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John Edgar EDWARDS: Birth: 9 Nov 1882 in McKinney, Collin, Texas. Death: 13 Dec 1972
John Williams EDWARDS: Birth: 27 Apr 1842 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 23 Jun 1920 in Hopkins County, Texas
Lela Pearl EDWARDS: Birth: 11 Feb 1885 in Royce City, Rockwell, Texas. Death: 29 Aug 1894
Marion EDWARDS: Birth: 1858.
Mary Anjaline EDWARDS: Birth: 1846 in MO.. Death: 4 Dec 1848
Maude May EDWARDS: Birth: 1 Feb 1880 in Fannin Texas. Death: 18 Jul 1974 in Winnsboro, Wood, Texas
Richard F EDWARDS: Birth: 3 Jan 1877 in Elmo, Kaufman, Texas. Death: Jan 1877
Sarah J EDWARDS: Birth: 1852.
W Oren EDWARDS: Birth: 3 Jun 1882 in Elmo, Kaufman, Texas. Death: 17 Sep 1883
William J EDWARDS: Birth: Oct 1879 in Ellis, Pulaski., Arkansas.
William EDWARDS: Birth: Abt 1830 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky.
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Cristin Ferch Gornw Ap Owain Ap Edwin EDWIN: Birth: 1118 in Englefield, Flint, Wales. Death: 1155 in Aberffraw Castle, Aberffraw, Anglesey, Wales
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Elizabeth Anne ELKINS: Birth: 1650 in , Stafford, Virginia.
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ELLICOTT: Birth: 1475 in North Molton, Devon, England. Death: 1560 in North Molton, Devon, England
Elizabeth ELLICOTT: Birth: 1520 in North Molton, Devon, England. Death: in North Molton, Devon, England
Thomas ELLICOTT: Birth: 1 Jan 1494 in Devon, England. Death: 1588 in Devon, England
Elizabeth ELLIOTT: Birth: Bef 1741. Death: 1771
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Eula Lee ELLIS: Birth: 17 Aug 1892 in Alabama. Death: 17 Apr 1987
John ELLIS: Birth: in Taicraesian Ucha; p 76. Death: 18 Jan 1810
Margaret ELLIS: Birth: 25 Jan 1784 in Harrison, Kentucky, United States. Death: 1838 in Bracken, Kentucky, United States
Rachel ELLIS: Birth: 1792 in Bourbon, Kentucky. Death: 9 Nov 1853 in Bracken, Kentucky, United States
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Nancy G. ELLISON: Birth: 1810 in KY.
Eugene E ELY: Birth: Abt 1863 in Arkansas.
George ELY: Birth: Abt 1840 in Arkansas. Death: Aft 1870 in Of Horsehead Township, Clarkville Po, Johnson Co, Arkansas
John ELY: Birth: Abt 1870 in Horsehead Township, Clarkville Po, Johnson Co, Arkansas.
Mary ELY: Birth: Abt 1862 in Arkansas.
Nettie A ELY: Birth: Abt 1867 in Arkansas.
Thomas V ELY: Birth: Abt 1865 in Arkansas.
Eunice Leslie EMBREY: Birth: 8 Jun 1893 in , Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 13 Sep 1971 in Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana
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Margaret ENGLAND: Birth: 1597 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. Death: 2 May 1639 in England
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Honora ENSEY: Birth: 1545 in Cornwall, England.
Katherine EPES: Birth: 21 Jan 1588 in Ashford, Kent, England. Death: 1 Jun 1660 in Charles City, Charles, Virginia Colony
Edward Mitchell EPPES: Birth: 15 Jun 1868 in New Kent County, Virginia. Death: 5 Jun 1927 in Richmond, Virginia
Mary Horry EPPES: Birth: 30 Aug 1901 in Richmond, Virginia. Death: Abt 2 Aug 1972 in Miami, Florida
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Carien "Kevern" Happuck ERWIN: Birth: Abt 1808 in South Carolina. Death: 10 May 1894
Alice ESHEHURST: Birth: Abt 1474 in Beever, Nr. Ashford, Kent, England. Death: Aft 1542 in Denne Hill, Kingstone, Kent, England
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Hugh Ap EVAN: Birth: 1475 in Mathavarn, Powys, Wales. Death: Aft 1519 in Wales
Agnes EVANS: Birth: 2 Feb 1848 in Campbell Co., Kentucky. Death: 19 Mar 1936 in Pope Co., IL
Alton A. EVANS: Birth: 1 Sep 1926. Death: 16 Jul 2001 in Catalina, Pima, Arizona
Anna EVANS: Birth: Abt 1810 in Cabell County, West Virginia. Death: Unknown
Annie Thomas EVANS: Birth: Abt 1870 in Missouri. Death: 1919
Catherine "Caty" EVANS: Birth: 1718 in , Caroline, Virginia Colony. Death: 7 Sep 1766 in , Halifax, Virginia Colony
Elizabeth EVANS: Birth: 1764 in Frederick, Frederick, Maryland Colony. Death: Sep 1833 in Booneville, Howard, Missouri
Nancy EVANS: Birth: Abt 1809 in , Pike, Kentucky. Death: Abt 1899 in Logan County, West Virginia
Sarah EVANS: Birth: Abt 1815 in , Pike, Kentucky. Death: Aft 1880
Walter EVANS: Birth: 1695 in , Caroline, Virginia Colony.
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Mary EVATT: Birth: 1711 in Virginia.
Johanna EVERARD: Birth: Bef 1314.
Benjamin Jeremiah EVERETT: Birth: 1 Jun 1847 in Candis Creek Tennesee. Death: 21 Dec 1916 in Old Fort, Tennessee
James Marion EVERETT: Birth: 9 Mar 1888. Death: 12 Aug 1889
John Columbus EVERETT: Birth: 26 Mar 1883. Death: 18 Mar 1903
Joseph Andrew EVERETT: Birth: 29 Mar 1885. Death: 15 Mar 1886
Thomas Elisha EVERETT: Birth: 19 Jun 1876. Death: 6 Oct 1903
George Washington EVERTT: Birth: 1880 in , Estill, Kentucky.
Edward C. EVITTS: Birth: 8 Sep 1916 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 2 Jul 1975 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky
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