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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jane Huxley: Birth: 24 Aug 1798 in Sydney NSW. Death: 18 Oct 1833 in Jerrys Plains NSW

  2. Charlotte Huxley: Birth: Abt 1802. Death: 30 Nov 1885 in Great Marlow, Nr Grafton NSW

  3. (??) Huxley: Birth: Abt 1804 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: Dec 1806 in Lower Portland Head, NSW

  4. Thomas Huxley: Birth: 12 Apr 1804 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: Abt 1880 in Narrabri, NSW

  5. Ann Huxley: Birth: 14 Dec 1805 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: 25 May 1869 in Wilberforce, NSW

  6. James Huxley: Birth: 28 Feb 1809 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: 8 Dec 1894 in Grose Farm, Richmond, NSW

  7. Samuel Huxley: Birth: 7 Sep 1811 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: 20 Feb 1894 in Pitt Town Rd, Windsor, NSW

  8. John Richard Huxley: Birth: 6 Aug 1813 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: 20 Oct 1860 in Sydney NSW

  9. Esther Huxley: Birth: 1 Jan 1817 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: 3 Nov 1884 in Glebe, NSW

  10. Sophia Huxley: Birth: 7 Apr 1818 in Lower Portland Head, NSW. Death: 27 Aug 1866 in Windsor NSW

1. Title:   Lynne and Grayemes Genealogy
Author:   Lynne Bone
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Author:   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
3. Title:   Lynne and Grayemes Genealogy
Author:   Lynne Bone

