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Marriage: Children:
  1. Anna D. J. Nickel: Birth: 4 Sep 1832. Death: 3 Feb 1893

  2. Helena D. J. Nickel: Birth: 14 Dec 1834 in Rudnerweide, Molotschna Colony, South Russia. Death: 8 Aug 1905 in Butterfield, MN

  3. Abraham David J. Nickel: Birth: 4 Jan 1837. Death: 26 Feb 1896

  4. David David J. Nickel: Birth: 7 Feb 1840. Death: 19 Feb 1844

  5. Sara D. J. Nickel: Birth: 30 Aug 1843. Death: 5 Apr 1927

  6. Aganetha D. J. Nickel: Birth: 12 Aug 1846 in Rudnerweide, Molotschna Colony, South Russia. Death: 25 Aug 1905 in Minnesota

  7. Katharina D. J. Nickel: Birth: 13 Jan 1849 in Rudnerweide, Molotschna Colony, South Russia. Death: 1 Mar 1888 in Watonwan County, MN

  8. Susanna D. J. Nickel: Birth: 30 May 1851. Death: 4 May 1926

  9. David David J. Nickel: Birth: 29 Aug 1853. Death: 30 Aug 1940

  10. Gertrude D. J. Nickel: Birth: 11 Apr 1856. Death: 25 May 1923

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a. Note:   NI117389
Note:   Tragheimerweide says he was born 7 Nov 1809, In the 1835 census, he is listed at Rudnerweide #8, the home of his father. He was a member of the Rudnerweide Church in Russia. I believe the 1837 marriage date given in the Mountain Lake records is not correct! Every other record is clear that the older children were hers. The Mountain Lake records say he was elected a deacon in Rudnerweide in 1840 and served as a deacon for 43 years. He immigrated from Rudnerwiede, Molotschna, bound for Mountain Lake, MN, per per the Bremen departure lists. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.