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  1. Evfrosinia of Geza: Birth: ABT 1130 in Київ, Kyiv, Ukraine. Death: ABT 1186 TO ABT 1186 in Byzantium,,,Turkey

a. Note:   {geni:occupation} велик княз на Киевска Рус (1125-1132)
b. Note:   GIVN Mstislav I, Grand SURN Kiev AFN B1B7-FM DATE 9 SEP 2000 TIME 13:15:31
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c. Note:   Storfurste av Kiev.
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d. Note:   Fyrste av Novgorod 1088 - 1093 og 1097 - 1117. Fyrste av Rostov 1093 - 1094. Fyrste av Belgorod 1117 - 1125. Storfyrste av Kijev [Kiev] 1125 - 1132. I Snorre Sturlassons saga om Magnussønnene, avsnitt 20, kalles Mstislav ?Kong Harald Valdemarsson øst fra Holmgard?. ?Mor til kong Harald var Gyda den gamle, datter til den engelske kongen Harald Gudinesson.?
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e. Note:   N. de Baumgarten in his "Genealogies et Mariages Occidentaux des Rurikides Russes du Xe au XIIIe siecle" (Roma, 1927) states on pp. 22-26 the details of the descendants of Great Prince Vsevolod I including Euphrosine. He lists he
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Note:   r as the eldest child of Mstislav-Harald's second marriage in 1122 to the daughter of Dimitri Zawiditch, possadnik of Novgorod, which daughter died after 1168. Some further details concerning this marriage can be found in Vol. XXV of the Camden Society's 3rd Series of publications, namely: "The Chronicle of Novgorod, 1016-1471" translated & edited by Robert Michell & Nevill Forbes (London, 1914). It is written that Mstislav married the still unnamed daughter sometime during 1122 in Kiev and that her father, Dmitri Zavidits, posadnik of Novgorod, had died July 9, 1118 (p. 10). I suppose Dmitri Zavidich was probably either of Slavic or Scandinavian origin. Presumably he come from a family of Boyars in Novgorod as he was a Posadnik of that city. Sincerely, Kelsey J. Williams
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f. Note:   Mstislav of Kiev From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mstislav I Vladimirovich the Great (Russian: ???????? ???????????? ???????) (June 1, 1076 – April 14, 1132), was the Velikiy Kniaz (Grand Prince) of Kiev (1125-1132), the eldest son of Vladimir Monomakh by Gytha of Wessex. He figures prominently in the Norse Sagas under the name Harald, taken to allude to his grandfather, Harold II of England. St Nicholas Cathedral, built by Mstislav I near his palace at Yaroslav's Court, Novgorod, contains 12th-century frescoes depicting his illustrious familyAs his father's future successor, Mstislav reigned in Novgorod the Great from 1088-93 and (after a brief stint at Rostov) from 1095-1117. Thereafter he was Monomakh's co-ruler in Belgorod-on-the-Dnieper, and inherited the Kievan throne after his death. He built numerous churches in Novgorod, of which St. Nicholas Cathedral (1113) and the cathedral of St Anthony Cloister (1117) survive to the present day. Later, he would also erect important churches in Kiev, notably his family sepulchre at Berestovo and the church of Our Lady at Podil. Mstislav's life was spent in constant warfare with Cumans (1093, 1107, 1111, 1129), Estonians (1111, 1113, 1116, 1130), Lithuanians (1131), and the princedom of Polotsk (1127, 1129). In 1096, he defeated his uncle Oleg of Chernigov on the Koloksha River, thereby laying foundation for the centuries of enmity between his and Oleg's descendants. Mstislav was the last ruler of united Rus, and upon his death, as the chronicler put it, "the land of Rus was torn apart". In 1095, Mstislav wed Princess Christine of Sweden, daughter of King Ingold I. They had many children: Ingeborg of Kiev, married Canute Lavard of Jutland, and was mother to Valdemar I of Denmark Malmfrid, married (1) Sigurd I of Norway; (2) Eric II of Denmark Eupraxia, married Alexius Comnenus, son of John II Comnenus Vsevolod of Novgorod Maria, married Vsevolod II of Kiev Iziaslav II of Kiev Rostislav of Kiev Sviatopolk of Pskov Rogneda, married Yaroslav of Volinya Xenia, married Briachislav of Izyaslawl Christine died on January 18, 1122; later that year Mstislav married again, to the daughter of Dmitry Zavidich, a nobleman of Novgorod. Their children were: Vladimir II Mstislavich (1132-1171) Euphrosyne of Kiev, married King Geza II of Hungary Preceded by: Vladimir Monomakh Rulers of Kievan Rus Succeeded by: Yaropolk II
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