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John(Sir) Mallory: Birth: WFT Est. 1433-1456 in abt 1425. Death: WFT Est. 1458-1537
Margaret Mallory: Birth: ABT. 1397.
Martha Katherine Mallory: Birth: 1607 in Davenham, Chester, England. Death: 9 FEB 1643/44 in Bristol Parish, Yorkshire, England
Thomas(II) Mallory: Birth: 1566 in Studely, Yorkshire, England. Death: 3 APR 1644 in Chester, ENG
William Mallory: Birth: 1530 in ENG. Death: 21 MAR 1602/03 in Ripon, ENG
William Mallory: Birth: WFT Est. 1398-1418 in abt 1400. Death: WFT Est. 1433-1504
William Mallory: Birth: WFT Est. 1357-1393 in abt 1375 Shawbury, Salop, Eng. Death: WFT Est. 1398-1475
William(Sir) Mallory: Birth: WFT Est. 1489-1515 in ENG. Death: 27 APR 1547
William(Sir) Mallory: Birth: WFT Est. 1422-1451 in ENG abt 1450. Death: 2 JUL 1498 in ENG
William(Sir) Mallory: Birth: WFT Est. 1318-1366 in abt 1350. Death: WFT Est. 1357-1445
William(Sir) Mallory: Birth: WFT Est. 1280-1338 in abt 1325. Death: WFT Est. 1318-1416
Maloucha: Birth: ABT. 927. Death: WFT Est. 959-1021
Maloucha: Birth: WFT Est. 890-947. Death: WFT Est. 932-1027
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Person Not Viewable
I Manasser: Birth: ABT. 860. Death: 31 OCT 920
Count De Chalons Manasses: Birth: BEF. 910 in FRANCE. Death: WFT Est. 931-1001
Sibilla Manasses: Birth: ABT. 1010. Death: WFT Est. 1042-1104
Ebles Mancer: Birth: WFT Est. 866-891. Death: 932
Ebles Mancer: Birth: WFT Est. 874-891. Death: 932
Mandana: Birth: ABT. 695. Death: WFT Est. 727-789
BeatriceDe Manderville: Birth: BEF. 1057. Death: 19 APR 1147 in (>90 yrs. old)
AliceDe Mandeville: Birth: ABT. 1136 in RYCOTT, OXFORD, ENG. Death: WFT Est. 1181-1231
GeoffreyDe Mandeville: Birth: WFT Est. 1100-1131. Death: SEP 1144 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, ENG
GeoffreyDe Mandeville: Birth: ABT. 1106 in OF RYCOTT, OXFORD, ENG. Death: 14 SEP 1144 in MILDENHALL, SUFFOLK, ENG
GeoffreyDe Mandeville: Birth: ABT. 1036 in OF RYCOTT, OXFORD, ENG. Death: WFT Est. 1068-1127
MaudDe Mandeville: Birth: WFT Est. 1109-1145. Death: WFT Est. 1133-1233
MaudDe Mandeville: Birth: ABT. 1132. Death: WFT Est. 1164-1226
WilliamDe Mandeville: Birth: ABT. 1062 in RYCOTT, OXFORD, ENG. Death: ABT. 1130
Udalrico Manfredo: Birth: WFT Est. 964-993. Death: WFT Est. 1018-1078
Count Of Saluzzo Manfredo(III): Birth: WFT Est. 1166-1217. Death: 1244
JoanDe Manleigh: Birth: ABT. 1415 in of Eaton, Cheshire, England. Death: BEF. 1476
JohnDe Manleigh: Birth: ABT. 1385. Death: WFT Est. 1418-1476
Athelstan Mannesson: Birth: ABT. 920. Death: WFT Est. 953-1011
Umberto I "Bianca Mano": Birth: WFT Est. 969-998. Death: WFT Est. 1023-1083
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Donald Mar: Birth: ABT. 1243 in Of, Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Death: AFT. 25 JUL 1297
Isabell\Matilda Mar: Birth: ABT. 1278 in Castle Kildrummy, Aberdeen, Scotland. Death: ABT. 1320 in Castle Kildrummy, Aberdeen, Scotland
Rosalina?(Carolina?) "Lina" Marble: Birth: ABT. 1857 in Wisconsin.
Person Not Viewable
Ap Kenwrik Marchan: Birth: ABT. 930. Death: WFT Est. 963-1021
AdelmodDeLa Marche: Birth: WFT Est. 1033-1047. Death: WFT Est. 1053-1135
AdemodeDeLa Marche: Birth: ABT. 1070 in La Marche, Poitou, France. Death: 1116
Alberic(III)DeLa Marche: Birth: ABT. 1040. Death: 1086
Almodis De La Haute Marche: Birth: ABT. 1022. Death: 17 NOV 1075
Eulalia\Ulalia Marche: Birth: ABT. 1600 in Sherford, Devon, Eng. Death: 29 AUG 1690 in Prob. Springfield, Hampden, MA
John Marche: Birth: 1525 in Sherford, Devon, Eng.
