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Gilbert Earl of CARRICK: Birth: ABT 1156.
Margaret of CARRICK: Birth: ABT 1246. Death: 27 OCT 1292 in Scotland
Neil Earl of CARRICK: Birth: ABT 1216 in Scotland. Death: 1256
Raymond Walter CARRICK: Birth: 01 APR 1936 in South Dakota, USA. Death: 10 DEC 1996 in Ripon, San Joaquin, California, USA
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Josephus Cyrus CARRICO: Birth: 02 DEC 1837 in Carlisle, Sullivan, Indiana, USA. Death: 07 JUN 1908 in Pottersville, Howell, Missouri, USA
Josiah CARRICO: Birth: 1803 in Sullivan, Indiana, USA. Death: NOV 1871
CARRIE: Birth: 30 JUN 1896 in Texas, USA. Death: OCT 1984
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Anna CARRIER: Birth: 1815.
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Garci Gomez CARRILLO: Birth: ABT 1256.
Juana Garcia CARRILLO: Birth: ABT 1284.
James CARROL: Birth: 1801. Death: 1869
Anthony O CARROLL: Birth: 1658. Death: 1724 in Ireland
Carrie Amanda CARROLL: Birth: 17 AUG 1885.
Edwin B. CARROLL: Birth: 1839.
Isabelle CARROLL: Birth: ABT 1847 in Ohio, USA. Death: BEF 1877 in Ohio, USA
Jesse Bordeaux CARROLL: Birth: 15 OCT 1895. Death: 18 FEB 1953
Joanna O CARROLL: Birth: 1675 in Tipperary, Ireland. Death: 12 AUG 1763 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
John Abner CARROLL: Birth: 22 FEB 1888. Death: 19 NOV 1940
John Leggeth CARROLL: Birth: 13 AUG 1855 in Clay, Mississippi, USA. Death: 17 AUG 1926
Julia CARROLL: Birth: 1866.
Leggeth Watson CARROLL: Birth: 31 OCT 1890. Death: 29 APR 1956
Lewis CARROLL: Birth: ABT 1792 in Virginia, USA.
Margaret E. CARROLL: Birth: 1833 in Converse, Grant, Indiana, USA. Death: ABT 1915 in Converse, Grant, Indiana, USA
Mary Ann CARROLL: Birth: ABT 1796.
Sally CARROLL: Birth: ABT 1798.
Victor Abbot CARROLL: Birth: ABT 1906 in New York, USA. Death: AFT 1930
Wesley CARROLL: Birth: ABT 1794.
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Amanda E. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1848 in Missouri, USA.
Bell CARSON: Birth: 06 SEP 1877. Death: UNKNOWN
Caroline M. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1842 in Missouri, USA.
Clarence C CARSON: Birth: 1885 in Texas, USA. Death: BEF 1930 in Oklahoma, USA
Elisha CARSON: Birth: ABT 1829 in Virginia, USA.
James CARSON: Birth: ABT 1837 in Missouri, USA.
John R. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1844 in Missouri, USA.
John CARSON: Death: BEF 1850
Joseph CARSON: Birth: ABT 1831 in Missouri, USA.
Martha A. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1846 in Missouri, USA.
Martha CARSON: Birth: ABT 1835 in Missouri, USA.
Mary J. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1843 in Missouri, USA.
Robert A. CARSON
Robert W. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1825 in Virginia, USA.
Sarah A. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1841 in Missouri, USA.
Simon M. CARSON: Birth: ABT 1818 in Virginia, USA.
Thomas J. CARSON: Birth: 26 FEB 1886 in Ireland. Death: 13 FEB 1973 in San Diego, California, USA
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Emma CARST: Birth: 05 OCT 1860.
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Albert Wilbur CARTER: Birth: 16 NOV 1870 in Franklin, Indiana, USA. Death: 06 JUN 1907
Alice CARTER: Birth: 24 AUG 1603 in England. Death: 04 SEP 1678
Anna Elizabeth CARTER: Birth: 17 MAY 1862 in Franklin, Indiana, USA. Death: 03 JUN 1910
Anna L. CARTER: Birth: 1883.
Bert CARTER: Birth: 1889 in Tennessee, USA. Death: 1960
Celia Elizabeth CARTER: Birth: 1877. Death: 29 JUN 1893
Dora Dean CARTER: Birth: 05 DEC 1905 in Provo, Utah, Utah, USA. Death: 19 NOV 1982 in Turlock, Stanislaus, California, USA
Elizabeth Jane "Jenny" CARTER: Birth: 15 DEC 1862 in USA. Death: 01 FEB 1954 in Sunman, Ripley, Indiana, USA
Elizabeth W. CARTER: Birth: 1851.
Elizabeth CARTER: Birth: ABT 1834 in Indiana, USA. Death: 25 JUN 1884 in Provo, Utah, Utah, USA
Elizabeth CARTER: Birth: ABT 1863 in Oregon, USA.
Elizam CARTER: Birth: 04 JAN 1852.
Ellen Lavina CARTER: Birth: 18 JUL 1867 in Indiana, USA. Death: 12 APR 1934
Emma Louise CARTER: Birth: 02 OCT 1869 in Indiana, USA. Death: 26 OCT 1938
Emma CARTER: Birth: ABT 1865 in Oregon, USA.
Felix H. CARTER: Birth: ABT 1820 in Illinois, USA.
George Washington CARTER: Birth: 18 APR 1872 in Indiana, USA.
Guy Melanchton CARTER: Birth: 04 APR 1894 in Frankfort, Clinton, Indiana, USA. Death: 03 FEB 1960
Hannah CARTER: Birth: 1837 in USA. Death: AFT 1850
Henry J. CARTER: Birth: 1803 in Virginia, USA. Death: AFT 1870 in Missouri, USA
Jasper K. CARTER: Birth: 1859.
John J CARTER: Birth: ABT 1851 in Indiana, USA. Death: 1917
John P. CARTER: Birth: ABT 1861 in Oregon, USA.
John Thomas CARTER: Birth: 21 NOV 1857 in Indiana, USA. Death: 04 MAY 1940
John W. CARTER: Birth: 23 FEB 1832 in York, Yorkshire, England. Death: 24 SEP 1913 in Whitewater, Franklin, Indiana, USA
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