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  1. Orval Truman Lamb: Birth: SEP 1895 in Illinois, USA. Death: 27 APR 1966 in Los Angeles, California, USA

  2. John Sherman Lamb: Birth: 20 SEP 1898 in Eldorado, Saline, Illinois, USA. Death: 06 JUL 1985 in Bakersfield, Kern, California, USA

  3. Cuma Ellen Lamb: Birth: 24 SEP 1901 in Illinois, USA. Death: 30 NOV 1995 in Kern, California, USA

  4. Edison A. Lamb: Birth: 04 MAY 1917 in Oregon, USA. Death: 08 AUG 1997 in San Diego Co., California

  5. Person Not Viewable

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