Sarah M. Lyles, widow of James Liles, sold 60 acres of land to Waller H. Caldwell on 7 May 1853. James is the right age to be a son of Jonas.
 R. B. Lyles is found next to Jonas B. on the 1840 census of Mississippi Co., AR, page 5. He was age 30-40, his wife was 20-30, one daughter 10-14 and two sons under five. He has not been found in any Crittenden Co. records. However, according to Dan Rudder, Raymond B. Lyles is the oldest son of Burgess Lyles. Since Raymond's parents were deceased by this date, it would not be unusual for him to live near relatives. If Burgess and Jonas were brothers, then Jonas was Raymond's uncle.
 In the Obion Co. Minute Book No 2 1832-34, page 12, appears Austin S. Lyles, but nothing to prove his relationship to Jonas B.
 The two girls born between 1806/1810 are not in the 1830 census and certainly could have married by that date. However, there were no marriage records in Obion County for any Lyles but James L. Two Liles women are mentioned in the Obion County Circuit Court Journal May 1835-June 1839. On page 270, 21 Feb 1839, Eunice B. Liles and Elvira R. Liles brought suit against Sanford Bramblett. They could be daughters or daughters-in-law of Jonas. Jonas could have named a daughter Eunice after Jonas Bedford's daughter Eunice.
 The names of the two girls born 180/1815 are not known and there is no record of them. There were three males born 1816/1820. Thomas J. Lyles is in Crittenden Co. and closely associated with Oliver Perry Lyles. He is likely a child of Jonas. His wife, Sarah, took Oliver P. Lyles to court after his death. Thomas and Oliver P. could be brothers and sons of Jonas B. See excerpts from court records under Thomas. According to the census Joseph A. Lyles was born in 1818. Thomas or Peter M. Lyles have not been found on any census. Peter was administrator of Jonas B.'s estate.
 So in 1830 Jonas B. had seven sons and three daughters living with him. The oldest son, James L.? or Austin S.?, the two oldest daughters were gone, daughters 4 and 5 were at home, Thomas J., Joseph A., and Peter M. could be the three boys aged 10-14. The name of the daughter that age is not known, the boys aged 5-9 could be Abner? and Jonas, and the boy under five is Oliver Perry.
 In 1840 the youngest child, Susan A. shows up age 5-9, but the mother is missing. She could have died in childbirth. Oliver Perry is the boy 10-14, Jonas and Abner? the boys 15-19 and two older girls, ages 20-30, whose names are not known. There were two Lyles girls married in Crittenden Co. between 1843-59 but they were young enough to be granddaughters of Jonas B. Sarah Lyles born about 1831 (was she the widow of Thomas J.?) married Jo Waldrop of DeSoto Co., MS on 5 Dec. 1852. Also Martha Lyles, born about 1836 married A. J. McWilliams on 13 April 1856.
 Data is needed to prove the children of this couple. There has been no document found thus far that actually states the names of any of Jonas and Lavina's children although the circumstantial evidence is good for some of them.
  In my possession is a letter from a daughter of Oliver Perry to Joseph A. Lyles's only daughter. It is signed your loving cousin and calls Joseph's wife "Aunt Julia." Therefore I believe Oliver Perry and Joseph were brothers. Also O. P. Lyles was the administrator of the estate of Joseph.
 Peter M. was named administrator of Jonas B.'s estate and that is often a son's duty. No direct connection between Abner Lyles and the other men has been found, but he could be a son. There is a marriage record in Rutherford Co, NC in 1812 for an Abner Liles. He could be another brother to Jonas. The name Abner is not that commonly used and Jonas could have named a child after his brother. There were no Lyles in Crittenden County prior to the influx by this family and as they died or moved away, there were none left except my great greatgrandmother, Julia, wife of Joseph A. and their daughter, Julia Florence Lyles. Abner's age was given as 25 when he married Mrs. Armilda Reeves, age 35, in 1853. That would make his birth year about 1828 which does not fit in the list of children. So there is some discrepency in his age considering the earlier census. Armilda gave her age as 38 in the 1860 census. She had four children, the oldest a 21 year old son. Abner must have died prior to 1860 since he was not listed with Armilda on that census.
 Jonas Lyles, age 27, was listed with the family of Oliver P. Lyles in the 1850 census of Crittenden Co, AR, birthplace TN.
 A biographical sketch of the Berry family in the CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF ARKANSAS, page 667 states regarding Mary Susan Lyles: "Her brother, Oliver Perry Lyles, was circuit clerk of this county before he reached the age of twenty-one years..."
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