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  1. Béla III (Harmadik Bela) King Of Hungary: Birth: ABT 1148 in Esztergom, Komarom-Esztergom, Hungary. Death: 23 APR 1196 in ,Fejer

a. Note:   {geni:occupation} Rey de Hungría y Croacia, KING OF HUNGARY
b. Note:   He succeeded his father in 1141 as GÉZA II King of Hungary, under the regency from 1142 of his maternal uncle Beloš of Serbia during which time Hungarian ties with Serbia were strengthened[504]. Hungarian troops assisted Géza's m
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Note:   aternal uncle Uroš II Grand Župan of Serbia in his defence against Byzantium, but the latter won a decisive victory on the River Tara in 1150. The following year, Emperor Manuel Komnenos declared war on Hungary, besieged Zemun but withdrew without occupying Hungarian territory[505]. Peace was negotiated with Manuel I Emperor of Byzantium in 1156[506]. During the reign of Géza II, large-scale German colonisation took place in Transylvania[507]. The necrology of Salzburg St Rudpert records the death "II Kal Jun" of "Geutse Ungarorum rex"[508]. The Gesta Hungarorum records that King Géza reigned for twenty years and was buried at Székesfehérvár
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d. Note:   Geisa II (1141-1162), whom oral tradition attributes the first colonization (therefore in 1992-1993 there was celebrated the 850th anniversary of Transilvanian Saxon presence in Siebenbürgen). Source:Dokument.../coloniz.htm/... Erstellt: 05.11.1996. Letzte Änderung: 15.12.1996 ; Autor: Klaus Popa
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e. Note:   Géza II of Hungary From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (Redirected from Geza II of Hungary) Jump to: navigation, search Géza II (Hungarian: II. Géza, Slovak: Gejza) was king of Hungary from 1141 until his death in 1161. Géza succeeded his father, Béla II of Hungary, in 1141, and because he was still a minor, his maternal uncle Beloš served as regent. He faced challenges from Boris, the son of King Kálmán's adulterous queen, who disputed his claim to the throne. As an adult, Géza had a reputation as a well-respected king, whose nobles did not dare to scheme against him. The power and valor of his army was also commented upon, and Géza did not hesitate to involve himself in politics. He supported the Welf party against the Hohenstaufens, and defeated Henry II of Austria in battle in 1146. He also supported his brother-in-law, Iziaslav II of Kiev, militarily, and fought a war against the Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Comnenus from 1149 to 1155. In 1146, Géza married Euphrosyne of Kiev, daughter of Grand Duke Mstislav of Kiev. Their children were: István III (1147-1172) Béla III (1148-1196) Ilona of Hungary (died 1199), married Leopold V, Duke of Austria [edit] Sources Engel, Pat. Realm of St. Stephen : A History of Medieval Hungary, 2001 Preceded by: Béla II King of Hungary Succeeded by: István III
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