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*Camille MATHIEU: Birth: 3 Nov 1874 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,.
*Cl mentine MATHIEU: Birth: 24 Feb 1825 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,.
*Dominique MATHIEU: Birth: 1625 in Lelling,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 23 Jun 1688 in Lelling,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Doroth e MATHIEU: Birth: 1655 in Lelling,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: in Lelling,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*D sir MATHIEU: Birth: 1839.
*Elisabeth MATHIEU: Birth: 15 Feb 1831 in Geislautern,,,Saarland,Deutschland. Death: 23 Oct 1887 in Geislautern,,,Saarland,Deutschland
*Feuillien MATHIEU: Birth: 1742. Death: 4 May 1815 in Presles,6250,,Hainaut,BELGIQUE,
*Fran ois MATHIEU: Birth: 20 Nov 1841 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,.
*Fran oise MATHIEU: Birth: 17 Mar 1801 in Berg,67,Bas-Rhin,Alsace,France,.
*F licien MATHIEU: Birth: 4 Nov 1880 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,.
*Genevi ve MATHIEU: Birth: 10 Jan 1810 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,.
*Gillain MATHIEU: Birth: 30 Jun 1811 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,.
*Jean MATHIEU: Death: 21 Jul 1801
*L on MATHIEU: Birth: 6 Sep 1903 in Biesme,5640,Namur,Namur,BELGIQUE,. Death: 4 Apr 1977 in Gougnies,6280,Charleroi,Hainaut,BELGIQUE,
*L onie MATHIEU: Birth: 21 Feb 1879 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,.
*Madeleine MATHIEU: Birth: 1678 in St Avold,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 16 Sep 1774 in St Avold,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Maria MATHIEU: Birth: 15 Dec 1876 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,. Death: 1940
*Maria-Catharina MATHIEU: Birth: 17 Jan 1800 in Geislautern,,,Saarland,Deutschland. Death: 21 Mar 1837 in Geislautern,,,Saarland,Deutschland
*Rosalie MATHIEU: Birth: 1896. Death: 1959
*Sim on MATHIEU: Birth: 15 Feb 1784 in Presles,6250,,Hainaut,BELGIQUE,. Death: 27 Apr 1852 in Sart-Eustache,5070,,,BELGIQUE,
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*Adam MATHIS: Birth: in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 23 Feb 1745 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Allen MATHIS: Birth: 24 Jul 1886 in Hooppole,,Henry County,Illinois,Usa. Death: 4 Apr 1949 in Lyndon Twp,,Whiteside County,Illinois,Usa
*Ang le MATHIS: Death: 23 Apr 1799 in Waldweistroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Anna MATHIS: Birth: 1723. Death: 1753
*Anne MATHIS: Birth: 1736 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Anne-Marguerite MATHIS: Birth: 5 Sep 1737 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Anne-Marguerite MATHIS: Birth: 1734 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 1766
*Anne-Marie MATHIS: Birth: 29 May 1841 in Waldweistroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 4 May 1888 in Waldweistroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Barbe MATHIS: Birth: 7 Feb 1802 in Faulquemont,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Barth l my MATHIS: Birth: 21 Apr 1732 in Schalbach,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: AFT 1790 in Schalbach,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Catherine MATHIS: Birth: in Haute Sierck,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 10 Oct 1829 in Waldweistroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Catherine MATHIS: Birth: 12 Apr 1736 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Catherine MATHIS: Birth: 28 Feb 1748 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 18 Feb 1821
*Catherine MATHIS: Birth: 23 Aug 1800 in Schalbach,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 12 May 1843 in Schalbach,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Elisabeth MATHIS: Birth: in Filstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 1956
*Evard MATHIS: Birth: 29 Apr 1913 in Hooppole,,Henry County,Illinois,Usa. Death: 6 Nov 1968
*Fran ois MATHIS: Birth: 19 Nov 1728 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Harley MATHIS: Birth: 8 Jun 1916. Death: Dec 1916
*Harry MATHIS: Birth: 8 Jun 1916. Death: Sep 1916
*Jean MATHIS: Birth: in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 3 Jan 1746 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Jean MATHIS: Birth: 7 Sep 1729 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Jean MATHIS: Birth: 1 Feb 1729 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 5 Mar 1782 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Jean MATHIS: Birth: in Schalbach,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: AFT 1800 in Schalbach,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Jean-Bernard MATHIS: Birth: 15 Dec 1782 in Saarlouis,,Lk Saarlouis,Saarland,Deutschland. Death: 20 Jan 1814 in Saarlouis,,Lk Saarlouis,Saarland,Deutschland
*Jean-Fran ois MATHIS: Birth: 7 Jan 1730 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Madeleine MATHIS: Birth: ABT 1762.
*Marguerite MATHIS: Birth: 4 Jan 1740 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 19 Aug 1797 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Marguerite MATHIS: Birth: ABT 1767.
*Marguerite MATHIS: Birth: ABT 1769.
*Marie MATHIS: Birth: in Charmes,88,Vosges,Lorraine,France,. Death: 1742
*Marie MATHIS: Birth: ABT 1719 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 5 Feb 1762 in Oudrenne,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Marie MATHIS: Birth: 30 Oct 1731 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 7 May 1807 in Halstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Marie MATHIS: Birth: 1 Jan 1732 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Marie-Anne MATHIS: Birth: 26 Apr 1745 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: ABT 1799 in Hombourg,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Marie-Marguerite MATHIS: Birth: 4 Jan 1739 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Mathias MATHIS: Birth: 1683 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 5 Nov 1746 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Mathias MATHIS: Birth: 31 Jan 1727 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 30 Dec 1730 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Mathias MATHIS: Birth: 3 Jan 1733 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 8 Feb 1735 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Mathias MATHIS: Birth: 4 Oct 1740 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 2 Jul 1778 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Mathias MATHIS: Birth: 16 May 1752 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 22 Sep 1815 in Halstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Mathieu MATHIS: Birth: 1720 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 18 Jun 1753 in Hargarten aux Mines,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Nicolas MATHIS: Birth: 19 Oct 1796 in Waldweistroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 15 Jul 1859 in Waldweistroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Nicolas MATHIS: Birth: 21 Mar 1724 in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: in Monneren,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Nicolas MATHIS: Birth: 1748 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Nicolas MATHIS: Birth: ABT 1757.
*Philip MATHIS: Birth: 5 Oct 1876 in Hooppole,,Henry County,Illinois,Usa. Death: 14 Mar 1931 in Sterling,,,Illinois,Usa
*Philip MATHIS: Birth: 27 Sep 1907 in Hooppole,,Henry County,Illinois,Usa. Death: 29 Jan 1968 in Foster City,,,California,Usa
*Philippe MATHIS: Birth: in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,. Death: 12 Aug 1764 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,
*Philippe MATHIS: Birth: 1745 in Waldweihstroff,57,Moselle,Lorraine,France,.
*Susan MATHIS: Birth: 1911. Death: 1911
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