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Mary Louise Thornburg: Birth: 11 Apr 1915 in Martin Co., Indiana. Death: 15 Dec 1978 in Williamsburg, Wayne Co., Indiana

Elva Mae Thornton: Birth: 22 Jan 1908. Death: Feb 1995
Robert F. Thornton: Birth: 9 Feb 1924. Death: 24 Aug 1997
Violet May Thornton: Birth: 14 Jan 1926. Death: 26 Nov 2015 in Gillespie, Macoupin Co., Illinois

Charles Thorpe: Birth: 24 Mar 1873 in England. Death: 8 Mar 1953
James Dewey Thorpe: Birth: 12 Jun 1900 in McHenry, Ohio Co., Kentucky. Death: 19 Aug 1926 in Zeigler, Franklin Co., Illinois
Robert Luther Thorpe: Birth: 26 Feb 1910 in Illinois. Death: 27 Aug 1979 in Paw Paw, Van Buren Co., Michigan
Wallace G. Thorpe: Birth: 23 Aug 1905 in Indiana. Death: Dec 1982 in Newport, Jackson Co., Arkansas

Luke Thorton: Birth: 1655 in St. Margarets, Westminster, London, England. Death: 2 Mar 1725 in North Famham, Richmond, Virginia
Thomas Thorton: Birth: 5 Apr 1688 in North Famham, Richmond, Virginia. Death: 28 Jun 1729 in Lancaster Co., Virginia
Vera Evelyn Thorton: Birth: 9 Oct 1919 in Centralia, Marion Co., Illinois. Death: 19 Jan 1965 in Assumption, Christion Co., Illinois

Michelle Lynn Thrower: Death: 17 Nov 1984 in Tarrant Co., Texas

Walter Armond Thunder: Birth: 8 Oct 1927 in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Michigan. Death: 23 Jul 2015 in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Michigan
Walter Armond Thunder: Birth: 13 Jan 1956. Death: 22 Mar 1992 in Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., Michigan

Reuben Tibbs: Birth: 28 Sep 1921 in Burbank, Wayne Co., Missouri. Death: 3 Feb 2004 in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., Missouri

Mary E. Tidd: Birth: Jul 1879 in Crescent, Pottawattomie Co., Iowa.

Burl Tidwell: Birth: 2 Sep 1913 in Oklahoma. Death: 9 Dec 1988 in Texas

Herman Tietze: Birth: 22 Sep 1824 in Prussia. Death: 16 Jun 1912
Otto H. Tietze: Birth: May 1861 in Germany.
Stella Mary Tietze: Birth: 11 Jul 1887 in Macon Co., Illinois. Death: Dec 1975 in Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois
William Dale Tietze: Birth: 30 Sep 1917 in Macon Co., Illinois. Death: Jul 1985 in Shelbyville, Shelby Co., Illinois
William Herman Tietze: Birth: 25 Jun 1889 in Macon Co., Illinois. Death: Jul 1963

Charles Tilton: Birth: 25 Sep 1851 in Pennsylvania. Death: 27 Jun 1927
Elda Lois Tilton: Birth: 1855 in Scilto Twp., Pickaway Co., Ohio. Death: 7 Jan 1891 in Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois
Bobbie Timberlake: Birth: 26 Apr 1917 in Kansas. Death: 9 Sep 1917 in Hillsdale, Miami Co., Kansas
Ernest Clifford Timberlake: Birth: Jan 1888 in California. Death: 1958
Richard B. Timberlake: Birth: 13 Feb 1928 in Kansas. Death: 3 Sep 1994 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., Kansas

Alice Tincher: Birth: 25 Dec 1849 in New Berlin, Sangamon Co., Illinois. Death: 12 Jan 1929 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois
Maria W. Tincher: Birth: ABT 1850 in Illinois. Death: 19 Jun 1873
Emmett Tindall: Birth: 10 Sep 1892 in Harrison Co., Indiana.
George W. Tindall: Birth: 5 May 1861 in Harrison Co., Indiana. Death: 14 Aug 1898
Grover Cleveland Tindall: Birth: 5 Feb 1885 in Harrison Co., Indiana. Death: Apr 1972 in Mentone, Kosciusko Co., Indiana
Irma Ruth Tindall: Birth: 3 Aug 1921 in Harrison Co., Indiana. Death: 12 Aug 1998 in Wadsworth, Medina Co., Ohio
John Ora Tindall: Birth: 3 Mar 1896 in Harrison Co., Indiana. Death: 27 Nov 1975 in Benton Co., Indiana
Joseph Ivan Tindall: Birth: Jun 1898 in Indiana.

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