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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Palliser: Birth: 1860 in Victoria, Australia.

  2. Anna Palliser: Birth: 1862 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

  3. William John Palliser: Birth: 1864 in Victoria, Australia. Death: 1932 in South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

  4. George Robert Palliser: Birth: 1866 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

  5. Edith Mary Palliser: Birth: 1868 in Loddon, Victoria, Australia.

  6. Hilda Margaret Palliser: Birth: 1870 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

  7. Christabel Helen Palliser: Birth: 1872 in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

  8. Ellen Esther Palliser: Birth: 1874 in Loddon, Victoria, Australia.

  9. Lucy May Palliser: Birth: 1875 in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia.

  10. Clara Irene Palliser: Birth: 1877 in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia.

  11. Geoffrey Beaumont Dixie Palliser: Birth: 1882 in Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia. Death: 1939 in Victoria, Australia

1. Page:   1334/1925
2. Page:   103/1859
3. Title:   Victoria Pioneers index 1837-1888 Index to births, deaths and marriages in Victoria
 Correspondent Louise Staley
Author:   Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria
Publication:   Melbourne : Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, Victoria, 1992

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