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Margaret Poley: Birth: 1531 in Badley, Suffolk, England. Death: Unknown in Badley, Suffolk, England
Martha Poley: Death: 15 Dec 1603
William Poley: Birth: in Boxted, , Suffolk, England. Death: 17 Dec 1587
William Poley: Birth: 23 Dec 1562. Death: 5 Aug 1629

Agnes Elisabeth von Polheim: Death: 1418
Cyriacus, Baron von Polheim: Birth: Abt 1510. Death: Unknown
Eva von Polheim: Birth: 13 Mar 1576. Death: 19 Jul 1621
Gunackar II, Freiherr von Polheim: Birth: 4 Apr 1575. Death: 8 Jan 1644
Johann, Freiherr von Polheim: Birth: 1 Sep 1603. Death: Unknown
Kasimir von Polheim: Birth: 13 Nov 1526. Death: 29 Sep 1565
Katharina von Polheim: Birth: 1325. Death: 1408
Ludwig II, Freiherr von Polheim: Birth: 18 Oct 1529. Death: 16 Jan 1608
Magdalena von Polheim: Birth: 1497. Death: Unknown
Regina von Polheim: Birth: 1562. Death: Unknown
Siegmund von Polheim: Birth: 1531. Death: 1598
Sigismund Ludwig, Freiherr von Polheim: Birth: 1494. Death: 14 Jun 1544
Susanne, Freiin von Polheim: Birth: 1647. Death: 1698
Weickhard von Polheim: Birth: 1363.
Weikhard von Polheim: Birth: 1553. Death: 25 May 1609
Wolfgang IV, Freiherr von Polheim: Birth: 1458. Death: 11 Nov 1512

Margherita di Poli: Birth: Abt 1220 in Roma, Italia. Death: Bef 1249
Adam de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1175. Death: Unknown
Agla Louise, Princesse de Polignac: Birth: 7 May 1768 in Paris, Ile de France, France. Death: 20 Mar 1803 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Agne, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Abt 960. Death: Aft 996
Agn s de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1030. Death: Unknown
Alix de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1210. Death: 1277
Alix de Polignac: Birth: Abt 990. Death: Unknown
Armand, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Abt 995. Death: 1075
Armand, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Abt 870. Death: Aft 909
Armand, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Abt 840. Death: Abt 895
Armand, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Aft 1080. Death: Abt 1164
Catherine de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1450. Death: 1493
Dalmace de Polignac: Birth: Abt 900. Death: Aft 964
Elisabeth de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1135. Death: Unknown
Etienne, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Abt 930. Death: Bet 986 and 995
Foucauld de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1419 in Orleans, Loiret, France. Death: Unknown
Guillaume, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1025. Death: Aft 1076
H racle de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1135. Death: Abt 1175
H racl e de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1125. Death: Unknown
Isabeau de Polignac: Death: 1382
Jeanne Isabelle de Polignac: Birth: Aft 1441. Death: Unknown
Marguerite de Polignac: Birth: Aft 1367. Death: Bef 1416
Marqu ze de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1300. Death: Bef 1328
Pierre Marie Xavier Raphael Antoine Melchior de Polignac: Birth: 24 Oct 1895 in Castle Kerscamp, Morbihan. Death: 10 Nov 1964 in Neuilly, Seine, France
Pons de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1110. Death: Aft 1171
Pons, Vicomte de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1055. Death: 1112
Randon Armand de Polignac: Death: 1421
Randonne de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1225. Death: Unknown
tienne de Polignac: Birth: Abt 1110. Death: Unknown

Ezekiel Polk: Birth: 7 Dec 1747. Death: 31 Aug 1824 in Bolivar, Hardeman Co., Tennessee
James Knox Polk: Birth: 2 Nov 1795 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina. Death: 15 Jun 1849 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenessee
Samuel Polk: Birth: 5 Jul 1772 in Tryon Co., North Carolina. Death: 5 Nov 1827 in Columbia, Maury Co., Tennessee

Elizabeth Pollack: Birth: Abt 1693 in Grange, , West Lothian, Scotland. Death: Unknown
Joan Polland: Birth: 1310. Death: Unknown
Ann Pollard: Birth: 22 Feb 1732. Death: Abt 1752
Anthony Pollard: Birth: Abt 1481. Death: Unknown
Dorothy Pollard: Birth: Abt 1526 in of Kings Nympton, Devonshire, England. Death: Bef 4 Jan 1560 in of Molland, Devon, England
Elizabeth Pollard: Birth: Abt 1445. Death: Unknown
Elizabeth Pollard: Death: 21 May 1531
Jane Pollard: Death: Bef 1559
Joan Pollard: Birth: Abt 1388 in Charlewood, Surrey, England. Death: Unknown
Johanna Pollard: Death: Aft 4 Apr 1552
John Pollard: Birth: Abt 1349 in of Way, Devonshire, England. Death: Unknown
Joseph Pollard: Birth: 1701 in King & Queen Co., Virginia. Death: 26 Dec 1791 in Goochland Co., Virginia
Margaret Pollard: Birth: Abt 1480 in Morchard, Devonshire, England. Death: Unknown
Philippa Pollard: Death: Bef 1560
Richard Pollard: Birth: 1278 in Baddley, Northamptonshire, England. Death: Unknown
Richard Pollard: Birth: Abt 1450. Death: Abt 1503
Richard Pollard: Birth: Abt 1520. Death: Unknown
Sarah Frances Pollard: Birth: 1949. Death: 1952
Susan Pollard: Birth: in of Kings Nympton, Devonshire, England. Death: Aft 1621
Walter Pollard: Birth: Bef 1430. Death: Unknown

Alice Pollarde: Birth: 1540 in Clifton, West Riding, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1571 in Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Gr fin von Polleben: Birth: Abt 1156 in Of Polleben, Sachsen, Prussia. Death: Unknown
Arthur Joseph Lawrence Pollen: Birth: 1899. Death: 1968
Francis Anthony Baring Pollen: Birth: 1926. Death: 1987

Anna (Elizabeth) Pollexfen: Birth: Abt 1645. Death: Unknown
Charlie May Polley: Birth: 23 Jan 1912 in Center, Shelby Co., Texas. Death: 30 Oct 1968 in Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia
John Polley: Birth: 1821 in Georgia, United States. Death: Unknown

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