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Marriage: Children:
  1. John FULTON: Birth: May 1811 in Fayette Co., PA..

  2. William FULTON: Birth: 8 Aug 1814 in Fayette Co., PA.. Death: 1858 in Ohio Co., KY.

  3. James FULTON: Birth: 30 Apr 1816 in Fayette Co., PA..

  4. Daniel FULTON: Birth: 1 Mar 1817 in Fayette Co., PA.. Death: Abt 1848 in Meade Co., KY.

  5. John Thomas FULTON: Birth: 1 Mar 1819 in Hardin Co., KY.. Death: 21 Oct 1867 in Ohio Co., KY.

  6. Eleanor "Ellen" FULTON: Birth: 22 Feb 1822 in , Meade, Kentucky. Death: 1897 in Goldthwaite, Mills, Texas, USA

Marriage: Children:
  1. Susan FULTON: Birth: 1828 in Meade Co., KY.. Death: 1893 in Meade Co., KY.

  2. Benjamin FULTON: Birth: Feb 1830 in Meade Co., KY.. Death: 20 Mar 1916 in Ohio Co., KY.

  3. Sophia FULTON: Birth: 1833 in Meade Co., KY..

  4. Hannah E. FULTON: Birth: 1835.

  5. Martha FULTON: Birth: 1837 in Meade Co., KY..

  6. Endemile FULTON: Birth: 1839 in Meade Co., KY..

  7. Sarah E. FULTON: Birth: 1841 in Meade Co., KY..

  8. Priscilla A. FULTON: Birth: 1843 in Meade Co., KY.. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.