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Fanny WILLIAMS: Birth: Sep 1891 in Ohio, Kentucky, USA.
Frederick WILLIAMS: Birth: 13 Feb 1764 in Orangeburg, Orangeburg, South Carolina Colony. Death: 18 Nov 1831 in McMinn, Tennessee, United States
Garner Eliza WILLIAMS: Birth: 1859 in Kentucky.
George WILLIAMS: Birth: 28 Mar 1732 in North Farnham Parish, Virginia, United States. Death: 31 Dec 1790 in Warrenton, Fauquier, Virginia, United States
Glover WILLIAMS: Birth: 3 Nov 1761 in , , Virginia.
Grace WILLIAMS: Birth: 1611 in Llanbedr; p 194. Death: 8 Nov 1679
Green WILLIAMS: Birth: 1790. Death: 1840 in Franklin Co Ill, Illinois, United States
Griffith WILLIAMS: Birth: in Cochwillan, Caernarvonshire, Wales. Death: 1475
Henry Huckey WILLIAMS: Birth: 12 Dec 1740 in North Farnam, Richmond, Virginia, United States. Death: 3 Mar 1819 in Warren, Georgia, USA
Henry WILLIAMS: Birth: 1802.
Henry WILLIAMS: Birth: 1702 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia Colony. Death: 1745 in Richmond, Virginia Colony
Irwin Evan WILLIAMS: Birth: 22 Dec 1818 in Ohio County, Kentucky, USA. Death: 2 Jan 1907 in , Ohio, Kentucky
Isaac WILLIAMS: Birth: 18 Aug 1800 in Central City, Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 5 Sep 1873 in Pittsfield, Pike, Illinois, United States
Ivy WILLIAMS: Birth: Abt 1902 in Kentucky.
James B WILLIAMS: Birth: Abt 1817 in Tennessee.
James B. WILLIAMS: Birth: Abt 1780 in Franklin County, North Carolina. Death: Aft 1850 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky
James B. WILLIAMS: Birth: 7 Mar 1818 in Kentucky. Death: 27 Oct 1885 in Ohio, Kentucky, USA
James Delza WILLIAMS: Birth: Feb 1892 in Kentucky. Death: 9 May 1984 in Grayson, Kentucky, United States
James Grigsby WILLIAMS: Birth: 1826 in White, Illinois.
James L. WILLIAMS: Birth: Sep 1872 in Kentucky.
James Mansfield WILLIAMS: Birth: 24 Jul 1846. Death: 20 Mar 1903
James Mastin WILLIAMS: Birth: 22 Sep 1765 in Pittsylvania, Virginia. Death: 12 Jan 1838 in Pittsylvania, Virginia
James Mcclellam WILLIAMS: Birth: 10 Feb 1909. Death: 21 Mar 1991 in Owensboro, Daviess, Kentucky
James W. WILLIAMS: Birth: 2 Feb 1805 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 21 Jun 1875 in , Ohio, Kentucky
James William E. WILLIAMS: Birth: 13 Oct 1874. Death: 24 Mar 1878
James WILLIAMS: Birth: Apr 1821 in Kentucky.
Jamima Ann WILLIAMS: Birth: 12 Jun 1819 in Alabama. Death: Dec 1881
Jane WILLIAMS: Birth: 15 Aug 1708 in St Gluvias, Cornwall, England.
Jedidah WILLIAMS: Birth: 25 Jan 1753 in , , Virginia. Death: 18 Aug 1821 in , , Tennessee
John M. WILLIAMS: Birth: 1846 in Kentucky.
John N WILLIAMS: Birth: 1833 in Kentucky.
John W. WILLIAMS: Birth: Abt 1827 in Kentucky.
John WILLIAMS: Birth: 1796. Death: 2 Sep 1850 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States
John WILLIAMS: Birth: 1811. Death: in White, Illinois
John WILLIAMS: Birth: 1645 in Cornwall, England.
John WILLIAMS: Birth: 29 Jun 1675 in St. Gluvias, Cornwallshire, England.
John WILLIAMS: Birth: 24 Jun 1702 in St Gluvias, Cornwall, England. Death: 1770 in Virginia Colony
John WILLIAMS: Birth: 17 Jun 1770 in Virginia. Death: Aft 1850 in Overton, Tennessee
John WILLIAMS: Birth: 9 Dec 1729 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia Colony.
Joseph Terry WILLIAMS: Birth: 16 Aug 1756 in Pittsylvania nee, Halifax, Virginia. Death: 1 Jan 1834 in Brownsville, Jackson, Illinois
Julia Frances WILLIAMS: Birth: 1827 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: Aft 1885 in Stonewall Co, TX
Larkin WILLIAMS: Birth: 15 Oct 1843 in , Ohio, Kentucky. Death: 15 Apr 1912 in , Ohio, Kentucky
Levi WILLIAMS: Birth: 29 Sep 1829 in Kentucky. Death: 2 Apr 1880 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky
Lewis WILLIAMS: Birth: 1759.
Lilly M. WILLIAMS: Birth: Feb 1898 in Cromwell, Ohio, Kentucky, USA.
