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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Gray: Birth: 1676 in Surry County, Va.

  2. Daughter Gray: Birth: ABT 1677.

  3. Daughter Gray: Birth: ABT 1678.

  4. John Gray: Birth: ABT 1680.

  5. Mary Gray: Birth: ABT 1681 in Surry County, Va.

  6. Priscilla Gray: Birth: ABT 1682 in Surry County, Va.

  7. Faith Gray: Birth: 1688 in Surry County, Va.

  8. Gilbert Gray: Birth: ABT 1690 in Surry County, Va. Death: BEF 18 DEC 1764 in Surry County, Va

Marriage: Children:
  1. Faith Gray: Birth: 1685 in Surry County, Virginia. Death: ABT 1720 in Bertie County, North Carolina

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