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Wulnof Cild, Thane of Wessex: Birth: 983. Death: 1015

Waleran "the Huntsman" Lord of West Dean: Birth: 1063. Death: Unknown
Arnulf Count of West Frisia: Birth: 961. Death: 993
Dirk (Dietrich) III, Count of West Frisia: Birth: 985. Death: 1039
Dirk II Count of West Frisia: Birth: 935 in Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Netherlands. Death: 6 May 988 in Abdijkerk, Egmond, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Floris Count of West Frisia: Birth: 1017. Death: 1061
Alice West: Birth: 1615. Death: 1672
Anne West: Birth: 1489 in Offington, Sussex, England. Death: 1510
Anne West: Birth: Abt 1429. Death: Unknown
Anne West: Birth: 1651 in West Point, Gloucester Co., Virginia. Death: Aft 1708
Aupais (Alpais) of the West: Birth: Abt 773 in , France.
Barbara West: Birth: Abt 1507. Death: Unknown
Bartholomew West: Birth: 1627 in Newport, Rhode Island. Death: 1703
Berengar I of the King of Italy West: Death: 7 Apr 924 in Verona, Italy
Cecilia West: Birth: 1605. Death: 6 Jun 1638
Charles West: Birth: Feb 1626. Death: 22 Dec 1687
Diana West: Death: May 1766
Dorothy West: Birth: 1691. Death: Unknown
Eleanor West: Birth: Abt 1345 in Of Snitterfield, Warwickshire, England. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth West: Birth: 1487. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth West: Death: 24 Jul 1669
Frances West: Birth: Abt 1725. Death: Unknown
Francis West: Birth: 1669. Death: 1731
Frederick Richard West: Birth: 1799. Death: 1 May 1862
Frederick West: Birth: 1767. Death: 22 Mar 1852
George 6th Lord West: Birth: Abt 1500 in Warbleton, Sussex, England. Death: 1538
Hannah West: Birth: 21 Apr 1720 in Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts. Death: 22 Feb 1782
Henry West: Birth: 3 Oct 1603. Death: 1 Jun 1628
Jane Elizabeth West: Death: 21 Apr 1895
Jane West: Birth: 1558 in England. Death: 1606 in Norfolk, England
John Richard West: Birth: 28 Jul 1756. Death: 28 Jul 1795 in Dawlish, Devonshire, England, Great Britain
John West: Birth: Abt 1620 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. Death: Unknown
John West: Birth: Abt 1535 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. Death: Unknown in Drayton, Somersetshire, England
John West: Birth: Abt 1663. Death: 26 May 1723
John West: Birth: 4 Apr 1693. Death: 22 Mar 1766
John West: Birth: 1729. Death: 22 Nov 1777 in Audley Square, Middlesex, England
John West: Birth: 14 Dec 1590 in Hampshire, England. Death: Dec 1659 in West Point, King William Co., Virginia
John West: Birth: 1632 in Virginia. Death: Abt 1689 in Virginia
Katharine West: Birth: 9 Sep 1684 in Massachusetts. Death: Bef 13 May 1774
Leonard West: Birth: Abt 1515 in Shareham, Sussex, England. Death: Unknown
Martha West: Birth: Abt 1615. Death: Unknown
Mary West: Birth: 1579 in Wissett, , Suffolk, England. Death: 1647 in Charlestown, Massachusetts
Mary West: Birth: Abt 1530. Death: Unknown
Mathew West: Birth: 1598 in England. Death: 1659 in Newport, Rhode Island
Nathaniel West: Birth: 1655 in New Kent Co., Virginia. Death: 1724 in West Point, King William Co., Virginia
Nicholas West: Birth: 1551 in Drayton, Somersetshire, England. Death: 21 Oct 1601 in Drayton, Somersetshire, England
Pelatiah West: Birth: 1711. Death: 1787
Reynold West: Birth: 17 Sep 1395 in Snitterfield, Warwickshire, England. Death: 27 Aug 1451
Richard West: Birth: 6 Feb 1578-1579 in Drayton, Somersetshire, England. Death: 3 Mar 1643 in Drayton, Somersetshire, England
Samuel West: Birth: 1643. Death: 1689
Sarah Augusta West: Death: 4 Nov 1985 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
Sarah West: Birth: 1718 in New Jersey.
Sarah West: Birth: 11 May 1741. Death: 18 Feb 1801 in Charles St., Grosvenor Square, London, Middlesex, England
Stephen West: Birth: 19 May 1695 in Dartmouth, , Devonshire, England. Death: Unknown
Stephen West: Birth: Aft 13 Aug 1654. Death: 12 Aug 1748 in Massachusetts
Susan West: Birth: Abt 1620 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: Unknown
Susanna West: Birth: 1737. Death: Unknown
Thomas 3rd Baron West: Birth: 1330 in Hempston, Devonshire, England. Death: 3 Sep 1386
Thomas 5th Lord West: Birth: 1457 in Offington, Sussex, England. Death: 11 Oct 1525
Thomas Leighton West: Birth: Abt 1550. Death: 24 Mar 1602
Thomas West: Birth: 1251 in Hempston, Cantilupe, Devonshire, England. Death: 1 Nov 1343
Thomas West: Birth: 9 Jul 1577. Death: 7 Jun 1618 in Nova Scotia
Thomas West: Birth: 1362 in England. Death: 17 Aug 1405
Thomas West: Birth: Abt 1225 in Wiltshire, England. Death: Unknown
Unity West: Birth: 1703 in West Point, King William Co., Virginia. Death: Bef 9 Jul 1753 in King William Co., Virginia
William West: Birth: Bef 1692 in New Jersey. Death: Bet 1718 and 1719 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia
William West: Birth: Abt 1645 in Princess Anne Co., Virginia. Death: Bef 9 Feb 1708 in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia
William West: Birth: Abt 1530. Death: 30 Dec 1595 in Wherwell, Northamptonshire, England

Agnes de Westbury: Birth: Abt 1410 in Westbury, , Wiltshire, England. Death: Bef 1496 in Westbury, , Wiltshire, England
Barbara Westby: Birth: Bef 1595 in England. Death: Jan 1680 in England
Margaret (Ann) Westby: Birth: Abt 1544 in Of Moubreck, Lancashire, England. Death: Unknown

Thomas Westcote: Birth: Abt 1370. Death: Unknown
Ann Westcott: Birth: 17 Mar 1746. Death: Unknown
Damaria Westcott: Birth: 27 Jan 1621 in Of Yeovil, , Somerset, England. Death: 1678 in Newport, Rhode Island
Edward Westcott: Birth: 1540 in Marwood, , Devonshire, England. Death: Unknown

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