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Marriage: Children:
  1. Peter Dietrich D. Thiessen: Birth: 5 Dec 1881 in Marion, SD. Death: 12 Sep 1914 in Marion, SD

  2. Wilhelm Dietrich D. Thiessen: Birth: 26 Apr 1883 in Marion, SD. Death: 22 Nov 1883

  3. Maria D. D. Thiessen: Birth: 5 Jul 1884 in Marion, SD. Death: 2 Aug 1884

  4. Abraham Vernon D. D. Thiessen: Birth: 10 Aug 1885 in Marion, SD. Death: 5 Nov 1976 in Freeman, SD

  5. Helena D. D. Thiessen: Birth: 27 Feb 1887 in Marion, SD. Death: 9 Apr 1887

  6. Anna D. D. Thiessen: Birth: 18 Oct 1888 in Marion, SD. Death: Deceased

  7. John Dietrich D. Thiessen: Birth: 18 Mar 1890 in Marion, SD. Death: 1973

  8. Susanna D. D. Thiessen: Birth: 24 Dec 1891 in Marion, SD. Death: 30 Nov 1953

  9. Dietrich Dietrich D. "Derk" Thiessen: Birth: 19 Oct 1894 in Marion, SD. Death: 1960

  10. Eva D. D. Thiessen: Birth: 3 Feb 1896 in Marion, SD. Death: 1965

  11. Aganetha D. D. Thiessen: Birth: 19 May 1897 in Marion, SD. Death: 27 Jan 1987 in Reedley, CA

  12. Benjamin Dietrich D. (V) Thiessen: Birth: 18 Feb 1901 in Marion, SD. Death: 15 Sep 1984 in Moundridge, Kansas

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a. Note:   He was a minister. Karlswalder-South Dakota p. 61 gives a birthdate of 7 Mar. David D. Tieszen p. 33: "In 1890 he was elected minister of the Bethesda Church near Marion, S. Dak., and in 1894 he was elected as Elder and ordained by Rev. Peter Friesen of Henderson, Neb. and Rev. Christian Kaufman of Marion, S. Dak. About 10 years later he was afflicted with serious eye trouble. This slowly grew worse and for some years he was totally blind. But due to his good memory and clear thinking he continued to serve until the age of 80. He received no remuneration during his entire term of service which was 49 years. They resided about 3 miles west of Marion. S. Dak., on a farm." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.