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Marriage: Children:
  1. William T. Kealy: Birth: Dec 1867 in near Center Grove, Clinton Co., Iowa. Death: 14 Jan 1913 in Jackson Twp,Crawford Co.,Iowa

  2. Mary ``Minnie'' Kealy: Birth: 19 Sep 1869 in Clinton Co.,Iowa. Death: 18 Dec 1948 in Iowa

Marriage: Children:
  1. Lewis James ``Lew'' Kerrigan: Birth: Oct 1876 in Iowa. Death: 17 Jan 1933 in Jackson Twp,Crawford Co.,Iowa

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3. Title:   Clinton Co., IA Marriage Book 2
Text:   Lawler Family Records kept by Mel Foley, sent to D. Nicklaus June 1996. Viewed by Lyman Morrison, August, 1995. Also see index of this on the www in 2003 at:
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7. Title:   1920 Federal Census, Crawford Co., Iowa How the Lawlers Came to America Obituary of Fenton Lawler undefined
Text:   James is living along, divorced in the 1910 census of Jackson Co., p. 3B undefined This is about 10 typed pages, author unknown. It appears to have been typed up in about 1944 (give or take several years). I get that 1944 date because the last section lists descendents, and appears to cut off somewhere around 1944. I got a copy from Robert Sheehy of San Diego in 2002, a descendent of the Lawler Kealy family. undefined Lawler Family Records kept by Mel Foley, sent to D. Nicklaus June 1996.
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