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Teodoro II Palaeologus: Birth: 1364 in Constantinople, Constantinople, Byzantium. Death: 1 Aug 1418 in Montferrat, Alessandria, Italia
Theodoros I Palaeologus: Birth: Abt 1291 in Monferrato, Italy. Death: 21 Apr 1338
Thomas Palaeologus: Birth: Abt 1406. Death: 12 May 1465 in Roma, Italia
Zoe (Sophia) Palaeologus: Birth: Abt 1450 in Byzantium, Turkey. Death: Unknown in Russia
Francisco de Palafox Cardona y Rebolledo: Birth: Abt 1640. Death: Unknown
Fausto Francisco Palafox Centurion de Cordoba: Birth: 5 Oct 1731. Death: 5 Apr 1788
Joaquim Ant nio Ximenes de Palafox Centurion de Cordoba: Birth: 1710. Death: Unknown
Juan Antonio Palafox Rebolledo Cardona: Birth: Abt 1660. Death: 1725
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Filippo de Palafox y Croy de Havre: Birth: Abt 1740. Death: 24 Oct 1790
Rafaela de Palafox y Croy de Havre: Birth: Abt 1745. Death: Unknown
Maria Eugenia Ignacia Augustina de Palafox y Kirkpatrick de Guzman: Birth: 5 May 1826 in Granada, , Andaluc�a, Espa�a. Death: 11 Jul 1920 in Madrid, Madrid, Espa�a
Maria Francisca de Palafox y Kirkpatrick: Birth: 29 Jan 1825. Death: 16 Sep 1860
Cipriano Palafox y Portocarrero: Birth: 1785. Death: 15 Mar 1839
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Helene Palaiologina: Birth: Abt 1430. Death: 7 Nov 1473 in Leucadia (As A Nun)
Isabella Palaiologina: Birth: Abt 1415. Death: Unknown
Maria Palaiologina: Birth: Abt 1313-1314. Death: 7 Apr 1355
Person Not Viewable
Alexios Palaiologos: Birth: Abt 1158. Death: Unknown
Alexios Palaiologos: Birth: Abt 1095. Death: Unknown
Georgios Dukas Komenos Palaiologos: Birth: Abt 1125. Death: 1167-1168
Georgios Palaiologos: Birth: Abt 1060 in Thessalonike, Greece. Death: 1110
Michael Palaiologos: Birth: Abt 1129. Death: Unknown
Nikephoros II Dukas Palaiologos: Birth: Abt 1090. Death: Unknown
Nikephoros Palaiologos: Birth: 1035 in Thessalonike, Greece. Death: 18 Oct 1081 in Thessalonike, Greece
Francesca Palaiologus di Monferrato: Death: Aft 27 Dec 1561
Anne Marie Celestine Palairet: Birth: 1916. Death: 1998
Agnes von Palant: Death: 8 Feb 1628
Agnes von Palant: Death: 28 Oct 1517
Anna Maria Barbara von Palant: Birth: 1650. Death: 8 Jan 1726
Anna Von Palant: Death: Abt 1596
Bernhard von Palant: Death: Aft 9 Jun 1480
Daem I von Palant: Death: 21 Jul 1440
Daem von Palant: Death: 1565
Dietrich I von Palant: Death: Bef 1610
Elbert I von Palant: Death: Bef 24 Nov 1543
Erhart, Baron von Palant: Birth: 1506. Death: 8 Oct 1540
Gerhard II von Palant: Death: Bef 1545
Gerhard von Palant: Death: 1532
Johann 'der J ngere' von Palant: Death: Abt 1476
Johann II von Palant: Death: 1491-1492
Johann III von Palant: Birth: 1476. Death: 1533
Johann von Palant: Death: 3 Nov 1444 in In The Battle At Linnich, , Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Johann, Baron von Palant: Birth: 1480. Death: 6 Feb 1514
Karsill III von Palant: Death: Bef 15 Aug 1475
Katharina von Palant: Death: Mar 1554
Katharina von Palant: Death: Bef 25 Jul 1535
Margareta von Palant: Death: 29 Sep 1615
Margaretha van Palant: Birth: Abt 1542 in Culemborg, Gueldreland, Netherlands. Death: 13 Oct 1594 in Ijsselmonde, Zuid Holland, Netherlands
Maria Magdalena von Palant: Birth: Aft 1527. Death: 1556
Maria Margareta von Palant: Birth: Aft 1433. Death: Unknown
