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1. Title:   Scheffler, Margaret Sutherland
2. Title:   Birth certificate
Page:   Vancouver, WA
3. Title:   Washington State Birth Index 1907-1919
Page:   Clark County, WA
4. Title:   Death certificate
Page:   Tacoma, WA
5. Title:   Marriage certificate
Page:   Tacoma First Baptist Church

a. Note:   t St. Joseph's Hospital in Vancouver, WA. He was christened at the Presbyterian Church in Vancouver. He started Harney School in Vancouver in Sept. 1924 and started piano lessons June 1925. His mother and grandmother both died when he was 9 years old. Most of his adult life George worked at Tacoma City Light where he went from an electrician working on lines to load dispatcher (most of his 40 year career) and eventually to chief operator. He attended college for approximately 2 years at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. George and Katherine Banfill were married 6 June 1941 in the Chapel of the First Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington where they were active all of their adult lives. George built the family home in Tacoma in 1944 and enlarged it in 1950, where he and wife Katherine raised their children. He was a jack-of-all trades and frequently was found fixing the family car or repairing something at the church or for family and friends. He was a member of and volunteered countless hours at Tacoma's First Baptist Church. He built a vacation home near Mr. Rainier, starting out with a small one story cabin, later enlarging it and adding a chalet roof.
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