Richard Marche: Birth: 1566 in Sherford, Devon, Eng. Death: 24 APR 1612 in Sherford, Devon, Eng
William Marche: Birth: 1540. Death: ABT. 1613
Ferch Tewdrig Marchell: Birth: ABT. 707. Death: WFT Est. 739-801
Duke of the East Franks Marcomir: Birth: ABT. 347 in Germany. Death: 404
King Marcomir: Death: 404
King of the Franks Marcomir(IV): Birth: ABT. 109. Death: 149
Person Not Viewable
Ap Tewdos Maredudd: Birth: ABT. 730. Death: WFT Est. 799-825
Prince Of Wales Maredydd Ap Owai: Birth: ABT. 952. Death: WFT Est. 985-1043
Angharad Verch Maredydd: Birth: ABT. 982 in OF RHUDDLAN, FLINTSHIRE, WALES. Death: WFT Est. 1027-1077
Ap Bleddyn Maredydd: Birth: ABT. 1047 in of, Montgomery, Wales. Death: WFT Est. 1093-1139
Ap Owain Maredydd: Birth: ABT. 938 in LLANDILO, CARMARTHAN, Wales. Death: WFT Est. 984-1030
Marered: Birth: WFT Est. 1120-1154. Death: WFT Est. 1145-1235
GeoffreyLe Mareschal: Birth: ABT. 1056 in of VENOIX, NORMANDY, FRANCE. Death: WFT Est. 1099-1148
GilbertLe Mareschal: Birth: ABT. 1096 in of, NORMANDY, FRANCE. Death: WFT Est. 1127-1187
GilbertLe Mareschal: Birth: WFT Est. 1055-1098. Death: ABT. 1130
John Mareschal: Birth: WFT Est. 1095-1124. Death: 1164
Baldwin(I)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1080 in Marets, Cambray, France. Death: WFT Est. 1118-1167 in IN First Crusade
Baldwin(II)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1113 in Marets, Cambray, France. Death: 1145 in Palestine, in the Crusades
Baldwin(III)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1144 in Palestine, Or Cambray, France. Death: WFT Est. 1190-1236 in Cambresis, France
Baldwin(IV)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1184 in Cambray, France Or, Palestine. Death: 1239 in Battle Of Ascalon, Palestine
Baldwin(V)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1216 in Marets, Cambray, France. Death: AFT. 31 JUL 1287
Baldwin(VI)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1276 in Herault, Cambray, France. Death: 1331
Baldwin(VII)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1315 in Of Cambray, France. Death: WFT Est. 1348-1406
Baldwin(VIII)Des Marets: Birth: WFT Est. 1326-1371. Death: 1395 in Cambray, France
FrancoisDes Marets: Birth: ABT. 1555 in Cambray, France or Norwich, Norfolk, England. Death: WFT Est. 1608-1647 in London, England
HugoDes Marets: Birth: ABT. 1380. Death: ABT. 1429
Jacques(Jr)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1519 in Cambray, France. Death: 1604 in Norwich, Norfolk, England
Jacques(Sr)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1480 in Cambray, France. Death: WFT Est. 1522-1571
JeanDes Marets: Birth: 1592 in Norwich, England. Death: WFT Est. 1624-1683
JeanDes Marets: Birth: ABT. 1450. Death: WFT Est. 1522-1582
Reginald(Esq.)Des Marets: Birth: ABT. 1415. Death: WFT Est. 1468-1517
WilliamDes Marets: Birth: 1244 in Merets, , Cambray, France, (Walincourt). Death: WFT Est. 1281-1335
Margaret: Birth: WFT Est. 1499-1521. Death: WFT Est. 1542-1609
Margaret: Birth: ABT. 1295 in of Hartland, Devonshire, England. Death: 28 NOV 1361
Margaret: Birth: ABT. 1635.
Margaret: Birth: ABT. 1266 in Hamstall, Stafford, England. Death: WFT Est. 1294-1360
Margaret: Birth: WFT Est. 1220-1271. Death: WFT Est. 1255-1353
Margaret: Birth: 1355. Death: AFT. 1393
Countess Of Buchan Margaret: Birth: BEF. 1185 in Of, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Death: BEF. 1244
Ferch Madog Margaret: Birth: ABT. 1129 in of OVERTON-MADOC, FLNTSH, Wales. Death: WFT Est. 1161-1223
Maid of Norway Margaret: Birth: 1283.
Of Geneva Margaret: Birth: ABT. 1180. Death: 8 APR 1257 in Pierre Chatel, Hautecombe, France
Princess Of England Margaret: Birth: ABT. 1046 in , , Hungary. Death: 16 NOV 1093 in Edinburgh Castle, Midlothian, Scotland
Queen Of Scotland Margaret: Birth: ABT. 1043 in WESSEX, ENG. Death: 16 NOV 1093 in EDINBURGH CASTLE, MID-LOTHIAN, SCTL
Verch Madog Margaret: Birth: WFT Est. 1131-1154. Death: WFT Est. 1176-1242
Person Not Viewable
of Denmark Margarethe: Birth: 23 JUN 1456 in Kobenhaven, Kobenhaven, Denmark. Death: 14 JUL 1486 in , , Sterling, Scotland
Marguerite: Birth: WFT Est. 1079-1116. Death: 25 MAY 1141
Margurita: Birth: WFT Est. 1031-1084. Death: WFT Est. 1064-1162
Princess of Guelders Maria\Mary: Birth: ABT. 1432 in Grave, Noord Brabant, Netherlands. Death: 16 NOV 1463 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Countess of Carrick Marjorie: Birth: ABT. 1252 in Carrick, Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Death: 27 OCT 1292
Princess Of Scotland Marjory: Birth: 1152 in , , England. Death: ABT. 1213

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