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  1. L eguire macN ill King of Ireland: Birth: ABT 0398. Death: 0463

  2. E gan Find macN ill King of D l n-Araidhe: Birth: ABT 0400. Death: 0465

  3. Conall Gulban macN ill: Birth: ABT 0400. Death: BEF 0465

  4. Coirpre macN ill King of Ireland: Birth: ABT 0420.

  5. Connall Cremthainne macN ill: Birth: ABT 0420. Death: 0475

  6. Maine macN ill: Birth: ABT 0422. Death: 0488

1. Page:   no parents
2. Page:   d ?453, aged 73 (i.e. b abt 380)
3. Page:   died c 405 in Scotland
4. Page:   d ?453, aged 73, no place
5. Page:   Died circa 453, scholars have argued persuasively that his death was mid-century. The sagas ascribe his slaying to Eochu, a Leinster prince.
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