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Beatrix Woodruffe: Birth: Abt 1480. Death: Unknown
Benjamin Colar Woods: Birth: 24 Dec 1853. Death: 8 Apr 1926
Christene Doris Woods: Birth: 6 Dec 1915 in Chalk Level, MO. Death: 5 Dec 2002 in Clinton, MO @ Golden Valley Memorial Hospital
Christopher C. Woods: Birth: 29 Aug 1881. Death: 18 Jan 1967 in Osceola, St. Clair Co., Missouri
Curtis Woods: Birth: 26 Aug 1908. Death: Jan 1974
Elizabeth Woods: Birth: Abt 1780. Death: Unknown
Ella Martha Woods: Birth: 28 Nov 1876. Death: 6 Aug 1959
George W. Woods: Birth: 5 Aug 1879. Death: 20 Jun 1968
Howard Woods: Birth: 11 Mar 1922. Death: 23 Nov 1988
John Woods: Birth: 1654 in Ireland. Death: 9 Mar 1723 in Rosemead, Meath, Ireland
Lanta Lee Woods: Birth: 3 Apr 1910. Death: 24 Oct 1983
Mary Woods: Death: 12 May 1762 in Bath, Somerset, England
Michael Woods: Birth: 1684 in Dunshaughlin Castle, Meath, Leinster, Ireland. Death: May 1762 in Blair Park, Albemarle Co., Virginia
Nell Woods: Birth: 18 Nov 1886.
Ramona May Woods: Birth: 10 Sep 1936. Death: 4 Nov 1936
Thelma Woods: Birth: 1 Dec 1901. Death: 16 Jul 1984

Benjamin Woodson: Birth: Abt 1666 in Curles Plantation, Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: Abt 1723 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Caroline Matilda Woodson: Birth: 1760 in Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: Unknown in Virginia
Charles Woodson: Birth: 1717 in Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: Unknown in Henrico Co., Virginia
Elizabeth Woodson: Birth: Abt 1734. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth Woodson: Birth: 6 Jun 1740. Death: 27 Sep 1791
Elizabeth Woodson: Birth: 1670 in Curles Plantation, Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: 1694 in Henrico Co., Virginia
John Woodson: Birth: 1658 in Virginia. Death: 1715 in Henrico Co., Virginia
John Woodson: Birth: 1586. Death: 18 Apr 1644
John Woodson: Birth: Abt 1545 in Bristol, England. Death: Unknown
Joseph Woodson: Birth: 1664 in Curles Plantation, Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: 15 Oct 1734 in Goochland Co., Virginia
Mary Woodson: Birth: 1675. Death: Unknown
Mary Woodson: Birth: 1707 in Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: Bef 1783
Reginald Woodson: Birth: 1516 in Alaceford, Hampshire, England. Death: 1550
Reynolds Woodson: Birth: Abt 1500. Death: Unknown
Richard Woodson: Birth: Abt 1690. Death: 1775 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia
Richard Woodson: Birth: 1662 in Curles Plantation, Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: 1704 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Robert Woodson: Birth: 1660 in Curles Plantation, Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: Feb 1728 in Henrico Co., Virginia
Robert Woodson: Birth: 1630-1634 in Fleur de Hundred, Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: 1716 in Fleur de Hundred, Henrico Co., Virginia
Robert Woodson: Birth: Abt 1708 in Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: 19 Sep 1750 in Goochland Co., Virginia
Sarah Woodson: Birth: Abt 1692 in Virginia. Death: Unknown
Sarah Woodson: Birth: Abt 1664. Death: Unknown
Tarleton Woodson: Birth: 1681 in Henrico Co., Virginia. Death: 1762 in Chesterfield Co., Virginia

Deborah Woodstock: Birth: Abt 1706. Death: Unknown
Thomas of Woodstock: Birth: 7 Jan 1354-1355 in Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, England. Death: 8 Sep 1397 in Prince's Inn, Calais, France, Murdered
Maud Woodthorpe: Birth: Abt 1258 in Saleby, Lincolnshire, England. Death: Unknown
William Woodthorpe: Birth: Abt 1235. Death: Unknown
Edmund Stevenson Woodville: Birth: 1830 in Virginia. Death: 23 Aug 1903
Elizabeth Woodville: Birth: 1356. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth Woodville: Birth: Abt 1390 in Mote, Maidstone, Kent Co., England. Death: 8 Jun 1453
Elizabeth Woodville: Birth: Abt 1437 in Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, England. Death: 7 Jun 1492 in Bermondsey Abbey, Surrey, England
George Cammack Woodville: Birth: 1 Sep 1846 in Culpeper Co., Virginia. Death: 1 Jul 1923 in Culpeper Co., Virginia
Jaquetta Woodville: Birth: Abt 1444. Death: 1509
John Walker Woodville: Birth: 1799 in Virginia. Death: Oct 1856
John Woodville: Birth: 1444. Death: 12 Aug 1469 in Coventry, Lincolnshire, England - Beheaded
Mary Blanche Woodville: Birth: Aug 1872 in Culpeper Co., Virginia. Death: 23 Feb 1943 in Lignum, Culpeper Co., Virginia
Rachael Dorothea Woodville: Birth: 1871 in Orange Co., Virginia. Death: 1953
Richard Woodville: Birth: Abt 1330. Death: Unknown

Alice Woodward: Birth: 4 Apr 1094 in Battersea, England. Death: 14 Apr 1165 in Laxton, Lancashire, England
Elizabeth Woodward: Birth: Bef 1 Feb 1730. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth Woodward: Death: 1698
Elizabeth Woodward: Birth: 1695 in Christchurch, Lancaster Co., Virginia. Death: Aft 1733 in Christchurch, Lancaster Co., Virginia
Elizabeth Woodward: Death: 1968
Experience Woodward: Birth: 1643. Death: 1686
Frances Woodward: Death: Jul 1659
Freedom Woodward: Birth: Jul 1642 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Death: 17 May 1681 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Henry Woodward: Birth: 22 Mar 1607 in Childwall, , Lancashire, England. Death: 8 Jun 1686 in Northampton, Massachusetts
Hezekiah Woodward: Birth: Abt 1591. Death: Aft 22 Feb 1673
Hugh Woodward: Birth: 1535. Death: Unknown
Martha Woodward: Birth: 1597 in Upton, Buckinghamshire, England. Death: 25 Aug 1670
Martha Woodward: Birth: 1660 in King William Co., Virginia. Death: 1723 in New Kent Co., Virginia
Ralph Woodward: Birth: 1508. Death: Unknown
Rebecca Woodward: Birth: Abt 1620 in Great Dunmow, Essex, England. Death: Unknown

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