a. Note:   Thomas Huxley was born in England c 1769. He was transported for seven years to the colony of New South Wales on board The Salamander, one of the eleven ships of The Third Fleet. The ships master was J Nichol and it carried 156 male convicts and adetachment of soldiers for the NSW Corps. The Salamander departed from Plymouth on the 27th March 1791 and arrived in Port Jackson on 21st August 1791.
  We know that the Thomas Jones / Huxley who formed an association with Ann Forbes, was per the Salamander of the Third Fleet - 21 August 1791. (1828 census and other Musters)
  We know that our Thomas Jones and Thomas Huxley were one and the same (pg 15 Transported to Paradise - T2P) "A major breakthrough in tracing the origins of Thomas Huxley was made by Helen Huxley, desc. of James, when she found the original mortgage document ( for Jones Farm - Paradise Point) in which the "twin identity" of Thomas Huxley snr is demonstrated by signing himself, "Thomas Huxley Otherwise Thomas Jones".
  BUT there were 3 Thomas Jones and a Thomas Huckles who arrived on the Salamander. Which one was ours ?
  Doug Huxley "T2P" pg 11 says "Thomas was transported for 7 yrs following his conviction for stealing. He adopted the alias, Thomas Jones, probably at the time of his arrest. This made difficult a conclusion concerning his crime but, noting the crimes of the 3 Thomas Jones per Salamander, it could have been; 1. breaking & entering (Exeter, Devon, 19 March 1787). 2. stealing roofing lead from a house in St Marlebone�. (Newgate, London, 7 May 1788 - this trial was actually at The Old Bailey) OR 3. stealing a silk handkerchief from� in Billingsgate Ward, London ( Old Bailey, London, 25 June 1788)". Doug then refers to what Ian Forster says in his book "Guilty, No Chattels, To be Hanged" (GNC)
  Ian Forster "GNC" pg 62 "There were 3 Thomas Jones per Salamander, making identification of the precise individual in whom we are interested, extremely difficult. However it seems, from later evidence (ref.2), that our Thomas Jones was a London pickpocket, who was tried at the Old Bailey in June 1788�.." - ref2 - "The 1811 muster lists only one Thomas Jones who arrived per Salamander ( tried at the Old Bailey, 25 June 1788), hence the other two must have either died or returnedto England by that time)".
  Laurel, Ann Forbes member, informs me it clearly states in the 1811 muster, the Thomas Jones was the one tried at the Old Bailey on 25 June 1788 ie NOT the Thomas Jones who was tried there in May 1788
  The Salamander was forwarded on to Norfolk Island, in September 1791, due to the acute shortage of food at Port Jackson, but it doesn't appear as if all the convicts remained on board, otherwise there would have been 3 Thomas Jones and a Thomas Huckles per Salamander on the NI victualling lists for that period . DID ours go to Norfolk Island as often stated ?
  Susan McAlpine (on Ann Forbes website (AFW) forum) found "a Thomas Huckles who arrived on the Salamander in September 1791, who is recorded as departing Norfolk Island on the Marquis Cornwallis 28 May 1796 for EUROPE. The date looks like May to me but could be an abbreviation for March with poor writing! The interesting point is the departure note for Europe. I checked for other departures on the same ship, and they also refer to Europe". This was backed up by Hux Pohlman's ( Ann Forbes website member) find of Barbara Hall, "A Desperate Set Of Villains" (M. Cornwallis convicts) says the ship arrived Port Jackson 11 Feb 1796 and "After a three months stay in port the Marquis Cornwallis, at Governor Hunter's instructions, transported hardened criminals from Port Jackson to Norfolk Island before sailing ON to Madras and Bengal." This eliminates Thomas Huckles as a possible candidate for "our" Thomas Jones/Huxley.
  Doug Huxley "T2P" pg12 says "The Salamander was ordered to Norfolk Island which, as far as can be ascertained, was where Thomas first set foot on Australian soil" and "on 28 May, 1796, Thomas Huxley returned to Sydney from Norfolk Islandaboard the "Marquis Cornwallis" by which time he had probably served his sentence under the name Thomas Jones" (no reference and in view of the above information the last statement can now be found as incorrect).
  Susan AFW forum says "I found only one Thomas Jones who arrived on Norfolk Island aboard the Salamander in September 1791. The actual date of arrival is not recorded. He was shown to be on stores for 365 days per year in 1792-1796. There are no departure records against his name. The only conclusion I can draw is that this Thomas Jones stayed on Norfolk Island until at least the beginning of 1797. For reference he is entry 322 on p.31b (and referred to as "3rd")."
  Ian Forster "GNC" pg 62 says "We also know that one of the Thomas Jones who arrived on the Salamander (perhaps it was Ann's new partner) sailed on to Norfolk Island in that ship in Sept. 1791 and returned to Sydney in OCTOBER 1796 �." He gave a ref. of R. Nobbs " Norfolk Island & its First Settlement 1788-1814" (1989)���I made a posting to GENANZ asking for a lookup in Nobb's book to see what he said that Ian had referred to.
