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  1. Johann Michael Moser (Mosser): Birth: ABT 1761 in Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA. Death: 31 MAY 1841 in Bedford Co., PA

  2. Johannes "John" Moser (Mosser): Birth: 3 JUL 1763 in born "sickly" on Jordan (Creek), Lowhill Twp., Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA. Death: 1802 in Lowhill Twp., Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA

  3. Michael Moser (Mosser): Birth: ABT 1764 in Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA. Death: 1813 in Lowhill Twp., Lehigh Co., PA

  4. Maria Barbara Moser: Birth: 7 JAN 1780 in Northampton (now Lehigh) Co., PA. Death: unknown

1. Title:   Church Records of St. Joseph's Hill Church, Pike Twp., Berks Co., PA
2. Title:   Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever
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3. Title:   "Der Friedens Bote"(German newspaper, of Lehigh Co.,PA)

a. Note:   Church, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA(at 16 years old). - He was a Revolutionary War veteran, serving as a Pvt., 3rd Class, (Capt. John Horner's) 4th Co., 3rd Batt., Northampton Co. PA Militia, commanded by Col. Michael Bobst (1778) and also in (Capt. Andrew Dapper's) 4th Co., 6th Batt., PA Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. Henry Geiger (Oct. 1780 and 1782) (per "Sons of the American Revolution" application) - I have reason to believe that his 1st wife's maiden name was "Lichtenwallner", based upon the Mosers' close connection to the Lichtenwallners in early Jordan Lutheran Church records and in later baptismal records at Schlosser's and Heidelberg Church. - Moser’s (now Hollenbach’s) Mill. – John Deter Bowman, by warrant dated May 23, 1751, came in possession of a large tract of land, part of which Michael Mosser purchased on May 12, 1760. The Mossers were the first millers in the township (Lowhill). They owned the mill where the Klines lived (now Schlecher’s), before the Klines came in possession of it, and then bought the above tract, on which, about 1760, a mill was erected - not on the site now occupied by Hollenbach’s mill, but on the other side of the creek. The present mill was built about the year 1800. The mill, or mills, were in possession by the Mossers until the year 1845, when John Hollenbach, a son-in-law of Philip Mosser (he, Mosser, being of the third generation) came in possession, who held the same until 1858, when it came in possession of his son, the present owner, Moses Hollenbach. Thus the mills were owned by this family from one generation to the other for about one hundred and twenty years. (From "History of the Counties of Lehigh and Carbon (PA)", by Mathews and Hungerford; 1884) - From Gary Mosier e-mail: "I agree that the Michael who married Eva Bortz was most likely the son of Michael (b. 1734) and the grandson of Johann Martin. Henry Bortz bought the 2nd parcel of Johann Adam's land in 1761 when JA went to NC, so he and Michael b. 1734 would have been next door neighbors, at least for a while. There is also good evidence that the folks living in that neighborhood kept close ties with one another and with the extended Moser/Boehm family after Johann Adam went to NC. Example: Ludwig Bittig, husband of Sevina Boehm witnessed the indenture when Michael (b. 1734) sold the 50 acres he bought from Johann Adam. Ludwig Bittig also witnessed the will of Richard Gregory, JAdam's next door neightbor, as did Henry Bortz, and another one of Henry Bortz's daughters married a Gregory son or grandson. He would have been the brother in law of Michael (b. 1761). Sounds like a pretty closely knit group."
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