Lindsey WILLIAMS: Death: Aft 18 Jul 1959
Lovelace Obannon WILLIAMS: Birth: Jan 1866 in Ohio, Kentucky, USA. Death: 24 Feb 1920 in Christian, Kentucky, USA
Luke WILLIAMS: Birth: 22 Nov 1738 in Halifax, Halifax, Virginia Colony. Death: 1790 in Brunswick, Virginia, United States
Maacha WILLIAMS: Birth: 8 Oct 1748 in , , Virginia. Death: Aug 1814
Malachy WILLIAMS: Birth: 10 Jun 1710 in St Merryn, Cornwall, England. Death: 21 Oct 1712 in Germoe, Cornwall, England
Malinda WILLIAMS: Birth: 1818 in Kentucky. Death: 7 Sep 1851 in Kentucky
Malinda WILLIAMS: Birth: 1826 in Kentucky.
Margaret "Maggie" WILLIAMS: Birth: 22 May 1889 in , Ohio, Kentucky. Death: 13 Nov 1973 in Central City, Muhlenberg, Kentucky
Margaret "Maggie" M. WILLIAMS: Birth: Oct 1860 in Ohio Co, Kentucky.
Marion Clayton WILLIAMS: Birth: 21 May 1929 in Seree, Kentucky, USA. Death: 8 Mar 1998 in Orlando, Florida, USA
Marion J WILLIAMS: Birth: 1850 in Kentucky, United States.
Marlyn J. WILLIAMS: Birth: 27 Jan 1934. Death: 21 Apr 1974
Martha A. WILLIAMS: Birth: Feb 1831 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States. Death: 18 Jan 1909 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States
Mary Albina WILLIAMS: Birth: 22 Aug 1886 in Ohio, Kentucky, USA. Death: 14 Oct 1951
Mary S. WILLIAMS: Birth: Abt 1878 in Kentucky.
Mathilda WILLIAMS: Birth: 1808.
Matilda Alice WILLIAMS: Birth: 1856 in Kentucky.
Matilda WILLIAMS: Birth: 1804 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States. Death: 20 Oct 1884 in White, Illinois
Minnie R. WILLIAMS: Birth: Nov 1894 in Cromwell, Ohio, Kentucky, USA.
Mumford WILLIAMS: Birth: 1798 in Virginia. Death: 20 Apr 1863 in Murphysboro, Jackson, Illinois, United States
Nancy Jane WILLIAMS: Birth: 15 Apr 1828 in Kentucky, United States. Death: Nov 1860 in Jackson, Kentucky, United States
Nancy WILLIAMS: Birth: 1797 in Hampshire, Virginia, United States. Death: 31 Jan 1860 in Centertown, Ohio, Kentucky, USA
Nancy WILLIAMS: Birth: 1750 in Hampshire, Virginia, United States. Death: 1776 in Centertown, Ohio, Kentucky, United States
Nathaniel WILLIAMS: Birth: 1816.
Newton C. WILLIAMS: Birth: 1842 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States. Death: 3 Nov 1882 in Centertown, Ohio, Kentucky, United States
Newton Henry WILLIAMS: Birth: Sep 1893 in Kentucky.
Nimrod WILLIAMS: Birth: 10 Feb 1751 in , , Virginia. Death: 18 Feb 1820 in Davidson , Tennessee
Noah WILLIAMS: Birth: 1740 in Hampshire, Virginia, United States. Death: 1747
Nova Beatrice WILLIAMS: Birth: 3 Dec 1899. Death: Apr
Oliver WILLIAMS: Birth: 30 Oct 1768 in , , South Carolina. Death: Aft May 1831
Phillip H. WILLIAMS: Birth: 11 Aug 1921 in Kentucky. Death: 14 Nov 2001 in San Diego, California, USA
Phillip Ross WILLIAMS: Birth: 17 Jan 1823 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States. Death: 8 Apr 1860 in Warrick, Indiana, United States
Phillip WILLIAMS: Birth: 22 Jun 1792 in , Ohio, Kentucky. Death: 25 Nov 1845 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States
Premlia Deliah WILLIAMS: Birth: Jun 1873 in McLean, Kentucky, USA. Death: 1956 in Grant Parish, Louisiana, USA
R. J. WILLIAMS: Birth: Abt 1926 in Kentucky. Death: Aft 18 Jul 1959
Rachael Velor WILLIAMS: Birth: 18 Sep 1847 in Ohio Co, Kentucky. Death: 30 Jul 1930 in Beaver Dam, Ohio, Kentucky
Rebecca J WILLIAMS: Birth: 15 Mar 1853 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States. Death: 27 Oct 1900 in Ohio, Kentucky, United States
Rebecca WILLIAMS: Birth: 28 Nov 1794 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Death: Feb 1875 in Silver Springs, Wilson, Tennessee, USA
Rebecca WILLIAMS: Birth: 11 Mar 1814 in , Ohio, Kentucky. Death: 12 Mar 1862 in , Ohio, Kentucky
Rhonda C. WILLIAMS: Birth: Mar 1887 in Kentucky.
Rice WILLIAMS: Birth: 8 Nov 1757 in , , Virginia. Death: Bef 10 May 1831 in Troy, Obion , Tennessee
Richard WILLIAMS: Birth: Abt 1842 in Kentucky. Death: 30 Jun 1862
Robert Henderson WILLIAMS: Birth: 30 May 1875 in , Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 5 Jun 1956 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky, United States
Robert WILLIAMS: Birth: 1598 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. Death: 1 Sep 1693 in Suffolk, England
Roger WILLIAMS: Birth: 1700 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia Colony. Death: Feb 1767 in Rappahannock, Essex, Virginia Colony
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