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Marriage: Children:
  1. Charles A. Combs: Birth: 20 Aug 1884 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR. Death: ABT 1885 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR

  2. Mary Lyles Combs: Birth: 2 Dec 1888 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR. Death: 16 Oct 1967 in West Memphis,Crittenden Co.,AR

Marriage: Children:
  1. Adolphus John "Adolph" White: Birth: 8 Dec 1892 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR. Death: 28 Nov 1955 in Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR

  2. Susie May White: Birth: 14 Oct 1896 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR. Death: 1 Apr 1897 in near Earle,Crittenden Co.,AR

  3. Wilma Winnie White: Birth: 2 Apr 1913 in Memphis,Shelby Co.,TN. Death: 10 Nov 1990 in Decatur,Morgan Co.,AL

a. Note:   AS, page 411, published by The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1890 in Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis. The data for the sketch must have been given by Julia Florence. The receipt of purchase is still in this book where she probably placed it. She paid $15 for it. Mr. Clarence Hood said that you had to buy a book in order to get your family written up in it.
 "...R. S. Combs was married October 23, 1883, to Mrs. Julia F. Cloar, who was born in this county October 11, 1856, the widow of Y. Y. Cloar and daughter of Joseph A. and Julia (Richards) Lyles. Mr. Lyles was born in Obion County, Tenn., and immigrated to Crittenden County, Ark., at an early day. He and his wife both died in this county, the former in 1862 and Mrs. Lyles in 1883. Mrs. Combs lives on the farm that she inherited from her father. It consists of 225 acres, with 125 in cultivation, upon which is a fine young orchard and good buildings. A part of her land is located on the Tyronza River. Mrs. Combs is the mother of one child, Mary Lyles Combs. She is an estimable lady, and is respected by all who know her. She is a sister of Albert H. Campbell, a sketch of whom appears on a previous page."
 There were two errors in this sketch. Mary Combs underlined October and wrote Dec. over her mother's birthdate. The Y. Y. Cloar was a typographical error and should have been J. J. Cloar for James Jefferson. Julia Florence may have been born on the farm bought by her father the year before her birth.
  Julia Lyles and her daughter, Julia Florence, age 3, are not on the 1860 census index of AR. Have read Crittenden Co. and they are not there. Oliver Perry and family were the only Lyles family there. Julia's husband had died the previous year, but don't believe she would have left the farm.
  Julia attended a private school in Memphis, St. Agnes Female Academy, while living with her uncle, Col. Oliver Perry Lyles. Excerpt from the HISTORY OF THE CITY OF MEMPHIS AND SHELBY COUNTY TENNESSEE, by J. M. Keating, Volume I, 1888, pages 152-153 reads: "The oldest private school in existence in Memphis is the the St. Agnes Female Academy. It was established in 1851 by Father T. L. Grace, and in 1852 incorporated and placed under the control of six Dominican Sisters, who had come from St. Catharine, Ky....There are now about one hundred students in attendance, varying in age from six to nineteen years. Most of pupils come from Memphis and the immediate vicinity, but all the adjoining States of Tennessee are represented." Julia Florence is included in the following census with her uncle.
  !CENSUS-TN-SHELBY-1870: Sixth Ward, Memphis; p 191, line 22, fam 84
 Lyles, Oliver 40 M AR Attorney $75,000/000
 Lyles, Jane 40 F MS Housekeeping
 Lyles, Lizzie 21 F AR
 Lyles, Willie 19 M AR
 Lyles, Charles 14 M AR
 Lyles, Julia 13 F AR (she was his neice)
 Lyles, Mary 11 F AR
 Lyles, Olive 9 F AR
 Lyles, George 3 M AR
 Holland, Mary 19 F Sweden
  The marriage J. J. Cloar of Crittenden County, age 23 and Miss Julia F. Lyles of same, age 22 was recorded in Marriage Record F, April 3, 1879 - Jan. 1883, page 32. The marriage to R. S. Combs of Tyronza Twp., age 29, and Miss Julia F. Cloar of same, age 26, is recorded in Marriage Record G, page 82. They were married by W. R. Foster, V. D. M. Security was Jas. T. Barton. The marriage to A. J. White of Earle, age 30, and Mrs. Julia F. Combs of Earle, age 31, was recorded in Marriage Record I, page 329. Marriage performed by Elder James W. Rogers.
  !CENSUS-AR-CRITTENDEN-1880: Tyronza Twp, Family 31
 Lyles, Julia 60 F head NC NC NC At home
 Camell, A. H. 26 M Son AR NY NC Works on farm
 Cloar, J. F. 23 F Dau AR TN NC Boarder
 Combs, R. S. 26 M Boarder VA VA VA Steve maker (unemp 6 mos)
 Mariman, O. P. 3 M Gr son AR AR AR
  The following is found in Administrations, Bonds, Oaths & Letters 1851-1889 page 290: "Julia F. Cloar here applying for letters of administration on the estate of James J. Cloar...departed this life in Crittenden Co on or about the 25th day of September 1879...James J. Cloar died without making any will...the value of the estate is about Five Hundred Dollars...that the names and residence of the heirs of deceased, is as follow, viz: are an unborn child with which she as the widow of the said James J. Cloar Deceased is enciente at this time."
 Done before me this 13th day of October 1879 R. B. Barton, Probate Judge. Securities were C. L. Lyles, John F. Cloar and G. R. Badgett.
  In a letter dated 1 February 1973, Sue Dixon Illing, a Cloar descendant, wrote "Mother said she knew her father had a brother Jim Cloar who married Julia White, a school teacher." Julia taught at Gibson Bayou which was used as a church and as a school for the children.
  !CENSUS-AR-CRITTENDEN-1900: Tyronza Twp, Earle, ED119, house 37, page 131B
 White, A. J. head WM May 1862 38 LA/Germany/Germany Farmer mar 8 yrs
 White, Julia F. wife WF Dec 1856 43 AR/TN/NC mother of 7, 2 living
 Combs, Mary stepdau WF Dec 1888 11 AR/VA/AR
