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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Montgomery Doyle: Birth: 22 Nov 1854 in Montgomery Co, VA.

  2. James E. Doyle: Birth: 10 Jul 1856 in Montgomery Co, VA.

  3. Margaret C. Doyle: Birth: 19 Dec 1857 in Montgomery Co, VA.

  4. John J. Doyle: Birth: CAL 1860 in Montgomery Co, VA.

  5. Emma J. Doyle: Birth: CAL 1862 in Mercer Co, WV.

  6. Mollie or Mary A. Doyle: Birth: CAL 1864 in Mercer Co, WV.

  7. Elizabeth or Ellie Doyle: Birth: CAL 1866 in Mercer Co, WV.

  8. Martha E. Doyle: Birth: CAL 1868 in Mercer Co, WV.

  9. Charles Thomas Doyle: Birth: CAL 1869 in Mercer Co, WV.

  10. Rosa Angeline Doyle: Birth: 5 Dec 1873 in Mercer Co, WV.

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