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1. Page:   Tree #0188
2. Title:   WFT European Origins Vol. E1, Ed. 1
Page:   Tree #0188
Author:   Br�derbund Software, Inc.
Publication:   Release date: September 15, 1997

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  [Br�derbund WFT European Origins Vol. E1, Ed. 1, Tree #0188, Date of Import: Feb 5, 1999]
  !Birth: Estimated from baptismal record.
 !Baptism: Bulmer Yks Eng Parish Registers.
 !Marriage: Estimated from baptismal date of daughter Nancy.
  The only record of Matthew at Bulmer, subsequent to his baptism, was an entry
 for the Baptism of Nancy (possibly Nanny), daughter of Matthew Coates and
 Frances, 6 Mar 1803. After that, like all of his brothers, he completely
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