 White, A. J. Jr. son WM Dec 1892 7 AR/LA/AR
 Marriman, Kate neice WF Oct 1889 10 AR/AR/AR
  !CENSUS-AR-CRITTENDEN-1910: Tyronza Twp, ED 40, page 219, 5/5, image 33
 White, Adolph J. head 48 LA LA LA mar 18 yrs, farmer, owns farm free of debt, whole family can read & write
 White, Julia F. wife 52 AR NC NC 7 children, 2 living
 Combs, Mary stepdau 21 AR VA AR single
 White, Adolph J. Jr. son 17 AR LA AR no occupation, att. school
 Cartwright, George boarder 17 AR TN AR farm laborer, can read & write, no school
  Wilma White Cloar said that in 1918 when they had the big snow, Julia was bringing in a load of wood and slipped on the ice and snow and fell.
  Administrators, Bonds, Applications & Letters E July 1899-Dec 1919 page 280: Letters of Administration issued to A. J. White on Julia F. White who died 24 Dec. 1918. Value of estate est. $1000. Heirs: A. J. White, husband, Mary L. Glover, daughter, Adolph White, son. Securities were L. J. Machen and J. H. Matthews. Done 13 Jan 1919.
  My grandmother, Mary Lyles Combs Glover, told me about her mother's death as did my aunt, Wilma White Cloar (see below). Julia died from typhoid fever and flu on Christmas Eve in the 1918 flu epidemic. Wilma was in bed with her until Cousin Sarah and Rhoda Richards (Ernest's sister) came to the house and got her out. Her son Adolph sat at the foot of the bed and leaned his head over on it. She was buried on Christmas Day in the family graveyard near the house.
  REMINISCENCES by Wilma White Cloar on 14 Dec 1987: "I was sick in bed with Mama [Julia Florence]. Cousin Sara and Rhoda Richards [Ernest's sister] came up there [to the old house]. Cousin Sara took one look and said `Get that child out of that bed.'... She was dying when they got there.
 "I remember one time she took me out back of the barn and gave me a good whipping. I don't remember what for."
 (Pat: Who was living with you?) "Sister [Mary Glover], Acy---don't know if Adolph was there or not.
 While we were still sick---that's when Dr. Hicks drew a picture of a man's head on the blackboard [the blackboard was a Christmas present]. That was when Aunt Jennie, a tall black woman who lived up at George Berry's place, plaited my hair down the front. She scared me to death. I didn't say anything, but walked in and stood by Sister's bed. She was still sick, all had flu but Daddy, and she just laughed at my hair. We had a nurse part of the time we were sick. She came from Memphis, I guess.
 When I started to school, on my first birthday, Daddy brought some cold drink and cookies and we had a party in the room."
 (What are your first memories of Sister, my grandmother?) "The dog in the picture--[Wilma crying with Mary] was named Buster. He was Sister's dog. Mr. Hightshoe, the barber in Earle, introduced Daddy and Aunt Sis. I don't know how he knew them. He took Daddy to Memphis. Tootsie was born in March [she doesn't remember where] then Daddy married Aunt Sis in May."
  The following are two obituaries that were cut out of newspapers, but the names of the papers and dates are missing.
 "Mrs. Julia White Dies Mrs. Julia White, wife of A. J. White, passed away at her home two miles north-west of Earle Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, after a brief but severe illness. She was 62 years of age. She was well known having lived here all her life, and on the same plantation owned by her father and mother.
 She leaves besides the husband, two children; Mary L. Glover and Adolph White, both living on the same place; two grandchildren, and other relatives and many friends.
 The funeral services were conducted from the family residence Wednesday afternoon by Rev. Jefferson Sherman, pastor Methodist church.
 Sympathies are extended to the bereaved family." "IN MEMORIAM Impelled by the many years of undisturbed friendship, I dedicate these few lines to the memory of my worthy friend,
 MRS. A. J. WHITE, whose death occured at her home two miles north-west of Earle, on the eve of Dec., 24, 1918, her age being sixty-two years. The greater part of which time she was a devoted member of the Methodist church, the precepts of which she accepted as her guide through life. The writer personally knew her for 47 years, having met her when she was yet in the simplicity of her girlhood her prudence and modesty attracting around her quite a number of admiring friends of both old and young. I knew her during the toilsome life of motherhood, and I am frank to say I can concieve of no other more worthy to bear than her the soul inspiring name "mother," for this she was, not only to her own dear children but others less fortunate.
 She possessed her full share of charity, which she did not dispense alone to her own family, but contributed it freely to others in need.
 She was kind and attentive to the sick and suffering, not forgetful of their crying wants.
 With her neighbors her life was harmonial not allowing an act or a word to produce discord or friction. As to popularity and publicity she never sought it, but chose the quietude of home where she could be more genial to her family and have the opportunity of producing sunshine and happiness.
 Now that she has left us, she does not only leave a kind and loving husband, daughter and son, sad and disconsolate, but also two little orphan girls, who were daily receiving from her a mother's love. A memory of her kindness to them will grow brighter as the years go by.
 This is but an imperfect pen picture of the life of this noble Christian mother, whose lifeless body now lies silent and cold beneath the little mound of earth that will be kissed by the golden rays of the morning sun, and the flowers that decorate it often watered by tears from weeping eyes.
 To the sorrowing family I extend the prayerful sympathies of myself and entire family. J. C. THROGMORTON"
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