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Sophia von Wied: Birth: 11 Nov 1677. Death: 17 Feb 1710
Sophia, Gr fin von Wied: Birth: 10 Nov 1677. Death: 17 Feb 1710
Theodora, Gr fin von Wied: Birth: 1190. Death: 1218
Walpurge, Gr fin von Wied: Birth: 1518 in Altwied, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: 3 Oct 1578 in Altwied, Rheinland, Prussia
Wilhelm Adolph Maximilian Carl, 5 F rst zu Wied: Birth: 22 Aug 1845 in Neuwied, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: 22 Oct 1907 in Neuwied, Rheinland, Prussia, Germany
Wilhelm Graf von Wied: Birth: Abt 1549 in Runkel, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia. Death: 13 Sep 1612

Wilhelm I, Graf von Wied-Isenburg-Braunsberg: Birth: 1332. Death: 17 Jul 1383
Friedrich Wilhelm, Graf zu Wied-Neuwied: Birth: 15 Nov 1684 in Neuwied, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: 17 Sep 1737 in Neuwied, Rheinland, Prussia
Johann August Carl, F rst zu Wied-Neuwied: Birth: 26 May 1779. Death: 21 Apr 1836

Catherine Wieland: Birth: Abt 1478. Death: Unknown
Demoiselle van Wieldrecht: Birth: Abt 1240. Death: Unknown
Eufoznya Wielkopolska: Birth: Abt 1201 in Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland. Death: 23 Aug 1235

Karol Wielopolski: Death: 1773
Eufemia Wierzbicka: Birth: 1539. Death: 1589

Hilda Frances Holme Wiggin: Death: 1982
Joseph Wiggin: Death: 1797
May Belle Wiggin: Birth: 1844. Death: Unknown
Samuel Lamson Wiggin: Birth: 1814. Death: 1860
Samuel Wiggin: Birth: 1782. Death: Unknown

Anne E. Wigginton: Birth: Abt 1810 in Lynchburg, Campbell, Virginia. Death: Unknown
Abigail Wigglesworth: Birth: 20 Mar 1681 in Malden, Massachusetts. Death: 1771 in Newbury, Massachusetts
Katherine Wigglesworth: Birth: Abt 1313 in of Barforth, Yorkshire, England. Death: Unknown
Oslac Thane of Wight: Birth: Abt 785 in Wessex, England.

Isabel Wightman: Birth: 1559 in Harrow, , Middlesex, England. Death: Unknown
Mary Wightman: Birth: 1704. Death: 1777
Valentine Wightman: Birth: 1681. Death: 1747

Bridget Wigmore: Birth: 1610. Death: 1647
Adam de Wignacourt: Death: 1322
Adrien, Marquis de Wignacourt: Birth: 1845. Death: 1915
Alof, Marquis de Wignacourt: Birth: 1815. Death: 1897
Berthe de Wignacourt: Birth: 25 Jan 1873. Death: 13 Feb 1975 in Paris, Ile de France, France
Charles Antoine, Marquis de Wignacourt: Birth: 1727. Death: 1759
Charles Jacques de Wignacourt: Birth: Abt 1518. Death: Unknown
Guislain de Wignacourt: Birth: Abt 1494. Death: Unknown
Jacques de Wignacourt: Birth: Abt 1398. Death: Unknown
Jean I de Wignacourt: Death: 1331
Jean II de Wignacourt: Birth: 1370. Death: Unknown
Louis de Wignacourt: Birth: Abt 1424. Death: Unknown
Louis dit Sohier de Wignacourt: Birth: Abt 1467.
Marie Louise de Wignacourt: Birth: 1750. Death: 2 May 1778
Pierre de Wignacourt: Death: 1380
Wautier ou Mathieu de Wignacourt: Death: 1246

Catherine Wigston: Birth: Abt 1540. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth Wigston: Birth: Abt 1682. Death: 1745
Alice Wigton: Birth: Abt 1320 in Yorkshire, England. Death: Unknown
Maximiliane Veronika Wihowsky von Riesenberg: Death: 1661
Selina van Wijk: Death: 1985
Agnes van Wijngaarden: Death: 1542
Alice Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1624. Death: 7 Sep 1676
Dorothy Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1727. Death: 27 Dec 1791
Elizabeth Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1603. Death: Abt 1680 in (Date Will Proven)
Grace Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1669. Death: 1739
Grace Wilbraham: Death: Abt 28 Apr 1740
Helen Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1429. Death: Unknown
Margaret Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1490 in Wodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: Unknown
Mary Wilbraham: Birth: 1661. Death: 3 Dec 1737 in High Ercall, Shropshire, England, Great Britain
Mary Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1590. Death: 1634
Mary Wilbraham: Death: 10 Mar 1653
Rachel Wilbraham: Birth: 7 Mar 1626. Death: Unknown
Ralph Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1476 in of Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: 7 Mar 1552
Ralph Wilbraham: Birth: 20 Mar 1558. Death: 19 Jan 1628
Ralph Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1663 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England. Death: Abt 1732 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England
Randle Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1697 in Shelford, Cheshire, England. Death: Abt 1770
Randolph Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1417 in of Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: 2 Mar 1498
Richard Wilbraham: Death: 1558
Richard Wilbraham: Birth: 1579. Death: Apr 1643
Richard Wilbraham: Birth: 1724 in Latham House, Lancashire, England. Death: 13 Mar 1796
Richard Wilbraham: Birth: 13 Aug 1528 in Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: 6 Feb 1613 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England
Richard Wilbraham: Birth: 10 Jan 1552 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England. Death: 13 Sep 1601 in London, Middlesex, England
Roger Wilbraham: Birth: 1553. Death: 1616
Roger Wilbraham: Birth: 3 Nov 1623. Death: Unknown
Roger Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1589. Death: Unknown
Thomas Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1630. Death: 13 Aug 1692 in Woodhey, Cheshire, England
Thomas Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1601. Death: 31 Oct 1660
Thomas Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1550 in Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: 12 Jul 1610
Thomas Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1409 in Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: Abt 1492
Thomas Wilbraham: Birth: 25 Jun 1589 in Nantwich, Cheshire, England. Death: 1643
William Wilbraham: Birth: Abt 1435 in Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: 7 Aug 1536

Anne Dorothea Wilbraham-Bootle: Death: 17 Jan 1825 in Bristol Hotel, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Mary Wilbraham-Bootle: Birth: 15 Aug 1760. Death: 13 Nov 1784
Joyce Wilbram: Birth: Abt 1500 in Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: Unknown
Thomas Wilbram: Birth: Abt 1475 in Woodhey, Cheshire, England. Death: Unknown

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