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Marriage: Children:
  1. Ellen Tucker: Birth: 9 MAR 1859/60 in Jefferson Co IL. Death: 7 JUL 1929 in Payne Phillips cem. Ewing IL

  2. Edward Barby Tucker: Birth: 31 AUG 1861 in Jefferson Co. IL. Death: 4 JUL 1941 in Frisco, Franklin Co. IL

  3. Joseph Kellis Tucker: Birth: OCT 1867 in Jefferson Co IL. Death: 10 FEB 1943/44 in Frisco, Northern Twp. Franklin Co IL. 76yrs. Oak Hill Cem.

  4. Della Tucker: Birth: 15 NOV 1869. Death: AFT. 1944 in Frisco,1926 liv Ewing, IL

  5. Dora A Tucker: Birth: 15 MAR 1871/72 in IL. Death: 15 NOV 1907 in Franklin co IL/member of Sugar Camp Church

  6. Dellia Tucker: Birth: 19 APR 1875. Death: 1946 in Jefferson Co IL. /probate rec. Box #200

  7. Turner Tucker: Birth: 14 NOV 1876 in Jefferson Co IL. Death: 29 FEB 1967/68 in Whittington Franklin Co.Int Ewing; ILNew Hope Cemetery, Jefferson Co IL. 91yrs.

  8. Silas Tucker: Birth: 27 SEP 1879 in Moores Prairie, Jefferson Co IL. Death: in settled in Iowa

  9. Calvin Tucker: Birth: 1 JUL 1882. Death: in 19oo census with Joshua Warren fam.Franklin Co iL.

1. Source:   birth certif of Silas Tucker states born Hawkins Co Tn.
2. Source:   Will of Jeremiah/ 1904 September; death certificate
3. Source:   Family bible

a. Note:   WILL OF JEREMIAH TUCKER Know all men by these presents, Greeting, That I Jeremiah Tucker of Jefferson County, and State of Illinois, Being of Lawful age and of sound mind and in reasonably good health and acting for myself and without restraint or influence of any one and in the presence of these living witnesses do make this as my Last Will and Testament to be preserved and executed after my death I am the owner of and hold in fee simple the S.E. Fourth of the S.W Forth of Section Thirty two Town Four S. R. 4 E. of the 3 P.M in Jefferson Co. and the State o f Illinois containing Forty acres more or less, and I now will and Bequeath as absolute inheritance to Five of my children, to them and to no other under any law pretext or claim whatsoever, To my daughter, Ellen, now the wife of Willis Carter of Jefferson Co. ILL. a one fifth undivided interest in the said tract, My daughter, Della, now the wife of James Pope of Franklin Co. IL. a one fifth interest in the same. My daughter, Dora, now the wife of Joshua Warren of Franklin Co. Il a one fifth interest in the same. my unmarried daughter, Della Tucker of Jefferson Co. IL. a one fifth interest part of the same. Which is to say that these five heirs share and share alike each having a one fifth undivided part of these premises above described to have and to hold as in fee simple forever, it is also further provided that in any case should any one or more of these heirs die intestate or without children as their heirs, before my death, then and in that case the remaining heirs of the above named five children should become the sole heirs and beneficiaries by having their shares correspondingly increased. Now for the benefit of such of my other children as may choose to regard themselves as heirs or beneficiaries. I will state that their conduct toward me has been such as to relieve me from any further obligation to them and as evidence of my serious conviction and steadfastness of purpose, I hereby Will and Bequeath to my son Edward Tucker the sum of one dollar and no more. To my son, Joseph Tucker, I will and Bequeath the sum of one dollar and no more. To my son, Silas Tucker I Will and Bequeath the sum of one dollar and no more. To my son Turner Tucker I will and Bequeath the sum of one dollar and no more. For the further purpecting and carrying out this Will I select and appoint, Douglas Fisher of Jefferson County, as my administrator, without bond, to administer upon all my effect both real and personal according to law and the conditions of this will To divide adjust and satisfy the several beneficiaries as is here provided for and in no other way, as a further evidence of my sincerity and desire, I hereunto affix my hand and seal in the presence of these witnesses on the day and date hereinto affixed at Moore"s Prairie, it is hereby further exclaimed and demanded, that my administrator, first pay all my indebtedness, Funeral expenses, Doctor bills and other legal and honest indebtness that I may have unpaid; using first the proceeds of my personal property, which must all be sold, so as to be readyfor such purposes and if any residue to be divided among the five heirs as provided for. If that is not sufficient to proceedto apply a sufficient amount from the real estate before dividing anything. This is still my desireand will after having considred the case for several months and offer it as my Last Will and Testament. Signed and sealed in the presence of C.H. Judd and Sam C. Judd, this the Fifth day of September 1904. Witness, Jeremiah X His Mark (Seal) C.H. Judd and S.C.Judd ( Jeremiah Tucker died in Jefferson Co IL 19 December 1922 and is buried at Phillips Cemetery Franklin Co IL.) ````````````````````````````````````` 1870 census Jeff.Co IL- June 30 Jeremiah Tucker 32 Tn Nancy 32 Il Edward 8 Joseph 3 IL Della 10/12 IL Elizabeth 70 Tn Jane 30 Tn. ``````````````````` 1880 Cenus Jefferson Co IL Census Moores Prairie Twp. 188/188 Jerry Tucker W M 41 Farmer Tn. Nc NC Nancy W F 40 Keeping house Edward w m 18 son works on farm Joseph w m 12 son works on farm Della w f 10 dau at home Dora w f 8 Turner w m 3 Silas w m 8/12 1900 Jefferson Co IL Cenus Moores prairie Twp. 87/93 Tucker, Jery head w m Aug 1835 64 m 43 yrs. Tenn blank blank Nancy wife w f Feb 1836 64 m 43 10ch 9 living IL Ky Ky farm labor Joseph son w m Oct 1867 32 single IL Tn. IL Turner son w m Nov 1877 20 single IL U.S U.S farm laborer Dellie daughter w f April 1882 18 single UL u.s U.S. - 1910 Jefferson Co IL Census Jeremiah Tucker 71 m. 31 yrs. Elizabeth 71 Calvin tucker 27 Turner Tucker 35 Delia Tucker 34 single Joseph Tucker 51 I 1920 census Moores prairie twp. Jefferson Co IL farm 45/46 Jeremiah Tucker 82 Tn Elizabeth Tucker 81 IL Calvin Tucker 38 div. Joseph Tucker 51 wd Delia Tucker 48 single is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.