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a. Note:   His marriage is recorded in Marriage Record, Vol A, page 31. COURT RECORDS:
 Thomas J. Lyles was elected Clerk of Crittenden County Circuit Court and six men signed his bond as securities on 26 Oct 1846. He served as clerk in 1847 and 1848.
 County Court Record C, page 105 "This day Thomas J. Lyles presented an account against the County, for Four Dollars for his serveses rendered ... days in garding James Stephens are a prisner, ... was allowed, and the Scrip ordered to be issued for same,"
 Same book and page "This day the court proceed to Settle with Thomas J. Lyles late Clerk of Crittenden County State of Arkansas, it appearing to the Satisfaction of the court, that the Sum of four Dollars is due from the Said Thomas J. Lyles Clerk as aforesaid for official Seals. It is therefore ordered by the Court that the Said Thomas J. Lyles late Clerk as aforesaid, pay above? to the Sheriff and Collector of Said County, the Sum of Four Dollars and take his receipt in the Clerks office, and is further order by the Court that the said Thomas J. Lyles Clerk as aforesaid be henceforth disc?? from any further liability as to official seals during his term in office as said Clerk"
 Deed Book E, page 96: In Nov 1849 Thomas J. Lyles sold to O. P. Lyles for $600 about 40 acres laying near the Military Road about 1/2 mile west of Marion; also 12 acres laying on the Mississippi River.
 Crittenden Co, AR Chancery Record A, Apr 1842-May 1855. Page 140, May 15, 1849 Thomas J. Lyles vs Sarah Lyles - Bill for Divorce "This day comes the complainant by his solicitor and on his motion this cause is dismissed, it is therefore considered by the court that the defendant have & recover of and from the plaintiff all costs in this behalf expended."
 Page 160, Nov 18, 1849 Sarah A. Lyles Complainant vs Thomas J. LylesDefendant "Now on this day comes said defendant by his solicitor and asks leave of this honorable court for further time to file his answer to said bill of complaint which was accordingly granted by the court"
  According to the 1850 Census Crittenden Co, AR, Sarah is living with her parents. If the age of 17 is correct, in 1846 when she married she was only 13 years old! Sarah was the daughter of John and Nancy McPeak.
 In the will of John McPeak signed Nov 1850, probated 29 Oct 1851, he left his daughter Sarah A. Lyles one red cow.
  Page 186, Nov 13th, 1850 Sarah A. Lyles complainant vs Oliver P. Lyles Defendant In Chancery "Now on this day came the said parties by their solicitors & continued this cause by consent, with leave asked & obtained of the Court, for said defendant to plead answer or ?_____ from this date."
 Page 187, Thomas J. Lyles vs Sarah A. Lyles Bill for Divorce "and now on this day this cause came up to be herd and it being suggested to the Court that the complainant is deceased it is therefore considered by the Court that this suit abate."
 From Probate Court Record B, p 147, 231 On 10 July 1850 Sarah A Lyles, widow and relic of Thomas J. Lyles deceased, moved the court by her attorney to rest in her...all the estate which belonged to the said Thomas J. Lyles at the time of his death.... On 22 Jul 1851 Sarah A. Lyles...petitioned the court for dower in a tract of land. Also came Oliver P. Lyles into court, one of the parties in interest in this case and waves all informalities ...advantage ...or defect said petition ...Ordered by the court that Sarah A. Lyles be allowed one half of above tract of land as her dower. (Why did O. P. Lyles have an interest in this case if not for the relationship to Thomas J.?)
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