  A reply from Susie Zado was very helpful - "Technically Ian Forster was incorrect in stating that Thomas Jones returned to Sydney in October 1796 if his only source for this information was Raymond Nobbs. If he had confirmation from another source then that's a different matter. Nobbs lists SIX Thomas Jones (as being on NI in that period), four of which were convicts. Of those four only one arrived in NSW on the Salamander ........Thomas Jones, arrived NSW on Salamander, arrived NorfolkIsland /09/91, departed Norfolk Island after /10/96, convict. The reason I said that Forster was incorrect, if this was his only source, is that Nobbs goes into lengthy explanations on the source of his information and what it meant to have a monthand year only with no date - far too long to type out here but basically he was able to confirm that this Thomas Jones was on the island in September 1791 - from NI Victualling Books, On/Off Stores, Musters etc., and he was able to confirm that the last reference he found to him being on the island was in October 1796 - obviously from similar sources, however he obviously didn't have confirmation on which ship he arrived on or departed from the island otherwise he would have had an actual date. He would know that this Thomas Jones was a convict from the Salamander as the year and ship followed all convict records."
  I then put this to Susie -( From Hux AFW forum on the topic ) "My problem comes from James Hugh Donohoe's "Norfolk Island 1788-1813" which shows only ONE Thos Jones arriving in "Salamander" Sept 1791, and who DIED on the island in 1805. He lists no other Thomas Jones "Salamander" on the Island between 1788-1813. You see the problem?" � and Susie's reply was : "The death in 1805 was for JONES but no christian name ......NSW ref V1805 1978 2A. There are a couple of possibilitiesin Nobbs book for this one remembering that no date, just a month and year, meant that this was the last reference found for this person�John Jones, member of 102nd Regiment, or child or spouse of member, arrived 09/05/1803, last reference /02/1805�John Jones (Ryley - alias?), convict, arrived / 04/179, last reference /01/1804�Thomas Jones, convict arrived NSW on Friendship, first reference on NI /10/1788, last reference /02/1805 �Don't know if the NSW burial reference above gives any more information but it would be worth checking that on the microfilms." ��.The burial record gave no more details.
  We assume that our Thomas Jones was back in or never left Port Jackson by November 1797 to be the father of Jane born to Ann Forbes & Thomas Jones on 24 August 1798. Thomas and Ann had a further nine children together.
  Thomas Huxley died at Richmond Bottoms on 4th July 1854 at the age of 84 and was buried at St Peter's C of E cemetery at Richmond on 6th July 1854.
  Thomas and Ann's children were ;
  1. Jane Huxley (Dring) b. 24.8.1798 Sydney, m. 24.11.1817 to Robert Arndell at Windsor. She died 18.10.1833 at Jerry's Plains.
  2. Thomas Huxley b. 12.4.1801 (or 1804) Lower Portland Head, m. 10.6.1822 Mary Evans at Windsor. He died ?.
  3. Charlotte Huxley b. c1802 Lower Portland Head, m1. 5.7.1819 to James Neal at Windsor, associated with Francis de Silver and m2. 3.10.1842 to Richard Ellem at Mangrove Creek. She died 30.11.1885 at Great Marlow and is buried in Grafton Cemetery.
  4. Male Huxley b. c 1804 Lower Portland Head and died from scalding in December of 1806 at Lower Portland Head.
  5. Ann Huxley b. 14.12.1805 Lower Portland Head, m 25.11.1822 to Thomas Wall at Windsor. She died 25.5.1869 at Wilberforce.
  6. James Huxley b.28.2.1809 Lower Portland Head, m1. 30.12.1828 to Margaret Hayman, m2. 20.9.1852 to Ann Hatcher nee Reason. He died 12.8.1894 at Grose Farm, Richmond and is buried at Richmond.
  7. Samuel Huxley b. 9 7.1811 Lower Portland Head, m 23.9.1834 to Mary Mitchell at Pitt Town. He died 20.2.1894 at Pitt Town Rd, Windsor and is buried in Pitt Town Cemetery.
  8. John Richard Huxley b. 8.6.1813 Lower Portland Head, m 14.6.1841 to Susanna Martyn at Lower Portland Head. He died 20.10.1860 in Sydney.
  9. Esther Huxley b.1.1.1817 Lower Portland Head, m. 14.6.1831 to James Henry Cavanough at Lower Portland Head. She died 11.3.1884 at Glebe.
  10. Sophia Huxley b. 4.7.1818 Lower Portland Head, m.21.7.1835 to James Bligh Ridge at Sackville Reach. She died 27.8.1866 at Windsor and is buried at Windsor.
  NSW Muster 1800-1802
 Ref BD134 Thomas Jones, Salamander, Grant by Governor Grose September 1794 of 55 acres, 9 cleared and 7 Wheat and maize.
  Marsdens Female Muster 1806
 Ref C0456 Anne Forbes Prince of Wales Concubine. 2 male and 3 female children
  NSW Muster 1814
 Ref 1731 Anne Forbes Free, off stores, widow. No children mentioned
  Census of NSW November 1828 (Malcolm R Sainty and Keith A Johnson (eds) Sydney 1988)
  Ref H3042
 Thomas Huxley 55 years Frre by Servitude(FS), Salmander 1791 (21 Aug) 7 years Protestant(P), Farmer
 Note: PRO copy says resident in Port macquarie. AONSW says Lower Portland Head.
  Ref H3043
 Ann Huxley (nee Forbes) 55 years FS, Prince of Wales, 1788 7 years, P
  Ref H3044 Samuel Huxley 17 years, Born in Colony (BC) P
 Ref H3045 John Huxley 15 years, BC, P
 Ref H3046 Hester Huxley, 12 years, BC, P
 Ref H3047 Sophia Huxley, 10 years BC, P
  100 acres, 40 cleared and cultivated.
  Following persons resident with or employed by Thomas Huxley
  Ref B1465 Joseph Blunder (sic) 28 Ticket of leave, Morley1, 1817 (14 Oct 1818??), Life, Labourer
 Ref D0839 Francis de Silvia, 7, BC P Lodger
 Ref L0082 James Lamb, 67, Government Servant, Castles Forbes, 1827, 7 years, Catholic, Labourer
 Ref W0134 Ann Walker, 15, BC, P Servant
 Ref W0804 William Webber, 32, FS, Baring 2 1819 (26 June), 7 years, P, labourer
  Also mentioned
  Ref H3048 James Huxley, 19, BC, P, Lodger at John Durington, Lower Portland Head
  (See also James McClelland, Authentic, Australian Convict and Pioneer History (No 2 nd), p 84
 James Huxley, Innkeeper, Windsor Districy, 1800s)
  Ref H3049 Thomas Huxley, 27 BC, Farmer, P Lower prtland Head
 Ref H3050 Mary Huxley, 23 (PRO Copy) 25 (AONSW copy), BC, P
 Ref H3051 Thomas Huxley, 5, BC
 Ref H3052 Richard Huxley, 3, BC, P
 Ref H3052 Mary Ann Huxley, 1, BC, P
 Ref H3054 Sophia Huxley, Infant, BC, P
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