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Marriage: Children:
  1. Julia Florence Lyles: Birth: 11 Dec 1856 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR. Death: 24 Dec 1918 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR

a. Note:   Birth date taken from the 1880 census below. !CENSUS-AR-CRITTENDEN-1850: Tyronza Twp; page 378, line 38, fam 327
 Merriman, Julia 29 F NC Farmer
 Merriman, George 2 M AR
 Merriman, Nancy 6/12 F AR
 Shelfer, John 15 M AR Laborer
 Page, Edward 9 M AR
  Julia Lyles and her daughter, Julia Florence, have not been found on the 1860 census index for AR.
  !CENSUS-AR-CRITTENDEN-1870: Tyronza Twp; Blackfish PO; dwlg 19; fam 21
 Clore, W 23 M TN Farmer $000/27
 Clore, N S 21 F AR Keeps house
 Lyles, Julia 56 F TN Keeps house (age should be 49/50)
  The above is William Thomas Cloar, oldest son of the first Cloar to come to Crittenden County, Thomas Jefferson Cloar. I don't know why Julia is living with them unless she is acting as a paid housekeeper. Her husband had been dead for ten years and her daughter, Julia Florence, age 13, was living in Memphis with her uncle, Oliver Perry Lyles, and his family. She was attending St. Agnes Female Academy with his daughters. She is on the census with them for that year.
  !CENSUS-AR-CRITTENDEN-1880: Tyronza Twp; dwlg 19; fam 31
 Lyles, Julia 60 F Widow NC NC NC At home
 Camell, A H 26 M Son AR NY NC Works on farm
 Cloar, J F 23 F Dau AR TN NC Boarder
 Combs, R S 26 M Boarder VA VA VA Steve maker unemp 6 mos
 Mariman, O P 3 M Gr Son AR AR AR
 dwlg 19; fam 32 Mariman, G M 30 M AR NC NC Farmer
 Mariman, M J 23 F Wife AR TN TN Keeps house
 Mariman, William 5 M Son AR AR AR
 Mariman, Samuel 9/12 M Son AR AR AR
  George Merriman was Julia's son by George M. Merriman, Albert H. Campbell was her son by Hiram Campbell and Julia F. Cloar was her daughter by Joseph A. Lyles.
 Juley was a midwife and delivered a large number of babies in the part of the county where she lived.
 The assumption of a first marriage to a LEA was made because her name is given as Julia LEA on her marriage license with George M. Maryman (Merriman) which is recorded in Vol A, page 44. If this is true, then her marriage to Hiram Campbell would have been her third. It was recorded in Vol A, page 96. After his death, she married Joseph Lyles which is recorded in Vol A, page 171.
 Date of death was taken from BIOGRAPHICAL AND HISTORICAL MEMOIRS OF EASTERN ARKANSAS, page 408, The Goodspeed Publishing Company. She was buried in the Glover-Lyles Cemetery near the house.
  COURT RECORDS are abstracted as follows:
 Letters of Administration 1 1837-1853 page 395 "Know ye that whereas Hiram Cammell of the County of Crittenden died intestate as it is said on or about the 18th day of March 1852 having at the time of death personal property... we do hereby appoint Julia Cammell of the County of Crittenden administratrix...24th of March 1852." Signed by O. P. Lyles, Clerk.
 Administrations, Bonds, Oaths & Letters 1851-1889 page 6 Julia Campbell made bond to serve as administratrix for Hiram Campbell on 24th March 1852. Sureties were B. C. Crump, O. P. Lyles, J. L. Cunningham, Joseph Able, Edmond Richards, J. A. Lovejoy. Recorded 14th May 1858 by O. P. Lyles, Clerk. Note on the side says Letters Recorded in Book No 1.
 Probate Court Record B July 1846-April 1853 page 297 April 22, 1852 Julia Cammell motion for vestment)
 Estate of Hiram Cammell dec'd ) and now on this day came Julia Cammell, the widdow & relict of Hiram Cammell dec'd and moved the court to vest absolutely in her the sum of $300.00 to be by her taken out of the Estate of the said dec'd at the appraised value & the court being satisfied that the...said Estate does exceed the sum of $300 & does not exceed the sum of $800 in value it is ordered...the Julia Cammell be authorized to retain out of said Estate at the appraised value ...sume of $300 of the personal property ...
 Same book, page 298 Julia Cammell...presented a list of the personal property of the Estate of the said dec'd by her taken at the appraised value to wit:
 One horse at $40.00 l yoke of oxen 40.00 lot of Hogs 40.00 All the cattle 115.00 Cash 8.40 Books 8.00 1 Gun 12.00 1 Cart 5.00 Plough & Geers 2.75 1 BBl of brine .75 1 trunk 1.00 l log chain 2.50 1 steel mill .50 l lot of boxes 1.00 1 note on Wm. P. Farmer 15.12 1 note on Edmond Richards 6.50 (total) 298.52 1/2 which is allowed by the court & ordered to be spred upon the record which is done! and it is further ordered that the said administratrix be credited with the sum of 298.52 1/2 the same being the amount of the said widdows dower & it is ordered that the clerk issue notice of the above order including a copy of the articles.
  Deed Record F, page 453 16 Sept 1853 Between Stephen Cammell and Masadonia Cammell his wife of Crittenden Co (lst part) and Julia Cammell (2nd part) for $84.50 - Stephen and wife sold to Julia their undivided interest and Estate in & to a certain tract of land owned by said Stephen Cammells father, Hiram Cammell at time of his death--E qtr of Sec 29 in T8N, R6E --containing 60 acres more or less. (See deed entry under Hiram Campbell.)
  A copy of the following oath of allegiance was sent to the Arkansas History Commission. Mr. John L. Ferguson wrote the following note on 12-13-72.
 "The oath of allegiance was required of people in federal-occupied areas, or at least of those who wished a pardon and restoration of full civil rights. This is an orginal "Lincoln" oath, apparently."
  No. 2552 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. STATE OF TENNESSEE. PROVOST MARSHAL'S OFFICE. District of Memphis, ____ day of _______________1863 I do Solemnly Swear, In the presence of Almighty God that I will bear true allegiance to the United States of America, and will obey and maintain the Constitution and Laws of the same, and will defend and support the said United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and especially against the Rebellious League known as the Confederate States of America. So help me God.
 (signed) Mrs. Julia Lyles Sworn and subscribed before me, this 2nd day of Dec 1863. (signed) James P. Bennett Lieut. and Ass't Provost Marshal Residence, Crittenden Co Ark Age, 42 Height, 5 feet 4 inches.
 Hair, Brown Eyes, Blue
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