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Adriaen CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 20 JUN 1742 in Brugge,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Adrianus CHRISTIAENS: Death: 1773 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Amelia CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 15 SEP 1819 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,. Death: 13 APR 1837 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Amelia CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 10 JUN 1842 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Bernardus CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 1 JUL 1804 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Bernardus CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 7 AUG 1834 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Bernardus CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 6 JUN 1824 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Carel Louis CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 24 AUG 1840 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Catharina CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 15 JUL 1739 in Brugge,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Emma CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 19 APR 1865 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,. Death: 10 DEC 1938 in Rupert,,Minidoka,Idaho,USA,
Francisca CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 12 OCT 1799 in Ruddervoorde (Oostkamp),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Franciscus CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 23 MAR 1828 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Infant CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 15 NOV 1839 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Isabella CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 21 JAN 1793 in Waardamme (Oostkamp),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,. Death: 1 JUL 1804 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Isabella CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 1778.
Jacques Antoine (Antonius Jacobus) CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 30 JAN 1745 in Brugge,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,. Death: 4 FEB 1827 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Jean Baptiste CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 10 NOV 1821 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Jean CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 9 NOV 1747 in Brugge,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Joannes CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 5 APR 1824 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,. Death: 23 APR 1907 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Joannes CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 6 SEP 1795 in Waardamme (Oostkamp),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Joseph CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 2 DEC 1790 in Waardamme (Oostkamp),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Josephus CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 26 MAR 1796 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Juliana CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 17 DEC 1863 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Maria CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 3 DEC 1788 in Waardamme (Oostkamp),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Maria CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 13 APR 1737 in Brugge,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Petrus (Pieter) CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 10 APR 1830 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,. Death: 3 MAR 1903 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Regina CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 26 MAY 1816 in Waardamme (Oostkamp),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Rosalia CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 11 APR 1832 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Sophia CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 27 JUN 1828 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Sophie CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 19 MAR 1826 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Th r se Julienne CHRISTIAENS: Birth: 30 SEP 1750 in Brugge,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
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Jeanne CH TILLON (de): Death: 1291
Charles CH TILLON BLOIS (de): Birth: 1319 in Blois,,,,41,. Death: 15 OCT 1364 in Auray,,,,56,
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Mahaut CH TILLON SAINT-POL (de): Death: ABT 1358 in Paris,,,,75,
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Anne Marie Cl mentine CIROUX: Birth: 20 MAY 1823 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Antoine Joseph CIROUX: Birth: 3 JUN 1849 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Antoinette Octavie CIROUX: Birth: 1 JUN 1827 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,. Death: 28 MAR 1829 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,
Auguste Pierre Antoine CIROUX: Birth: 8 MAR 1879 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Charles Joseph CIROUX: Birth: 16 SEP 1788 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Emile Joseph CIROUX: Birth: 10 APR 1856 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Eulalie CIROUX: Birth: 20 APR 1864 in Tourinnes-la-Grosse,,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
F lix Joseph CIROUX: Birth: 27 NOV 1824 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Gustave Ghislain CIROUX: Birth: 22 DEC 1821 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,. Death: 11 APR 1822 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,
Jean Baptiste Joseph CIROUX: Birth: 16 APR 1876 in Dongelberg (Jodoigne),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Jean Baptiste CIROUX: Birth: 12 NOV 1830 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Louis Joseph CIROUX: Birth: SEP 1862 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Marie Antoinette CIROUX: Birth: 24 JAN 1858 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Marie Constance CIROUX: Birth: 30 DEC 1784 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Marie Louise CIROUX: Birth: 13 JAN 1860 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
Marie Th r se Ghislaine CIROUX: Birth: 26 OCT 1899 in Dongelberg (Jodoigne),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
V ronique Jos phe CIROUX: Birth: 30 DEC 1828 in Roux-Miroir (Incourt),,,Brabant wallon,Belgique,.
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Antonius Adrianus Maria CLAASSENS: Birth: 1899 in Tilburg,,,Brabant (Midden-Brabant),Nederland,.
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Joanna CLAEIJS: Birth: 1667. Death: 30 JAN 1746 in Lovendegem,,,Oost Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
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Leonia CLAERHOUDT: Birth: 21 AUG 1858 in Zedelgem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
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Ambrosius CLAEYS: Birth: 15 MAY 1805 in Oedelem (Beernem),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Anna Catharina CLAEYS: Birth: ABT 1765.
Anne Therese CLAEYS: Birth: 3 AUG 1850 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Antoine CLAEYS: Death: 1757 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Christophorus CLAEYS: Birth: 1600. Death: 26 MAY 1667 in Zomergem,,,Oost Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Desiderius CLAEYS: Birth: 26 NOV 1848 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Elisa Celestina CLAEYS: Birth: 13 MAR 1889 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Elisa Maria CLAEYS: Birth: 17 JUL 1901 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Elisa Marie CLAEYS: Birth: 11 FEB 1876 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Elisa Marie CLAEYS: Birth: 1 FEB 1885 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Engelbertus CLAEYS: Birth: 28 NOV 1874 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Eugenia CLAEYS: Death: 22 DEC 1875 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Francisca CLAEYS: Birth: 28 MAY 1829 in Zedelgem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,. Death: 6 MAY 1910 in Zedelgem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Fran ois CLAEYS: Death: 6 DEC 1810
Hector Josef CLAEYS: Birth: 28 MAR 1880 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Hector CLAEYS: Birth: 12 APR 1873 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Jacoba CLAEYS: Birth: 10 JUN 1626 in Zomergem,,,Oost Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Jean CLAEYS: Death: 19 SEP 1808 in Oedelem (Beernem),,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,
Joannes Franciscus CLAEYS: Birth: 10 FEB 1739 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Joannes CLAEYS: Birth: 12 DEC 1846 in Beernem,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
Josephus Carolus CLAEYS: Birth: 4 FEB 1742 in Oostkamp,,,West Vlaanderen,Belgi�,.
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