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Cecelia REYNOLDS: Birth: Abt 1802 in , Pittsylvania, Georgia. Death: Abt 1859 in Gilmer, Upshur, Texas, USA
Josephine REYNOLDS: Birth: Jan 1854 in Kentucky. Death: 25 Jun 1879 in Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky
Louisana REYNOLDS: Birth: 18 Sep 1856 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Death: 7 May 1913 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky
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Everett William RHOADES: Birth: 28 Jul 1920 in Breman, Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 9 Apr 2003 in Breman, Muhlenberg, Kentucky
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Benjamin Franklin RHODES: Birth: Oct 1871 in Arkansas.
Chester Ulysses RHODES: Birth: 6 Jul 1884 in Arkansas.
James Elisha RHODES: Birth: 4 Oct 1891 in Crawford County, Arkansas.
Marion Terrell RHODES: Birth: 5 Sep 1873 in Arkansas.
Mary Savilla RHODES: Birth: 16 Jun 1876.
Nettie Authenia RHODES: Birth: 5 Dec 1896 in Crawford County, Arkansas.
Orel Howard RHODES: Birth: 2 Mar 1894 in Crawford County, Arkansas.
Ransom Riley RHODES: Birth: 17 Jan 1849 in Missouri. Death: 17 Dec 1929 in Crawford County, AR.
Saphona RHODES: Birth: 26 Mar 1880 in Crawford County, Arkansas.
William Grissom RHODES: Birth: 9 Jan 1878 in Arkansas.
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Annest Ferch Rhys Ap Gruffydd RHYS: Birth: 1156 in Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Death: 1236 in Burton, Denbighshire, Wales
Catherine Ferch RHYS: Birth: 1440 in Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Death: 1469 in Cesail Gyfarch, Penmorfa, Wales
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Clarence Edward RICH: Birth: 27 May 1895. Death: 3 Nov 1947 in Greenwood Cemetery, Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia
Lena Francis RICH: Birth: 15 Apr 1875 in Sacramento, Kentucky. Death: 24 Oct 1964 in Grundy, Virginia
Lucinda RICH: Birth: Abt 1814 in , , Kentucky.
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Cora RICHEY: Birth: 12 Jan 1899 in Midland, Muhlenberg Co., Kentucky.
Delia RICHEY: Birth: 3 Mar 1886. Death: 12 Aug 1934
Grace RICHEY: Birth: 25 Apr 1895.
Inez RICHEY: Birth: 3 Mar 1908. Death: 2 Mar 1964
James Robert RICHEY: Birth: 24 Sep 1884 in , Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 23 Oct 1929 in , Muhlenberg, Kentucky
Jesse Thomas RICHEY: Birth: 8 Feb 1867 in Central City, Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 2 Mar 1959 in Madisonville, Kentucky
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Anne RICKALL: Birth: Abt 1598 in Latham, Yorks, England..
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Elizabeth RICKETTS: Birth: Abt 1765 in Orange Co, North Carolina.
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Alice RIDDELL: Birth: 1484 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England. Death: Unknown in Tichborne, Hampshire, England
John RIDELL: Birth: 1408 in Newcastle, Northumberland, England.
Peter RIDELL: Birth: 1456 in Newcastle On Tyn, Northumberland, England.
Peter RIDELL: Birth: 1500 in Newcastle On Tyn, Northumberland, England. Death: 1558
Thomas RIDELL: Birth: 1329 in Newcastle, Northumberland, England. Death: 1358
Thomas RIDELL: Birth: 1357 in Newcastle, Northumberland, England.
Thomas RIDELL: Birth: 1454 in Newcastle, Northumberland, England. Death: 1510
Iva RIGGS: Birth: 22 Oct 1906 in Franklin County, Arkansas Formed about 1840. Death: 1 Mar 1939 in Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Lucinda Caroline RIGGS: Birth: Apr 1825 in Robertson County, Tennessee, USA. Death: 8 Jun 1904 in Caldwell, Kentucky, United States
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Margaret RIMMER: Birth: Abt 1808.
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Elias Kenly ROARK: Birth: 1848 in Indiana.
Francis G. ROARK: Birth: Abt 1861 in KS.
Jane "Jennie" ROARK: Birth: Abt 1850 in Kentucky. Death: 17 Jun 1896 in , Muhlenberg, Kentucky
John H.H. ROARK: Birth: Abt 1858 in MO.
Nathaniel J. ROARK: Birth: 1851 in Indiana.
Susan E. ROARK: Birth: 1841 in Virginia.
Thomas B. ROARK: Birth: 1844 in Indiana.
William Emil ROARK: Birth: 1819 in Virginia. Death: 1 Jun 1879 in Jackson CO KS
Zachariah Mitchell ROARK: Birth: Mar 1838 in Grayson Co Virginia. Death: 15 Aug 1899 in Alma, Waubansee CO, KS
Francis E ROBARDS: Birth: 18 Feb 1918 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky. Death: 15 Feb 1988 in Kentucky
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Charles Bodville ROBARTES: Death: 3 Aug 1723
Henry ROBARTES: Birth: in Radnor, Wales. Death: Feb 1741 in OSP
Mary Vere ROBARTES: Death: 1758
Robert ROBARTES: Death: 1681 in Lanhydrock church, Cornwall
Russell ROBARTES: Birth: 1666 in Radnor, Wales. Death: 7 Feb 1718
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Elizabeth Ann ROBERSON: Birth: 1704 in Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Virginia, United States. Death: 1775 in Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Virginia, United States
Anne Grimball ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1770.
Daniel ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1785 in Beaufort District, South Carolina. Death: 2 Jul 1866
Elizabeth ROBERT: Birth: 1750. Death: 1818
Ester Susannah ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1783.
Grimball ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1767.
James Jehu ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1780.
James ROBERT: Birth: 1766.
Joseph ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1769.
Martha ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1788.
Mary ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1790.
Paul Jabez ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1781.
Peter ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1738 in French Santee, South Carolina. Death: 1825 in Bayou Beouf, Rapides Parish, Louisiana
Peter ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1768.
Providence ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1770.
Sarah Catherine ROBERT: Birth: Abt 1782.
Sarah ROBERT: Birth: 6 Feb 1755 in St. James Santee, South Carolina. Death: 5 Oct 1839 in Transpine Plantation, Robertville, South Carolina
Bertha May ROBERTS: Birth: 25 May 1882 in Evanston, Uinta County, WY. Death: 23 Aug 1969 in Payson, Utah County, Utah
Margaret ROBERTS: Birth: Abt 1735 in NC. Death: 1800 in SC
Sarah A. ROBERTS: Birth: Oct 1868 in Walnut Grove, Iowa. Death: 10 Sep 1923 in Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas
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Ann ROBERTSON: Birth: 1671 in Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, United States. Death: 1723 in Elizabethtown, Essex, New Jersey, United States
Juanita Reina ROBERTSON: Birth: 8 Mar 1915 in Texas. Death: 22 Jul 1993 in Mulberry, Crawford, Arkansas
Monnie Bell ROBERTSON: Birth: 25 Nov 1892 in Kentucky. Death: 2 May 1979 in Muhlenberg, Kentucky
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Agnes Conway ROBINSON: Birth: 1846.

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