Adela /Normandy/
B: Abt 1062
P: , Normandy, France
D: 8 MAR 1138
P: Marcigny sur Loire, Saone et Loire, Bourgo...

 William I The Conqueror /England/
B: 14 OCT 1024
P: , Falaise, Calvados, France
M: 1053
P: Castle of Angi, Normandy, France
D: 9 SEP 1087
P: Hermentruvilleby, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, F...

 Matilda of Flanders /England/
B: Abt 1031
P: of, Flanders, France
D: 2 NOV 1083
P: Caen, Calvados, Normandie, France

 Robert I "Le Magnifique" /Normandy/
B: Abt 1000
P: , , Normandy, France
M: Abt 1023
D: 2 JUL 1035
P: Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey, Holy Land

 Arlette de /Falaise/
B: Abt 1003
P: Falaise, Calvados, Normandie, France
D: Aft 1040
P: Mortain, Normandie, France

 Baldwin V /De Lille/
B: 1013
P: Lille, Nord, Flanders, Belgium
M: 1028
P: Paris, Seine, France
D: 1 SEP 1067
P: Lille, Nord, Flanders, France

 Adela de Contenance /France/
B: Abt 1012
P: , , France
D: 8 JAN 1078/1079
P: Messines Monastre, Messines, France

 Richard II "le Bon" /Normandy/
B: Abt 962
P: Normandy, France
M: 1000
P: , Normandy, France
D: 28 AUG 1026
P: Fecamp, Seine Inferieure, France
 Judith de Rennes /Brittany/
B: 956
P: Rennes, Bretagne, France
D: 16 JUN 1017
P: , Normandy, France
 Fulbert de /Falaise/
B: Abt 978
P: of, Falaise, Calvados, France
 Doda concubine of Fulbert /Falaise/
B: Abt 980
P: of, Falaise, France
D: Aft 1003
 Baudouin IV "Barbatus" /Flanders/
B: 980
P: , , Flanders, Belgium
M: 1012
D: 30 MAY 1036
P: , , Flanders, Belgium
 Ogive Octviga de /Luxembourg/
B: Abt 986
P: , Flanders, France
D: 21 FEB 1033
P: , Flanders, France
 Robert II "Le Pieux" /France/
B: 27 MAR 972
P: Orleans, Loiret, Orleanais, France
M: 1006
P: , , , France
D: 20 JUL 1031
P: Meulan, Seine et Oise, Ile de France, France
 Constance de Provence /France/
B: Abt 986
P: Arles, Bouches du Rhone, Provence, France
D: 25 JUL 1032
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