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Marriage: Children:
  1. Solomon Heinrich L. Preheim: Birth: 1811 in South Russia. Death: 27 Nov 1873

  2. Peter Heinrich L. Preheim: Birth: 18 Jun 1813 in Edwardsdorf, Volhynia. Death: 3 Apr 1899

  3. Maria H. L. Preheim: Birth: 1814 in Urzulin, Volhynia. Death: 14 Jun 1907 in Freeman, SD

1. Title:   Generations Since 1739, Jacob K. Schrag, 1846-1896 and Karl Riess, 1834-1916
Author:   Schrag, Orpha V., compiler
Publication:   1986, 50 p. BCHL

a. Note:   Cabinet maker & upholster
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