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1. Title:   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, International Genealogical Index (R) (Copyright (c) 1980, 2002, data as of February 8, 2004).
2. Title:   Robert A. Hodge and Lois L. Hodge (Xenia, Greene, Ohio)

a. Note:   <b>Rennelche Woodhull Smith Found 10 Records, 1 Photo and 38,498,310 Family Trees
  </b>Born in <b>Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York, USA</b> on <b>27 Sep 1811</b> to Woodhull Smith and Sarah Rogers. Rennelche Woodhull married Robert Cumming Schenck and had 3 children. She passed away on <b>5 Nov 1849</b> in <b>Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA</b>.
 <b>Family Members
 <b>Woodhull Smith
 <b>Sarah Rogers
 <b>Robert Cumming Schenck
 <b>Mary Smith
 <b>Elizabeth Rogers
 <b>Julia Crane
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