Marislius I von Palant: Death: Bef 1563
Marislius II von Palant: Death: May 1629
Marsilius IV von Palant: Death: 1669
Raba von Palant: Death: 1626
Werner III von Palant: Death: Bef 10 Oct 1506
Werner IV von Palant: Death: Bef 1 Mar 1557
Werner V von Palant: Death: Bef 1 Dec 1594
Werner von Palant: Death: 1456
Wilhelm Dietrich von Palant: Death: Bef 1591
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
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Floris, Graf van Palant-Culemburg: Birth: 1537. Death: 29 Sep 1598
Dietrich, Baron von Palant-Wildenburg: Birth: 1419. Death: Jan 1481
Person Not Viewable
Adolf Count Palatine: Birth: 27 Sep 1300 in Wolfratshausen, Oberbayern, Bavaria. Death: 29 Jan 1326-1327 in Neustadt, Bavaria
Amalie Princess Palatine: Birth: 25 Jul 1490 in Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Baden. Death: 6 Jan 1523-1524 in Stary, Szczecin, Szczecin, Poland
Amalie Princess Palatine: Birth: 22 Feb 1432-1433 in Mosbach, Mosbach, Baden. Death: 15 May 1483
Benedikte Henriette Princess Palatine: Birth: 14 Mar 1652 in Paris, Seine, France. Death: 12 Aug 1730 in Hannover, Hannover, Prussia
Dorothea Princess Palatine: Birth: 8 Jul 1670 in Neuburg, Schwaben, Bavaria. Death: Unknown
Eleonore Princess Palatine: Birth: 6 Jan 1655 in Dusseldorf, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: 19 Jan 1720 in Wien, Wien, Austria
Elisabeth Auguste, Princess Palatine: Birth: 17 Mar 1693 in Brieg, Schliesen, Prussia. Death: 30 Jan 1728 in Mannheim, Mannheim, Baden
Elizabeth Charlotte Princess Palatine: Birth: 7 Nov 1597 in Neumarket, Obrpfalz, Bavaria. Death: 16 Apr 1660 in Krossen, Brandenburg, Prussia
Karl III Philippe, Elector Palatine: Birth: 4 Nov 1661 in Neuborg An Der Donau, Schwaben, Bavaria. Death: 31 Dec 1742 in Mannheim, Mannheim, Baden
Ludwig III Wittelsbach 'the Bearded' Elector Palatine: Birth: 23 Jan 1377-1378 in Amberg. Bavaria. Death: 30 Dec 1436 in Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
Ludwig IV Elector Palatine: Birth: 1 Jan 1423-1424 in Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Baden. Death: 13 Aug 1449 in Domprobstei, Worms, Rhein-Hessen, Hesse-Darmstadt
Ludwig V Elector Palatine: Birth: 2 Jul 1478 in Heidelberg, Baden, Germany. Death: 16 Mar 1543-1544
Margarethe Princess Palatine: Birth: 1376. Death: 26 Aug 1434
Maria Sofie, Prinzessin Palatine: Birth: 6 Aug 1666 in Schlo� Benrath, Rheinland, Prussia. Death: 4 Aug 1699 in Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
Mathilde Princess Palatine: Birth: 7 Mar 1418-1419 in Heidelberg, Baden, Germany. Death: 22 Aug 1482 in Heidelberg, Baden, Germany
Otto I Prince Palatine: Birth: 24 Aug 1390 in Mosbach, Mosbach, Baden. Death: 5 Jul 1461 in Kloster Benedikt, Reidenbach, Oberpfalz, Bavaria
Philipp Elector Palatine: Birth: 14 Jul 1448 in Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Baden. Death: 28 Feb 1507-1508 in Gemersheim, Pfalz, Bavaria
Ruprecht II Elector Palatine: Birth: 12 May 1325. Death: 6 Jan 1397-1398
Ruprecht III 'Clem' Elector Palatine: Birth: 5 May 1352 in Amberg. Bavaria. Death: 18 May 1410 in Landskron Castle
Person Not Viewable
Mathias Palbitzki: Birth: 1623. Death: 1677
Person Not Viewable
Pietro di Palearia: Birth: Abt 1140. Death: Unknown
Signorina di Palearia: Birth: Abt 1170. Death: Unknown

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