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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jacob Johann D. Krause: Birth: 8 Oct 1894 in Hillsboro, KS. Death: 18 Mar 1966

  2. David Johann D. Krause: Birth: 1 Jul 1896 in Kansas. Death: 17 Jun 1936 in Kansas

  3. Johann Johann D. Krause: Birth: 12 Jan 1898. Death: Deceased

  4. Aganetha J. D. Krause: Birth: 8 Mar 1900.

  5. Edwin Johann D. Krause: Birth: 12 Nov 1901 in Marion County, Kansas. Death: 20 Oct 2000 in Hillsboro, Kansas

  6. Anna J. D. Krause: Birth: 8 Jun 1905 in Goessel, Kansas. Death: 26 Jan 1969 in Hillsboro, Kansas

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