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Marriage: Children:
  1. Adalbert of Italy King of Italy: Birth: ABT 0936. Death: BET 0968 AND 0972

  2. Gerberga d'Ivrea: Birth: 0945. Death: 0986

  3. Rozela (Susanna) of Italy: Birth: 0945 in of Ivrea. Death: 13 DEC 1003 in Gent, Belgium

  4. Wido de Ivrea Marquess of Ivrea: Birth: ABT 0946. Death: 0965 in Po River, Italy

  5. Cunrad-Cono Marquess of Ivrea: Birth: ABT 0948.

  6. Gisela d'Ivrea: Birth: ABT 0950.

  7. Junca of Italy: Birth: 0964.

1. Page:   Burke called him Marquis d'Ivree and Roi d'Italie, also Margrave of Ivrea
2. Page:   King of Italy Berengar II
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