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Marriage: Children:
  1. Scholastika Ullmer: Birth: 19 JUN 1842 in Rust, Germany. Death: 12 APR 1863 in Obersimonswald, Germany

  2. Hermann Ullmer: Birth: 09 MAY 1845 in Rickenbach, Germany. Death: 03 AUG 1845 in Obersimonswald, Germany

  3. Hermann Ullmer: Birth: 11 JUL 1846 in Rickenbach, Germany.

  4. Maria Ullmer: Birth: JAN 1861. Death: 19 JUL 1863 in Obersimonswald, Germany

  5. Emil Ullmer: Birth: 1862. Death: 28 FEB 1863 in Obersimonswald, Germany

  6. Maria Elisabetha Ullmer: Birth: 19 DEC 1864 in Obersimonswald, Germany.

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1. Title:   Ortssippenbuch Kippenheim Ortenaukreis in Baden
Page:   pg 734
Publication:   Name: 1979 Lahr, Baden;
Author:   Kobele, Albert, Siefert, Klaus.; Scheer, Hans
Name:   Widener Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Givenname:   Widener Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
RepositoryId:   R76
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