Descendant Register, Generation No. 1

Agnes Warden McAuley (Robert John /McAuley/) was born 8 APR 1882 in Govanhill, Hutchesontown, Lanarck, Scotland, and died 31 OCT 1964 in Saco, York, Maine, USA. She married Peter McAreevey Riddell on 21 AUG 1912 in Saco, Maine, USA. He was born 17 FEB 1888 in Bridgeton, Glasgow, Lanarck, Scotland, and died 22 JAN 1929 in Saco, York, Maine, USA.

Children of Agnes Warden /McAuley/ and Peter McAreevey /Riddell/ are:
  1. Person Not Viewable .

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Descendant Register, Generation No. 2

Person Not Viewable . He/She married Joseph Arthur George Miner. He was born 2 JUN 1918 in Griswold (Jewett City), Connecticut, USA, and died 13 JUL 1974 in Reno, Nevada, USA. He/She married Henry Simpson. He was born 18 OCT 1898 in Saco, York, Maine, USA, and died 23 JUN 1970 in Saco, York, Maine, USA.

Children of Person Not Viewable and Joseph Arthur George /Miner/ are:
  1. Person Not Viewable .

Descendant Register, Generation No. 3

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