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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alix de BOURGOGNE: Birth: @#DJULIAN@ 900. Death: @#DJULIAN@ 945

  2. Ermengarde III de BOURGOGNE: Birth: @#DJULIAN@ 910. Death: @#DJULIAN@ 941

  3. Person Not Viewable

  4. Person Not Viewable

  5. Person Not Viewable

  1. Boson ROBERTIENS: Birth: @#DJULIAN@ ABT 890. Death: @#DJULIAN@ 935

  2. Hugues IV ROBERTIENS: Death: @#DJULIAN@ 22 DEC 952

  3. Raoul ROBERTIENS: Death: @#DJULIAN@ 936

1. Title:   "Du Moyen-´┐ŻAge aux Temps Modernes"
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