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Marriage: Children:
  1. Julia Florence Lyles: Birth: 11 Dec 1856 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR. Death: 24 Dec 1918 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR

a. Note:   UNTY, TENNESSEE page 106. Have not seen this book but Dorothy Kirby Wills said that she wrote the article and will look for the source she used.
  !CENSUS-AR-CRITTENDEN-1850: Jasper Twp; p 363, line 6, fam 74
 Redenon, Reuben 33 M TN Farmer $20,000
 Redenon, George 56 M VA Farmer
 Redenon, George H 22 M KY Student
 Redenon, Susan 37 F KY
 Redenon, Emma 9 F KY
 Redenon, William 7 M AR
 *Lyles, Joseph 32 M NC Laborer
 McKece, William 22 M AL Laborer
  When this census was taken Manerva, wife of Joseph Lyles, was living with James G. and Susan (Lyles) Berry, Joseph's youngest sibling. When (before 1849) and where did Joseph and Manerva get married? No record in Obion Co., TN.
 Joseph's second marriage is recorded in Crittenden County, AR in Volume A, page 171. He and Julia were married by T. B. A. Peeler, J. P in Jackson Township.
  Crittenden Co. AR, County Court Record C, page ? January 11th AD 1849 "This day Joseph A. Lyles presented an account against the County for Bording James Stephenson a prisner and two guards, for three dollars which account was allowed and the Scrip ordered to be issued for the same,"
 Same book, page 120 April 9th 1849 "Joseph A. Lyles presented an account against the County for Keeping Robert Anderson during his last sickness for thirty dollars, which was allowed and scrip ordered to be issued for the same."
 Same book, page 154 July 12th AD 1849 "This day Joseph A. Lyles presented an account against the county for Fiften Dollars, for furnishing Room for Grand Jury at the May Term of the Circuit Court 1849, Seven Dollars and fifty cents was allowed and the Scrip ordered to be issued for the same,"
 Same book and page "This day Joseph A. Lyles presented an account against the county for Nine Dollars for use of Room and 4 beds an night candles Supper and brakfast for thirteen men, Three Dollars of which was allowed and the Scrip ordered to be issued for the same,"
  On 26 Nov 1849 Joseph A. Lyles and Minerva, his wife, sold land to Margaret McClung. (Crittenden County Deed Book E, page 97)
  Crittenden Co, AR, Chancery Record A, Apr 1842-May 1855, page 187. Nov 13th 1850 Minerva A. Lyles Complainant vs Joseph A. Lyles Defendant Bill for Divorce "Now on this Day this cause came on to be heard & it appearing to the court here that there has not been service had upon the subpoenas here to fore, Issued in this Cause
 It is therefore considered by the Court here that an alias subpena be issued in the Cause against said Defendant Returnable to the next term of this Court
 Page 234, May 12, 1852 Joseph A. Lyles Complainant vs Manerva Lyles Defendant Bill for divorce "and now on this day come the complainant in this cause and asked and obtained leave aand filed in court here the affidavit of the order of publication here in--
 Page 239, May 12, 1852 Joseph A. Lyles Complainant vs Manerva A. Lyles Defendant -- Bill of Divorce-- "Now on this day comes the complainant by his solicitor and it appearing to the Court that publication has been made according to law as to the Defendent who is a non resident of this State and it further appearing to the Court further that upon hearing the Bill read in the above En____ cause praying for a Dissolution of the bonds of matrimony existing between said Complainant and said Defendent, the causes are sustained and sufficient in law and that said Defendent failed to answer plead or Demur to complainants Bill -- It is therefore considered ordered and adjudged by the court here that the bond of Matrimony heretofore existing between the said Complainant Joseph A. Lyles and the said Defendant Manerva A. Lyles be and the same are hereby dissolved forever and that said Plaintiff Do pay all costs in this behalf expended"
 On 14 May 1855 in the town of Marion, a twenty acre tract of land (where Mary and Acy Glover lived) was offered at auction to the highest bidder in order to satisfy debts inccurred by the owner. Joseph A. Lyles bid and offered to pay...the sum of fifteen dollars, which said sum was the best, last & highest bid then and there made... (Record Book H, pages 105-106).
  Julia had three children by her previous marriages and on 16 Jul 1855, Joseph petitioned the Court asking to be appointed guardian for Albert H. Campbell and George and Serena Merriman (Probate Record C, page 182).
 On 18 Jul 1855 the Court ordered that Joseph A. Lyles be allowed to spend the sum of fifty dollars of the estate of said wards for their support and education within the next twelve months (Probate Record C, page 193).
  Joseph A. Lyles served as coroner no later than 1855 since he followed Robert Hood (who died in 1855) in office. Joseph was also a practicing Justice of the Peace from 1857-1859.
  Deed Book H, page 169 On 21 May 1856 Joseph A. & Julia Lyles presented complaint against John L. Barnard, Adm. of Estate of Geo. W. Underhill, object to obtain a title to the SE qtr Sec 29 in T 8 N of R 6 E containing 160 acres in Crittenden Co. Barnard ordered to make deed in fee simple within 60 days from 21 May 1856-also the dower interest of the widow of Underhilll-60 days has expired-decree not executed. O. P. Lyles as commissioner will covenant to defend the title-31 Oct 1856.
 Same book, page 171 Court approves O. P. Lyles report-Also the deed made to the said Joseph A. Lyles and Julia Lyles his wife (above land described).
  Crittenden Co., AR Probate Court Record C-3, page 404, October 20 1859 "In the Estate of Edward Shelfer Now on this day Joseph A. Lyles Adm of said Estate filed his 1st annual account of said Estate which was by the court continued until its next term for examination & c"
 Same book, page 488, Apr 1860 Term of Court, "ordered that O. P. Lyles Admr of the estate of Joseph A. Lyles decd do have leave to sell the personal property of said Estate & that he report of his proceedings to the next term of this court." Therefore Joseph Lyles must have died between the time he filed the above account and when O. P. Lyles received permission to sell his personal estate.
 Liles, J age 42 born SC died Sep 1859 Cause: unknown, ill 5 days, County: White (This man is exactly the right age to be Joseph, but why would he have been in White Co? Julia and Julia Florence are not in the census index for 1860.)
  Joseph may have been the first person buried in the family cemetery near the house on land which he purchased at auction on 14 May 1855.
  The following letter is being used to prove parentage and establish that Joseph A. and Oliver Perry Lyles were brothers. It was written by O. P. Lyles' daughter, Olive Blanche, on a piece of his business stationery to Julia Florence Lyles, daughter of Joseph A. Lyles.
  Oliver P. Lyles James M. Harris LYLES & HARRIS,
 Attorneys at Law, Masonic Temple, Madison Street, Down-Stairs, Will Practice in the Courts of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Memphis, Tenn., August 1st, 1883 Dear Julia
 Your letter was received some time back and I would have answered it immediately but from what you said about being in Marion the following week I hoped to see you in Memphis so did not write. I want you to come to see us as soon as you can when you were here I had not seen you for very near if not quite six years. I had heard of Aunt Julia's death before your letter came and Julia I cant find words sufficient to comfort you in this dreadful sorrow but you have not only my heartfelt sympathy but that of the entire family and may God grant that I may not have a like calamity for many many years to come. Oh! Julia I believe it would kill me to lose my Mother and I feel deeply for you. Oh! you don't know how much all the family send love from the youngest to the oldest and Mama says you must come very soon to see us What are you going to do Are you going to stay out there? have you got the children yet? an how many are there write and tell me all your plans and when you go to Marion be sure to go see Mary. write soon and a long letter to your loving cousin
 Olive B. Lyles
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